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Comment Re:In the US. (Score 1) 646 646

Again, this works in the US with big suburbs where everyone has a parking lot with an electric outlet. In other countries (like good old Europe), where most people live in apartments and there is just no way you can plug your car at night, it doesn't work.

Apartment buildings and fixed parking spots are far from mutually exclusive, either through a parking cellar or dedicated garages/parking spots. Granted, Norway is a cold country where a garage may be more useful than down south but by household:

58% have a garage or carport
25% have a private parking spot
17% have no parking

Of the last 17% only 38% have a car, so in practice it's only 6.5% that don't have a fixed spot for their car. And that probably includes people that have rented a parking spot nearby, in practice few wants to be nomads trying to find free street parking every day. Of course you would have to get an electrician to mount an outlet, but beyond that it's not really a problem.

Comment Re:settled cannon for about a decade now (Score 1) 71 71

Part of me wonders if this is deliberate. No graphics drivers that are useful, no games. No games, no Linux desktop.

Why? AMD has no stake or interest in what OS you game on, they're just looking to sell their hardware. They get no benefit from enabling or pushing a migration to Linux unless they can steal customers from nVidia/Intel that way, which seems highly unlikely. You don't need a conspiracy to explain why companies don't do things that don't benefit them.

Comment Re:wrong question (Score 1) 52 52

Honestly, I'd beg to differ. When you cut a human body open you're likely to find a relatively standard set of organs. Even with all conditions and permutations it is a whole less open-ended than say driving a car, where arguably a lot of odd conditions could happen at any time. In short, there's a few vital functions that that the body must uphold and if a robot surgeon does he's not making anything worse. He might not cure everything, but that's not the point.

Comment Re:What we have vs. what we want (Score 1) 305 305

A conversation about the internet that is long, long overdue: Is what we *have* what we *want*, and if not, what can be done about it? What we HAVE is a global network that will never, ever let you forget that silly thing you did whilst young and drunk that everyone thought was so hilarious at the time. Is that really what we want?

Maybe not. But it's kinda meaningless to quibble about the negative side effects when it's obvious the positive effects are so huge there's no way we'll give up on it, nobody likes drive-by shooting but it's obvious we're not going to give up cars. Yes, we would like a free global information-sharing network.

Comment Re:No (Score 2) 305 305

This. By far most embarrassing things you've said or done are laid dead when you own up to it and say I was young and foolish, okay? Most of the problem actually comes from shielded youngsters who are still too mentally immature to blush, cope and move on. Of course there are situations you might be caught in that would be genuinely embarrassing, like revenge porn but then you're typically dealing with malice and an army of Internet trolls who won't let it go away anyway. In short, either you ought to grow a thicker skin or you have to grow a thicker skin.

Comment Re:Kickstarter? (Score 3, Interesting) 549 549

Except that they're coming in way below their yearly outlook which said:

$18 - $20 mm
Adjusted EBITDA:
$5 - $6 mm
Net income:
$3 - $4 mm

But later they're giving Q2 figures saying for the last 6 months:

7,667 mm
Adjusted EBITDA:
0,852 mm
Net income:
0,316 mm

If the last half of the year is the same, they're only making about 15%-20% of their planned net income. In fact, the last quarter they made no money at all. So I'm thinking way, way less.

Comment Re:Yeah, be a man! (Score 4) 583 583

What Snowden did was no doubt wrong

Only if you're a bootlicking fascist. A bootlicking fascist ignoring the billions of felonies committed by the USG with their warrantless spying. A bootlicking fascist ignoring the felonies from the USG and the Oath of Office that Snowden took, which required him to do exactly what he did.

Comment Re:No surprises there... (Score 1) 583 583

I disagree that he is not liberal

Not possible. Obama could have challenged any of his Republican predecessors from the right. The far right. Unless you're still an Obamabot in 2015, and believing the words coming out of his mouth while ignoring his actions.

Comment Re:"Jury of peers" (Score 1) 583 583

Once his feet hit US soil, he will have a criminal trial just like anybody else.

Not "just like anybody else", as the Espionage Act prevents Snowden from arguing his actions were justified. A U.S. trial is a one-way ticket to spending the rest of his life in prison.

Comment Re:Pardons are for guilty people. (Score 1) 583 583

Definition of fascist bootlicker. Snowden took an oath to defend the Constitution - an oath that required him to do exactly what he did. You clowns also reveal yourself when you DGAF over the billions of felonies committed by the USG, but want Snowden strung up by his toenails.

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