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Comment Re:BBC / other state broadcasters? (Score 5, Insightful) 132 132

State broadcast means little to nothing. You're paying for it - let other people see it.


From the moment they started all the bullshit with DRM (and I think spending hundreds of millions on this nonsense) I've been thinking "what a nonsesne". You already have people collecting the money, very often by force (yes, people with guns put people in jail for not paying the fee). About 10% of all CRIMINAL prosecutions in the UK are for this bloody fee. It's already all paid. Just make it available!

Comment Re:Lots of great features and no kdbus (Score 1) 116 116

Huh, what is encryption good for? You don't care if your servers get stolen by a random thief and then ebayed?

If you need to RMA disks you don't have to chose between eating yourself the loss and living with the fear that your vendor might just quickly fix it and send it to some random customer together with all your data?

Comment Sucks if you WANT pocket, too! (Score 3, Informative) 351 351

(UN)Suprisingly it also sucks if you WANT pocket and you were registered with them and you have an account and all.
How? They said FF extension won't be supported anymore because Pocket is already in Firefox. Well, the "integrated" version just sends you to Pocket web page when you want to see what you want to read! It is nothing more, just a bookmark (it even shows under Bookmarks button).

While the extension would show your reading list directly, you could dismiss pages without going to pocket web page and so on. MUCH BETTER!

Comment Cheap in which universe?! (Score 5, Interesting) 174 174

There are a bunch of tablets on Amazon right now with Z3735G (which I assume is about the same if not better as the Z3735F) for less than $100.

They come (of course) with battery, probably charger, screen (of course) and so on. How is this stupid stick "cheap" for $100-$150?

Comment Re:Laptop hard drives (Score 1) 251 251

Don't know about the GP but for me my files are MINE. Not that I care much, the media disks I keep unencrypted for other reasons, but each family member who needs access to some of the pictures, documents, scans, whatever has access already on his own devices and his own way of taking care of what he needs.

Comment They are opening up the packs, testing... (Score 1) 143 143

... and using only the "good" elements (when one or two elements fail the battery is dead for laptop use).
This is precisly what I've been doing for many years, any decent flashlight (or R/C or electronics) forum has at least one huge thread about people doing this.

I have an electric bike pack made out of the best cells recovered from (dead) laptops batteries. I've been using the individual cells for (flash)lights for years and in fact there are so many fake (or just "cheap") 18650 on the market now that if you don't know where to buy and what to buy you'll end up with something worse than a good cell from a bad 10-15 years old laptop battery. It is so bad that it is worse than SD counterfeiting...

Comment checking out stuff? (Score 1) 82 82

Sure. Ever heard of libraries?

Now having a web server waiting for a connection from a tablet to unlock the toolbox (so you have power requirements + extra nuisance) is certainly something I DON'T want to mess with when I just want to go ahead and screw (pun certainly intended) something.

Comment Broadway Hotel, 2-4 Burlington Road West Blackpool (Score 5, Informative) 307 307


Come and take your 100 pounds for this.

Streisand Effect anyone?

Last review from tripadvisor:

"I spent two nights for my son's 18th birthday at this hotel, but had I read the reviews 1st I wouldn't of stayed at this hotel. The breakfast was disgusting, the tables and cutlery were filthy and the dining room looked as it hadn't seen a hoover in months. In our bedroom the shower head was useless cause you had to hold it yourself as the holder on the wall was broken also I don't think they clean the showers regular cause it was filthy, we couldn't turn the TV on, the floor was dirty. In my son's room he couldn't turn the heating off so had to be too hot all night "

Comment Obligatory Heinlein (Score 2) 272 272


American Vodka, Corn Liquor, Applejack, Pure Spring Water, Grade "A" Milk, Corned Beef & Potatoes, Steak & Fried Potatoes, Butter & some days Bread, Smoked Bear Meat, Jerked Quisling (by the neck), Crepes Suzettes to order. !!!

Any BOOK Accepted as Cash!!!!
Blacksmithing, Machine Shop, Sheet Metal Work-You Supply the Metal.
FARNHAM SCHOOL OF CONTRACT BRIDGE Lessons by Arrangement. Social Evening Every Wednesday.


Ring bell. Wait. Advance with your Hands Up. Stay on path, avoid mines. We lost three customers last week. We can't afford to lose YOU.

No sales tax.

â"Hugh & Barbara Farnham & Family, Freeholders"

Comment Re:Hard to find (Score 1) 71 71

I guess distribution in "dead tree" form is getting harder and harder: http://hardware.slashdot.org/s...

There was another case where a whole issue (like all/most copies) got "lost in the mail" and not only they had to be reprinted but postage had to be paid the second time...

That much about having the "heart in the paper".

Yes, Amazon has it as well for kindle (and all the associated devices, including android kindle app, etc.). I think subscription is (or at least used to be a while ago) really cheap (like $0.99/month) but DRMed (easily stripped for the "no-touch" kindle, you just need the serial number and the local copy from the kindle) and nonDRMed for issues bought separately.

There are some more options too but I wonder why they don't offer it directly from the site; yes, it is some extra work but I'm sure they can do it well (and they already sell some stuff directly so they are set up to process credit cards). Sure, most people would prefer to "one-click" buy from Amazon or Google Play but I think is better to have your own channel too where they can't ban you or remove the books from customer's readers, etc.

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