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Comment Re:Same old trickery (Score 2) 125

checked the pdf linked in the rando article, don't read japanese, but google translate seems to believe that the blog post reflects the pdf reasonably well


which seems like a pretty shitty looking but reasonably legitimate government website.

so yeah. i'm not bothered enough to question it further.

Comment Re:This is the future muslims want for us all (Score 1) 164

nah, you don't need to shill for israel to be islamophobic.

i'm under the impression that demographic-shifting waves of muslim immigration into europe have people slightly worried there on that front too... and those europeans are anti-semitic too.

there's no reason he can't hate both muslims and jews, but had to choose one in this situation.

Comment Re:This is the future muslims want for us all (Score 1) 164

... wow, this is like... a nesting egg of awesome.

one guys tosses in islamophobia... for some unknowable reason.
the other guy assumes he's shilling for israel.

We shoulda just given all the jews a state... maybe part of utah or part of new mexico... look what the mormons did with utah, and I at least think the jews are less crazy than the mormons. :)

"You venture to call Ferdinand a wise ruler," he said to his courtiers — "he who has impoverished his own country and enriched mine!" Bayezid- ruler of ottoman empire on the explusion of jews and muslims from spain during the spanish inquisition.

Comment Re:Thankfully... (Score 1) 103

they typically wouldn't team up.

like how assad and the rebels are teaming up against isis... wait, that's not it...

how the US UK and USSR teamed up to fight the nazis. there we go.

sure everyone hated stalin, like everyone HATED stalin. and they were probably pretty sure they'd have a problem with him somewhere down the road... but Hitler, fuck hitler.

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