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Comment How it actually works (Score 1) 68

First of all this assumes the VPN incoming and outgoing IP is the same. This would be expected if you're using your home router as your VPN as you have only one IP but I don't think it should be for larger commercial providers, especially if you're using them to "hide you".

Then it assumes the attacker can open ports on that IP (as a feature offered by the provider). If you connect to that IP:port you'll be doing it over your normal non-encrypted interface because of the way the routing table is configured on your machine.

This is easy to prevent and if you are using the VPN to "hide" you should already have such mechanisms in place (mostly to make sure you aren't leaking packets over your normal interface once your VPN and the network interface/route associated with it is down). One way is to personal-firewall-limit your "problem" apps (like browser or torrent client) to the VPN interface so they can never talk over your normal network. This can still leak via more advanced attacks (is flash spawned as separated process?) so probably the only safe way would be to block in your (external to VPN machine) firewall EVERYTHING except vpn_ip:port.

Comment Re:Prepaid phone SIM (Score 1) 274

They certainly are cracking down on prepaid phone SIMs, where the owner of the phone isn't identified. Apparently Belgium and Luxembourg were the only EU countries left which still had them

That is certainly false. A lot of "eastern block" countries still have them like Romania, Czech Republic, I think Bulgaria. If you think they aren't "EU enough" there's also the UK (and probably Ireland) - where you don't even have mandatory ID card.

And even with registration go on german ebay (Germany has mandatory registration since before 9/11!) and you can buy preregistered cards by 10-pack, 100, sometimes 500 and 1000.

Comment What about old Pocket extension?! (Score 1) 199

From what I gather I'm not in majority but for sure I'm not alone in actually WANTING Pocket and MORE, I want back the FUNCTIONALITY from that extension which is way beyond the stupid FF button. I still have it (thanks to some obscure thread on some other site) but it won't be updated and supported anymore.

Comment abuse from the people with 15GB space (Score 4, Informative) 330

They are citing abuse over 1TB but are cutting those having 15GB. Go figure...

Remember when Skydrive had 25GB free?

Half the space of Gdrive for the 1.99 plan ... that will go well.

Users will have up to a year to get under the new caps? Like how, once January 2016 comes you will only be able to delete stuff. Sure, they won't nuke your whopping 15GB of data but still you won't be able store/share/change anything once you are over the top...

Comment Cyanogen OS is NOT CyanogenMod !!! (Score 4, Informative) 87

Yes, very confusing I know.

Cyanogen OS is some kind of bastard commercial branch for OnePlus (and possibly for a few more phones).
The updates are a complete disaster, not only that you can't just get to OnePlus and easily see what to install and what's the latest version.

On the other hand the "normal" CyanogenMod you can get for your S5 or many other hundreds of phones is (usually) absolutely fine.

Comment Re:BBC / other state broadcasters? (Score 5, Insightful) 132

State broadcast means little to nothing. You're paying for it - let other people see it.


From the moment they started all the bullshit with DRM (and I think spending hundreds of millions on this nonsense) I've been thinking "what a nonsesne". You already have people collecting the money, very often by force (yes, people with guns put people in jail for not paying the fee). About 10% of all CRIMINAL prosecutions in the UK are for this bloody fee. It's already all paid. Just make it available!

Comment Re:Lots of great features and no kdbus (Score 1) 116

Huh, what is encryption good for? You don't care if your servers get stolen by a random thief and then ebayed?

If you need to RMA disks you don't have to chose between eating yourself the loss and living with the fear that your vendor might just quickly fix it and send it to some random customer together with all your data?

Comment Sucks if you WANT pocket, too! (Score 3, Informative) 351

(UN)Suprisingly it also sucks if you WANT pocket and you were registered with them and you have an account and all.
How? They said FF extension won't be supported anymore because Pocket is already in Firefox. Well, the "integrated" version just sends you to Pocket web page when you want to see what you want to read! It is nothing more, just a bookmark (it even shows under Bookmarks button).

While the extension would show your reading list directly, you could dismiss pages without going to pocket web page and so on. MUCH BETTER!

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