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Comment: Re:Don't worry about it! (Score 1) 167 167

it's not trolling. it's a fair point. On a whole host of issues, most notably privacy and executive power, the Obama administration is lock step a continuation of the bush administration.

"The buck stops here." The FBI is using spy planes over US cities. Obama is either complicit or ignorant, neither of which leaves him innocent.

GP is a mocking rebuttal to those who thought he election of Obama would solve all problems, and his messianic persona during the first campaign.

Comment: Re:Most bloodthirsty fiction (Score 1) 52 52

overwhelming majorities in both houses.

we don't have distance to view that decade through the long lens of history yet.

i'd say the idea still describes the character of the two parties during normal decades.

give it a bit more time, though it's a tiny tiny amount, we've still got war fatigue... or pocketbook fatigue at least.

Comment: Re:Most bloodthirsty fiction (Score 2) 52 52

nope, i'd say libertarians don't really care what other people do over there, it's their own rights they're concerned about.
get your own house in order... and all that.

the liberals say, don't criticize, it's a cultural difference, the abnegation of their own moral standards to the altar of moral relativity.

and the conservatives say, hey that's wrong... but protect your own people first, and that over there, is not my responsibility.

as the west wing put so humorously.
"Republicans want a huge military but they don't want to send it anywhere. The Democrats wants a small military and they want to send it everywhere."

Comment: Re:Deniers on the Left? (Score 1) 254 254

oh, we got those too, that's different. We've got the ones on the right that have always done it for religious reasons.

what he's talking about is the newer movement that says vaccines are bad for you and cause disease.

the religious exemption has never been a big issue, not enough to make a dent in herd immunity. It's the dirty hippies that are causing the big problems in the US.

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