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Comment: Re: Good (Score 1) 1228 1228

This was despite that many of the obvious reforms Europe wanted hadn't been done.

They slashed their public spending and pensions, driving their country into a state worse than the Great Depression - but that fact is invariably left out of the anti-Greek storyline. As is the move to block Greece from cutting their military spending - you think that would be a clue that this is a farce to begin with.

But - they voted for Syriza instead. Syriza immediately started undoing the reforms of the previous government and, guess what, pushed Greece further under water.

Yes, nevermind both the IMF and the Germans admitting that the terms forced on Greece are completely unsustainable. WTF was Syrzia thinking, trying to negotiate a sustainable deal?

Comment: Re:Good (Score 1) 1228 1228

Explain us how Greece will now find someone willing to lend them more money at better conditions than the dead deal?

What's the difference? No one is going to lend Greece money because all of Greece's money is being taken by the Troika. Greece will be able to borrow more money once they leave the Euro for the same reason a person who declares bankruptcy is able to run out and get far more credit than before they wiped out their debts, though at a high interest rate. Once all their income isn't being sucked into paying off bad debt, they have more money to pay off new debt.

Besides, the near and long-term consequences of a Grexit are insignificant next to being forced into worse-than-the-Great-Depression poverty for the next few decades.

Comment: Re:Good (Score 1) 1228 1228

However seems a little silly to say you want the kind of financial consideration that happened in wartime, but none of the rest of what came with it.

Silly if you're a fascist. Anyone else, it would seem rather odd that you can destroy a continent, getting tens of millions killed in the process, and most of it is financially forgiven in less than a decade. Mind your own business but get taken in by loan sharks? You are sentenced to Oliver Twist poverty for the next 30+ years.

Comment: Few problems with that storyline (Score 1) 1228 1228

Had the Allies not saddled Germany with crushing debts post WWI (a war which Germany did not start mind you), there could have been no rise to power of the Nazi party, and would probably not have been a second world war.

Yet you want to saddle Greece with similar crushing debt when they have a fascist party, Golden Dawn. So your plan is to.....repeat that mistake a second time?

Greeces debts are the result of internal mismanagement.

And external loan sharks - funny how that part gets left out. Oh, and being forbidden from cutting military spending, rather than pensions and health care.

Germanyâ(TM)s debts were unjustly forced upon them as a result of loosing a war for which they had only marginally more responsibility than any other nation.

And what about their post-WWII debt, which was largely forgiven? By countries like Greece? So, to recap: Germany destroys the continent and all is forgiven. Greece got taken in for loan sharks, so they deserve to be pushed into national poverty worse than the Great Depression, for decades.

This is classic conservativism: more interested in being punitive than being just or effective.

Comment: Re:Why does Jobs always steal the limelight? (Score 1) 262 262

You are correct, sir. First info I Googled was bad. He was still chairman until spring of 2014, so that part still stands. Gates may have retired as CEO in the Clinton Administration, but he didn't retire from a powerful position at Microsoft until Obama's second term.

Comment: Re:Why does Jobs always steal the limelight? (Score 1) 262 262

So this never happened? You might want to learn at least a little bit about the thing you're talking about before you jump in, top off with a snyde remark and deeply embarrass yourself as a result in future.

You might want to stop drunk blogging, as this was the first sentence in the post you were responding to:

  • The iPhone was released a year before Gates handed the CEO position over to Ballmer in 2008

Now, you were saying something about embarrassing yourself by jumping in without knowing what you were talking about? And something about snyde[sic] remarks? Gates retired as CEO, but he did not retire from a powerful position at the company.

Chairmen have no executive power.

Who said they did, Slick? Chairmen do have power over the direction of the company, moreso when said chairman happens to be a co-founder, the largest single stock holder, and the previous CEO.

If you think such a chairman has no influence over how a company is run, let the staff keep your computer when you check out of the drunk tank, as you aren't smart enough to use it.

Comment: Re:David Cameron is actually a genuine idiot (Score 1) 257 257

Socialism grants significant power to the state with the expectation that it will use that power for good, and then its citizens are shocked and outraged when the government uses that power to oppress its citizens.

The only connection between those dots is the crap in your brains.

Ermagerd! The horrible oppression of graduating college without 5-6 figures in student loan debt! The health care system that provides better results at a fraction of the cost of for-profit medicine in the United States - a crime against humanity!

Comment: Re:You know it's not going to work (Score 1) 257 257

Has gun control reduced overall violence

See: Australia.

or simply replaced it with other kinds (knife, blunt object etc)

The 'they'll just use something else' canard died a well-deserved death when, on the same day as the Sandy Hook shootings, a crazy guy in China stabbed a couple dozen people - but nobody died.

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