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Comment: Re:Insurance (Score 4, Informative) 153

by Rei (#48898643) Attached to: Calif. DMV Back-Pedals On Commercial-Plate Mandate For Ride-Share Drivers

That falls into statistically normal usage. Being a commercial driver absolutely does not. Statistically, a commercial driver drives way more than a noncommercial driver, and they're much more likely to be sued, and for more money. It's absurd to argue that they should be able to drive on insurance rates calculated for statistical norms of noncommercial drivers. If you allow that sort of ignoring of statistics then you might as well get rid of all statistical tables period and charge every last person the same rate for all types of insurance.

Comment: Insurance (Score 4, Insightful) 153

by Rei (#48898577) Attached to: Calif. DMV Back-Pedals On Commercial-Plate Mandate For Ride-Share Drivers

Why, exactly, should Uber drivers get to drive passengers using regular non-commercial drivers' insurance? Commercial insurance costs more because people who drive people around for a living are much more likely to cost the insurance companies more money. If you're letting them drive on non-commercial licenses than that means that regular drivers are subsidizing Uber-drivers.

Comment: Re:Just give the option to turn it off... (Score 1) 790

by Richy_T (#48881605) Attached to: Fake Engine Noise Is the Auto Industry's Dirty Little Secret

Wow, either you're a terrible driver or you have no idea of the length of a second.

I have never so far met an automatic gearbox that shifts as quickly as I do (and I'm not even using a short-shifter or anything), met quite a few that lag terribly and met none at all that were able to select the gear I needed ahead of time.

That's not to say fast shifting automatics don't exist but they're on better cars than I have driven. DSG does sound interesting and will likely be on my next car (VW have apparently abandoned the manual gearbox in the US). I have driven a regular automatic VW or two and they are no better (or worse) than others.

Comment: Re:Svavar Knutur and Marketa Irglova - World burns (Score 1) 144

by Rei (#48876341) Attached to: Doomsday Clock Could Move

Svavar Knútur is great... the music's really pretty, but between songs he's a standup comedian. ;) That said, some of his songs are funny too... one of his songs (in Icelandic) is about a guy on his way to propose to his girlfriend when he gets bitten by a zombie, and he meets up with her and is trying to propose while slowly turning into a zombie and increasingly wanting to eat her instead... but it turns out that she was bitten by a zombie too, so they end up living happily ever after ;) Oh, and then there's this song.

Comment: Re:The time for "from scratch" is gone for ALL of (Score 3, Insightful) 298

by NickFortune (#48874035) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Has the Time Passed For Coding Website from Scratch?

The hardest lesson to learn as a programmer is that "not invented here" is code for "I am too arrogant to use someone else's solution."

Well sure. No one should ever invent anything without written permission from the Flying Spaghetti Monster, countersigned by Bill Gates, His Holiness the Pope and the ghost of Alan Turing. I mean everyone knows that!

Seriously, I quite agree with Dutch Gun's point that we all build on the work of others. I just think that blindly accepting third party solutions can be just as bad as blindly rejecting them. And if no-one ever reinvented the wheel, we'd probably still be coding in COBOL

Comment: Re:Who they do not attempt to stay relevant? (Score 4, Funny) 144

by Rei (#48873505) Attached to: Doomsday Clock Could Move

If Earth becomes Venus-like then those with innovation and drive will innovate a way to protect themselves, while those that don't will eventally adapt, growing a hard, rocky skin and blood based on liquid metals rather than water. The climate has changed in Earth's past and life survived; if our future is to be a tribe of hideous rock monsters ruled by clever, pitiless human overlords in protective bubbles, then bring it on. It's not a reason to hinder economic growth.

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