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Comment: Re:Must hackers be such dicks about this? (Score 1) 265

by Triklyn (#49494865) Attached to: FBI Accuses Researcher of Hacking Plane, Seizes Equipment

... to be fair, you're sitting in a thin metal tube in the fucking sky, hurtling along at speeds men were never designed to go. You're also cramped in, uncomfortable and it's loud.

I don't know about you, but if my fucking plane popped a bunch of oxygen masks out, i'd freak out. If i was in the air, i'd be like, holy shit, something went really fucking wrong. If we were already on the ground, it'd really make me question the maintenance on all the planes in the fleet. So yeah, scared.

The people on his flight, didn't agree to be part of any kind of "statement" he would be making. So yeah, he's a damn troll.

Comment: Re:title 9 (Score 1) 596

like women's only pro-gaming, and women's only chess. i knew it existed, but i don't know if anyone actually takes it seriously except for the prize money.

i thought the argument was that there was no difference between the ways girls and boys thought, it was all "imposed by society." if we throw enough money at the problem, we'll have more female programmers in no time... never mind if they actually want to do it or not.

Comment: title 9 (Score 1) 596

... title 9 works and is OK i think in part because there's a necessary division between male and female sports. Sexual dimorphism and all that. Girls that want to play a sport have no way of competing on a level playing field if they're competing vs. the guys typically, so separate but equal... is a necessary evil.

where it doesn't seem to apply is in the case where there is no innate barrier to entry. Like saying "lets separate men and women's chess"... or men's and women's academics...

they are internalizing and adopting the stance that there is an innate inferiority in girls that would prevent them from competing with the boys in CS unless outright given their own "league" to play in.

men run faster, jump higher and are stronger than women, typically and at the summit...

are we also suggesting that they think harder now?

Comment: Re:Not a shocking revelation to be honest . . (Score 1) 237

by Triklyn (#49484795) Attached to: Chess Grandmaster Used iPhone To Cheat During Tournament

sorry, that affordability bit was left in, was going to remove that entire train, but it was along the lines of the line between the man and the equipment he uses. similar to the prosthesis arguments, when it gets to the point that tangible benefits yada yada, would you chop off your arms and feet if you could toss jet engines in their place? i mean, they're weight. etc. etc.

And, it's the promotion of drug use in kids again. We're only now really getting it how much TBI these guys are really getting, and what the effects are. And i think parents are being a lot less willing to let their kids lead with their heads so to speak.

baseball, kids are already getting significant surgery
to you know, compete. throw in some steroid abuse, and what a wonderful environment we create.

adults can make their own poor decisions. If they want to beat the crap out of each other fine. But we try to protect the minors. so i don't think we'll ever condone policy that would make it mandatory to kill yourself slowly to compete.

Comment: Re:Not a shocking revelation to be honest . . (Score 1) 237

by Triklyn (#49480599) Attached to: Chess Grandmaster Used iPhone To Cheat During Tournament

terrible. part of the reason why it's a terrible idea is that many of those really impactful drugs dramatically shorten your expected lifespan. And i'm sure some athletes would be willing to make the trade, fame and prestige for years, but that's not the kind of behavior we really should be encouraging in our youths.

similarly with swim wear... there's the affordability aspect, you're endorsing an artificially intentionally unlevelled playing field. And it gets harder and harder to draw the line where technology ends and human achievement begins.

Comment: Re:What? Why discriminate? (Score 1) 699

by Triklyn (#49480115) Attached to: 'We the People' Petition To Revoke Scientology's Tax Exempt Status

... ... "nyeh nyeh nyeh, your break from the fundamentals of reality is not as glaring and harsh as our own, so you can't be part of our club."

i'd say scientology is more or less as credible as jediism... or pastafarianism... or mormonism.

i mean, scientology just seems like mormonism at a younger point in adoption

Comment: Re: NIMBY strikes again (Score 1) 228

by Triklyn (#49440579) Attached to: Amid Controversy, Construction of Telescope In Hawaii Halted

hypothetically, we'll progress to the point where we'll be able to simulate miniature universes. Which will soon thereafter outnumber the number of our universes. x:1

If each universe eventually spawned ever just two universes... i mean binary growth and all that. The probability that we exist in the root universe, of all the universes that could be created vanishes to zero.

And the God of our universe could really be a snot-nosed 16 year old who likes to mess with his creations.

Wouldn't that suck?

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