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Comment Re:I think the problem is overstated (Score 1) 668

yeah, it's a scary world we live in. and yes, that's also one of my concerns. Long after you're dust, the stupid shit you say and do will persist.

I find myself despairing that we'll ever figure out the boundary between my rights and my neighbor's. If i say something racially insensitive and he reacts, where exactly does his rights of response end and mine of a private citizen begin. can he organize his friends to boycott my store? yes. can he organize the town? yes. If he's persuasive enough, can he organize an entire nation to ostracize a single individual? yes, should this be legal? i don't know. Each person is exercising his right of association. Can he bribe everyone to not associate with me if he has enough money? enough influence?

donald sterling and brendan eich, i keep coming back to them again and again when considering this issue. One man loses half a billion dollars ostensibly because of an illegal recording. each and every person was exercising his constitutionally gauranteed rights. The other man loses his job because of a political contribution. again, everyone protesting was perfectly legal in doing so... I don't know how to feel. It feels like persecution.

same with the privacy rights in europe. the right to be forgotten, i am similarly torn between two positions there.

Comment Re:Real liberals need to stop this (Score 1) 668

it's just one of those gray areas that someone eminently more qualified than me, and paid to think about it, will figure out.

how legal is it to organize a campaign to get someone fired? how legal is it to target a single individual from a donation roll. how legal, how legal, how legal.

doesn't speak to ethical at all, or societally beneficial, but i'm sure those will factor in too.

and remember, the same laws must hold for your enemies as well as your friends.

Comment Re:Obligatory (Score 1) 668

as hitchens said, 'it's always worth examining first principles' confronting incorrect assumptions and arguments leads people to a better understanding of their own stances and closely held beliefs.

I believe that's part of the strength of diversity. The truth will out, and will be stronger for having been tested.

Comment Re:I think the problem is overstated (Score 1) 668

we cede any expectation of control in a public spaces. Enforcing a safe space in a space you have no legal right to exclude people from is the very definition of entitlement. You don't own the park, we all do, the people you're trying to exclude included. your rights do not preempt theirs.

Comment Re:I think the problem is overstated (Score 1) 668

i'm more troubled that they don't know how fundamentally un-american a speech-ban would actually be.

There is speech, there's response, and there's prior-restraint. As a society it feels like we're moving toward a place where people are going to censor themselves for fear of overwhelmingly vitriolic harassment from the left.

you say something wrong, you slip up once in a public way, or slip up in a way that someone with a grudge can make public. and looks like you're going to have to move, and change jobs, and go into exile for half a decade

bleh, where's the variety in life when we can't afford to be wrong ever?

Comment Re:duh (Score 1) 182

... just a question, you know... out of curiosity... are you saying self-driving cars are going to be so convenient? or are you suggesting no normal drivers left because we all get skynetted?

Comment Re:HalfLife 2 Deathmatch... (Score 1) 224

have you taken a break that long before?

a month or two will seriously fuck up your aim and your timing, and that combined with other players improving quickly can be pretty thumping. I think two months off from one of my old favorites, and it took me a couple weeks to almost get back to where i was.

you're talking about half-life two, so i'm assuming you've got something like 1000 hours into it at least. you're still playing it, so i'm going to assume you play it at a decently high level. When you play at a certain level, it's more about the ingrained shit. Keeping your reactions tight and on point means more than it did at 100 hours. Everybody know the maps, everbody knows the jumps, landing rockets ain't a thang at that level... we're talking about air rockets and twitch rail-shots now baby. and taking a couple months off, rewiring your fingers for an RPG... that's going to fuck your twitching.

Comment Re:Pot meet kettle (Score -1) 37

... because drones are like... an innovative concept that only america could have thought up.

and our current crop of enemies haven't been trying to escalate at every turn with all their might.

some things are inevitable, and someone has to be first.

also, i don't think we'll see drones from the current crop of people who hate america.

why build a military grade drone? it would be cheaper to just put a moron in a plane... don't even need to teach them how to land.
why build a robot? people are easier to camouflage... might be cheaper to produce too.

a billion followers of islam even if a vanishingly small percentage are batshit crazy, are more than i'm comfortable with... especially when batshit crazy is in power every so often.

hamas, the muslim brotherhood, and iran spring to mind. it's difficult to play chicken with someone that thinks that both people losing is a win.

Comment Re:Another misinformed article (Score 1) 37

... you're not being paranoid if everyone really is out to get you.

if anybody is perfectly justified at jumping at shadows, i'd say it's the jews.

they've been holocausted once, repelled 2-3 unprovoked acts of aggression by EVERYONE within the first 30 years of founding a nation... and probably have a pretty healthy and pretty warranted genetic fear of religious persecution due to something like a couple millenia of jew-baiting.

Comment Re:Congratulations, guys! (Score 1) 442

what's the first company that comes to mind when i say car insurance?

is it state farm? geico? if you list out the car insurance companies you know off-hand will they be among them?

if you were to start shopping around, would they make the list of insurance companies you would look at, for the simple fact that you know their name?

given the choice between two brands of dish soap of approximately equal price, would you buy the one you've heard of before or the one you haven't?

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