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Comment: Re:I Don't Get It (Score 1) 149

by Truekaiser (#48563521) Attached to: Ubuntu Gets Container-Friendly "Snappy" Core

Nope, it brings DLL hell to linux.
Sure you get the developers environment, but every program can and will depend on different versions of the same library.
This is what DLL hell was in windows. Program A needed version A of msvexample.dll while program B needs version D, version A is newer but overwriting it causes program B from working so they put in both. You now have two versions of the same library and just like windows you are still vulnerable to any problem in the library because program B needs version D.
Even windows is moving away from this system and ubuntu and LP are hell bent on turning linux into a shoddy version windows 9X.

Comment: Re:Girls, girls, girls... (Score 1) 333

It's biology.
The studies were done with babies less than a year old as to rule out cultural influence.
It is also the fact that different hormones affect the human brain differently, a brain awash with testosterone will be structurally different than one awash in estrogen and progesterone.
Keep in mind just a change in the level of serotonin can radically change someone's behavior.

Comment: Re:Girls, girls, girls... (Score 5, Informative) 333

This is the swedish paradox. The more equal the society the more likely that the sex's flock to 'traditional' roles.
The only difference seems to be in reaction to this, in sweden they decided to study it and found out, *gasp* human brains between the sexs are pretty much wired differently. Who would of thought of that in a species with sexual dimorphism.

In the united states how ever, the lack of women in STEM jobs and the lack of men in Nursing is seen not as a result of hard wired biological differences. But some kind of 'oppression' like women bullying men who go into nursing, and some invisible boogeyman called the 'patriarchy' calling women 'bossy' and making them not want to be leaders and such.

Comment: Re:Academic Beclowining (Score 1, Interesting) 213

This is mainly because people forget that the person who 'invented' game theory ended up being committed to an institution due to actually being a psychopath.
Which is the major downfall of the theory is that it assumes all players have the same mindset. When he conducted tests with people in his office and the general population he was dumbfounded as to why they chose the cooperative path even though it was less statistically successful than the selfish path. I.E they chose to share the loot rather than lie to their partner about depositing their share in the agreed upon location and taking it all.

Comment: technology as religion. (Score 0) 455

A person who believes in the singularity is someone who only barely grasps the exponential function, and doesn't understand that technological progress is linear.
It's technology as religion. believed by those, who like other religions aren't well educated. Or peddled by people who want to make a buck selling a utopian like future.

Comment: Re:Don't like Systemd... fork it. (Score 1) 550

To be fair, as of right now it's only the dependencies of gnome force you to use systemD.
Come the next couple of versions though gnome's entire desktop environment will be dependent on systemD, why?
They are going to link it to systemD's handling of c-groups to do per user and per process sandboxing.

Long computations which yield zero are probably all for naught.