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Comment Re:Wounded Not Dead (Score 0) 232

Because systemD is being pushed by red-hat. And red-hat makes money, no their 'entire' business model is selling support.
So would they want a piece of software that you can use yourself correctly? No, they want a piece of software that is so arcane and labyrinth ridden that you have to pay them to tell you how to use it.
right now the majority of the systemD dev's in the kernel area that are pushing for this are outnumbered and Linus won't allow it in because the only advantage and reason they can come up with that is now buzzwords are the speed improvements simply from having it run in kernel space. But gkh got a coup done in the kernel dev committee or what ever it's called and pushed through a standards of conduct, i bet he is practically salivating in anticipation for the next time linus goes on a rant and he can use it to censor him or kick him out.

Comment Re:fvwm is what I use, anyway (Score 1) 755

openrc and any other proper init system, log an error. user sees error, user fixes error

systemD, constantly restarts all three services. filling up log files, and grinding the system to a halt.
user can not see error because the disc is busy ballooning the log file to gigabytes in size as systemD restarts services A,B,and C when B crashes on startup every time.

Comment Re:meanwhile... (Score 2) 755

I used to hate pulseaudio too, until i was forced to use it to get the games i was buying off of steam to have sound.
Then I found out that if you disable or ignore the network sound feature it mainly boots linux into the modern sound land windows has been since vista. per application volume and speaker configs. per application outputs and recording inputs. it just works.

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