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Comment Re:Violence! (Score 1) 459

there has been continuous jewish presence in the holyland for 3 millenia. they get driven out, they come back, they get massecred, they bounce back. etc. etc. they kind of like it there.

they didn't conquer the land, so much as, the ottoman empire imploded and that's what the winners of WW2 did with it. The jews defended whatever borders they could and i think the majority of the palestinian refugees fled voluntarily, because they thought they'd be coming back to a judenrein area, or that's what the arab world was telling them.

Comment Re: Violence! (Score 1) 459

i'm absolutely fine with that. 3 generations of refugees is enough. you know what refugees that aren't lynchpins to pet ethnic grievances do? they migrate and settle.

perpetual victimhood, because the arabic world doesn't like that they lost land to the jews.

guess what, the ottoman empire imploded. and the british divied up what was left.

the jews were fine with any border as long as they got a nation, and then they went through a couple of existential wars with the entire region, now they want good borders and i don't blame them. and i don't blame them for wanting to keep israel numerically jewish, we've seen what happens when they're a minority.

how many people actually think it's false... that the arabs unilaterally disarming would mean peace?

Comment Re:Worse than clickbait ! (Score 1) 392

... the only thing that makes the news in a big way is a successful terror attack.

just like, we don't hear about successful terror attacks in cities we don't really care about. Russia, the middle east, africa, asia.

this one was sexy because it had a high body count, France is fucking FRANCE, and its got europe scared.

incidentally, you hear about the couple of europeans (think there was a brit) and 3 americans that prevented a mass shooting on a train half a year ago?
the answer is, nobody died so who fucking cares?

You want to know why this happened? they have no borders internally, like states, and they've got no "federal government" to mandate and allocate resources to "national" border security. I mean, we've got canada to the north, which has good border security, and mexico to the south. Which yeah, we've got a porous border on the mexico front, but it's also fucking terrifying to try to infiltrate the US from mexico unless you're mexican.

We've got a good neighbor to the north, and to the south you've gotta wrastle this here badger. wrastle the badger and you can come in... what do you mean you don't want to wrastle this here badger?

Comment Re:Parade of the Pedants! (Score 1) 211

fire is still hot in fantasy. make a fireball, and you're not going to freeze your target... unless it's a blue flame, then anything goes really. your central conceit may be that thermodynamics doesn't apply, and a blue fireball is a cold flame... because magic.

but that's part of the fantasy, and gots to be explicit in a way. if it's a standard orange flame, it's hot hot hot. in keeping with any color flame in our world.

Comment Re:Follow the money (Score 1) 211

i've kickstarted maybe 8-10 things, i've received my reward for all of them, certainly, almost always, not in a timely fashion, and one of them, i'm not sure was "worth it." but all things done in good faith.

I'm just saying, if it smells like a scam... or if it smells like they're biting off a bit much for them. use your discretion to wait.

lawsuits will determine what the relationship is.

Comment Re:Follow the money (Score 3, Interesting) 211

it's slightly different, it's a conditional purchase/pre-pay.

i make a pre-payment with the understanding that there's a chance that the venture might completely fail, but also with the understanding that if i don't, collectively i mean, then this item/idea that i find intriguing WILL never materialize.

But if it does succeed, then i am owed this thing that i payed for.

it's a purchase conditioned on them not completely screwing the pooch.

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