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Comment Re:Cry me a river (Score 1) 192

nothing is stopping drones from say, ascending to 350 feet for the majority of their transit, and descending to 20 feet for the final final leg.

as far as i can tell, public roads are fair game.

i'd also envision a purchasing interface that lets them know where you'd like your package delivered on your property, and if you're fine with the delivery drone entering your airspace. I'd also envision you dropping a highly visible visual reference for where exactly you want your package set down.

alternatively, if that 350 foot climb is too taxing on them drone batteries, make a drone elevator :) so you start out in "as the bird flies" mode.

Comment Re:The cars can detect gestures. (Score 1) 235

... we are autonomous, we can process new and critical information, and we've gotten pretty damn good at ordering us around.

and it doesn't take a decades worth of experience to program us with new directives. you can have a traffic drone fly there with lights, but you've gotta purpose build that shit, and purpose program the way the drone flashes its lights in different situations.

you know what you need to do now? give that fucker in the middle of the road a reflective vest, a poncho to keep the rain off, and a pair of glowsticks. tell him " makes sure things don't get too backed up in any direction, and if you see flashing lights, let that fucker through.

also, toss in a donut or two to fuel him, and we're done.

Comment Re:The Sad Puppies won. (Score 1) 1034

... goddamn, your "uncouth observation" had like 5 short story plots i'd love to read, wow. They'd be in ted chiang territory if the author followed one of those.

come to think of it, they could just avoid this whole controversy by throwing money at ted chiang to get him to write faster and just giving him the hugo for short story yearly.

Comment Re:I have a suspicion (Score 1) 110

:) i'm not about to argue that we know what the rest is. but i'd also argue that our genomes are a bunch of hacked together spaghetti code where even commenting some bit out could end up being super critical to proper function.

*how the hell did deleting a comment break the fucking program?*
*i don't know, but it works, so just fuck off*

Comment Re:"in line with U.S. tap water" (Score 1) 89


not made up, not a scourge, but not made up.

you always gotta remember, corporations are by design amoral. and they'll be greedy as fuck.

we need government to reign in their excesses, and you should expect as many excesses as they can get away with. but that's just the nature of the beast.

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