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Comment Really? That's All It Takes? (Score 1) 323

"Oh, sure! Suuuure! We'll stop trying to arrest you! Why don't you come out of that embassy there and... give it a try?" And for some reason I totally hear that in Brock Samson's voice.

And also, "You guys might want to think about, ah... febreezing that embassy of yours there... it smells like moldy pizza and... Assange crotch."

Comment Re:Of course ... (Score 1) 311

Windows 10 has been very stable for me.

That's great, but as a few moments searching the web could tell you, not everyone has been so fortunate. There have already been several widespread instances of hardware/driver issues, reboot loops, software being uninstalled due to being deemed no longer compatible, and similar problems reported by Windows 10 users.

Comment Re:Of course ... (Score 1) 311

Shame on Microsoft for making people get off an OS that isn't receiving updates and for pushing for people to get off an OS that will stop receiving them in a handful of years.

Windows 7 extended support runs until 14 January 2020.

That's almost four more years that Microsoft have committed to supporting the OS.

A significant number of computers that haven't even been bought yet could run Windows 7 for their entire working lifetimes and still be within the extended support period.

Also, merely "connecting to the Internet" is highly unlikely to leave a system vulnerable even if it isn't fully patched, and I'll take "outdated and unsupported" over "actively damaged at arbitrary intervals by compulsory updates you can't block".

Comment Re:July 29th 2016 can't come soon enough (Score 1) 572

What do you think happens after the 1 year anniversary of Windows 10 launch?

If adoption rates are still unimpressive, I imagine Nadella gives a mea culpa speech as he decides to spend more time with his family, and the new CEO starts making highly publicised changes in strategic direction as soon as possible to reassure the big corporate customers and to some extent home users that Microsoft is still looking out for them.

What that direction would be is interesting, as Microsoft is one of the few IT giants that probably still has the resources and credibility to shift the entire industry. Apple is another. Both seem to have lost their focus in recent years, but one or two big new ideas could change that.

Comment Re:Captain Obvious to the rescue!!! (Score 1) 697

You make a good point, though it probably requires some degree of actual knowledge and skill, or at least a suitable malware toolkit, to cause damage by playing with electrical levels. Any script kiddie can do 'rm -rf /' and surely it's practically the first thing any mischief-makers will try.

It's still crazily easy to do this by mistake as well, though.

Comment Re:Gonna get lambasted for this but... (Score 3, Informative) 697

Exactly. The real problem here isn't that root can do stuff. The real problem is that root can do stuff accidentally by sneezing five metres away from the system at lunchtime.

Of course, the other real problem is that anyone is crazy enough to make hardware/firmware where you can delete essential data like this and have no recovery or at least factory reset mechanism, regardless of anything the OS might be doing. People making hardware vulnerable to this should be getting named and shamed as well.

Comment Re:Mars Colonial Transporter (Score 2) 101

Meh. CH4, H2 and RP1 are all clean, cheap fuels - the levels of pollution and fuel costs are practically non-issues here. ISP, thrust and density are what matter. Methane simply lies on the curve between RP-1 and H2 in terms of thrust, density and ISP.

Mostly right. Two out of three for clean: RP-1 has a tendency to coke up and can foul injectors or lead to hot-spots in the cooling tubes if you're re-using the engines. (Merlin's pintle injectors are probably not as prone to coke fouling, and all of this is going to depend on dozens of specific design decisions in the engine.) (The cleanliness of the exhaust is, as you also implied, irrelevant. Expecially compared to storable and/or hypergolic fuels.)

Isp is what matters above a certain altitude, below that what matters it thrust. All the Isp in the world won't help you get off the ground if your thrust to weight ratio is less than one. We've tested nuclear rockets with Isps in the 900s (three times better than LOX-H2) but they were too heavy to get off the ground. (Ion engines have the same problem in spades, but we're not talking about those.) Methane (and RP-1) will give you higher thrust than a comparable LH2 engine. Again, there are tradeoffs -- you could run LH2/LO2 engines O2-rich for higher thrust during part of the launch (although superheated O2 isn't the most benign environment for your pad, or the engine nozzles.)

Glad you brought up density. Many people forget about how this affects rocket performance. For any given mass of fuel (or oxidizer), the denser it is the smaller you can make the fuel tanks. The smaller the tanks, the less dead-weight you're lifting. I believe the latest Falcon-9 super-cools the LOX (making it denser) to take advantage of this. Methane also allows for considerably smaller tanks than LH2, making up some of the Isp disadvantage (the reduced insulation needs and simplified handling also help). (Some of Gary Hudson's old Phoenix SSTO proposals considered using densified (slush) hydrogen to get tankage weight down, but we still have hardly any experience with that stuff, and it's still barely 1/5 density of LCH4).

Comment Not even close to "hate & abuses" (Score 1) 827

I'm no Trump supporter, but you're a political idiot if you think what Trump has posted would shut down any other twitter user immediately.

Search for Sarah Palin and look for the insults that have been on there for years.
Same with Cheney.
Same with George W Bush.
Same with any conservative minority.
Same with any conservative woman.

Stop bitching that twitter hasn't shut down the political speech of someone you don't like. Because you know why? They may come after you next.


Project Neon Will Bring Users Up-to-Date KDE Packages ( 42

sfcrazy writes: [Kubuntu founder Jonathan Riddell] is going to announce a new project at FOSDEM that brings the KDE experience to users. There is Fedora that offers latest from Gnome, but there is no such distro that offers the same level of integration with KDE software; yes, there is openSUSE but it offers KDE as an option. So Kubuntu based KDE Neon is a project to give KDE users and contributors a way to get KDE's desktop software while it's still fresh. It'll be providing packages of the latest KDE software so users can install it and stay up to date on a stable base.

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