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Comment Re:Say what? (Score 1) 186

I think GP meant the other way around, like adblock, but for google search results. You can already do it in single searches, by adding -site:, but not automatically for every search afaik.

If I were google I'd simple remove their results altogether, and wave these proposals around the courtroom when the inevitable lawsuits come.

Comment Re:Inflated Numbers Due to Price Fixing? (Score 1) 311

Yup, as it happens, 1999 was not just 'the year of napster' but the year the industry got slapped for price fixing. So the 8 billion there may very well have been caused by that. And even if it's not the only real cause, it's still highly inflated or plain wrong to attribute that 8 billion only to 'piracy'.

Comment Re:Still too vague and too poorly defined (Score 1) 705

You know, every time this comes up, ISPs talking about charging content providers for use of bandwidth, I wonder what would happen if the content providers turned it around, and start talking about charging ISPs for delivering *their* content.

How much would Google suffer if Comcast users can't reach their servers anymore?
How much would Comcast suffer if their users can't reach Google anymore?

Not even talking about regulation, but this would seem like a dangerous game for all involved.

Comment Re:Pre-owned = Piracy (Score 1) 461

I'm assuming that 50 there is a typo; most second-hand games i've seen in stores are about 10% cheaper, which for me has always been the reason not to buy them (for only 10% more i have a shiny new one).

Apart from that, I think the vast majority of the money received by people selling their old games goes straight into new ones, so if the publishers 'defeat' second-hand sale, people who usually sell their games won't have as much to spend on new ones. People who usually buy used games might buy a few more new ones now, but less than they would second-hand. So the only thing the publishers are really taking here is second-hand markup by stores. And while that is quite a bit of money, I'm not convinced that that amount is worth screwing your real customers over.

But then again, service to customers has been lost down the drain of shareholders for quite some time now. As customers, we're the meat being sold, not the other way around.

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