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Comment: Re:Tolls? (Score 1) 822

by Triklyn (#49744943) Attached to: Oregon Testing Pay-Per-Mile Driving Fee To Replace Gas Tax

no, if you want to incentivize ecological auto purchases, you should incentivize is directly. But the gas tax was purely a contribution to maintain infrastructure. when you have some citizens not paying at all into that fund, while contributing exactly the same amount of wear and tear as before... you've got issues.

what will you do when more people start switching over to hybrids and electrics... as you know, we kind of want people to do? will you just let the roads fall apart?

if everybody went over to electric...

Comment: Re:Assuming you are not just trolling..... (Score 1) 148

by Triklyn (#49718455) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Payloads For Asteroid Diverter/Killer Mission?

As Randall puts it, getting to orbital height isn't the hard part, it's getting to orbital speed.

things stay in orbit because they're going ungodly fast. That whole centrifugal force thing, our stuff up there is constantly falling toward the earth, and constantly moving so fast laterally that it's missed hitting the earth.

same for the sun, but bigger. the problem being, you shoot something out of orbit of earth fine... it's still moving ungodly fast, fast enough to miss hitting the sun though, and from what that guy up there is saying, the sun is actively pushing stuff away.

Comment: Re:Just watched it... IN A GREECE TV STATION... (Score 1) 159

by Triklyn (#49688581) Attached to: Amtrak Train Derails In Philadelphia

yes, not paying taxes will do that.
i'd wonder at the purchasing power of the average income. i'd also wonder at the distribution of income, with greece's current 25 percent unemployment rate.

the US rail is pretty functional too, but that corridor actually turns profits occasionally.

Comment: Re:carsickness (Score 1) 435

by Triklyn (#49680967) Attached to: Will Robot Cars Need Windows?

ever try playing cards in the back seat? the stability of most roads is a nightmare unless you've got the best shocks made by man... and the turning. The magnets might work, but not for dice, and cards. ... just send those kids in a separate car... :) and repurpose that table to "christen" the highway so to speak.

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