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Comment Scrum never was relevant (Score 1) 371

Scrum calls itself agile but when we started using it our average response time to scope changes went from 5 minutes to half a sprint. There's nothing agile about Scrum unless you're a planet trying to change course. However, it does introduce some concepts that are very valuable, most notably the concepts of velocity, story points and poker planning. After years of doing scrum we've now left it behind and starting doing plain Kanban but left these concepts in place. Couldn't be happier; unlike scrum, which imposes artificial deadlines, kanban - which basically comes down to "do stuff in a certain order" is as natural as it gets.

Comment Bad taste (Score 1) 196

This whole females-in-tech stuff leaves me with a rather bad taste in my mouth. We're discussing this as if we're discussing an increase in population of an endangered specifes. It's not. I think we'd all be better off if girls in tech would be treated as normal human beings. Celebrating each girl entering the field as if she's something special is really very sexist. In that regard I'm glad this was not the result of some strange get-more-girls-in-tech bootcamp but just a regular normal unisex bootcamp. I find it rather unfortunate, though, that girls are once again singled out as being something special.

Cannot we just quit discussing this situation in order to create a neutral playing field in which girls don't have to feel like they're something special, simply because they are not and should not be. It's not professional. It's sexist. It really shouldn't matter if programmers have tits or dicks nor should it matter if the number of males is somewhat equal to the number of females. The only thing that should matter is that neither sex should feel reserved about working in a certain sector. And I'm not so sure all this extra exposure for girls joining the sector is helping...

Comment It's because of Asperger Syndrome (Score 1) 281

Asperger Syndrome is about 4 times more prevalent in males. Males are about 4 times more prevalent in coding jobs. I believe the vast majority of software developers to have (undiagnosed) Asperger Syndrome and I believe that that fully explains the "lack" of female software developers.

Now let's go invent the Overly Considerate Disorder that affects mostly females in order to explain the lack of male nurses so we can finally put an end this "equality" bullshit.

Comment Fuck off (Score 1) 373

I have totally had it with this nu-sexism. As of this month it's apparently totally hip since reports of such incidents now end up on my timeline on a daily basis. Is the world is trying to become some sort of reverse Saudi Arabia or something?!

Comment Wrong question (Score 1) 712

This question is illustrating for the problem the US has. The solution is not technological, it's psychological. Law enforcement agencies in many other countries rarely need to use their guns or tasers so why do US police officers kill so many people?!

Not having trigger happy cops, not creating trigger happy criminals that have nothing to lose because of your ridiculously long jail terms could be a start. Legalizing all kinds of mundane things like drug use would also help greatly. And, obviously, the number of guns in the US is a major factor in this; if the chances of a criminal having a gun would be much lower, the police could approach everybody much less agressive than they do now.

Example: so far in 2015, in Germany only one man was killed by police. In the US, which has FOUR times as many people, over THREE HUNDRED times as many people have been killed by police.

Comment It's sexist! (Score 1) 696

I'm somewhat surprised to see so many "let's get girls into technical job xyz" while we never see "get more men to be a nurse!" campaigns. Why is that? And what does this say about the perception of women to which this applies?

The problem here is not that women are under-represented in these kind of jobs; there are very likely good reasons for that that do not involve sexism. The real problem is that they're somehow still given a special treatment. I think this is really sexist; there's nothing that says "girls are special", "girls need help" more than these kind of initiatives. While I'd love to see more female colleagues (or more specifically: more colleagues:p) I don't think this is the right way.

In case women don't get equal chances, yes, let's campaign, but I strongly doubt such barriers still exist in any normal western country.

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 0) 956

The issue is that the police and school don't know whether to believe him.

No. The issue is the police and school apparently think everything they don't understand - which seems to be more each day - must be a bomb, even if there are no explosives in it whatsoever. Probably they're even too stupid to understand that a bomb needs explosives. Bottomline: there is absolutely no rational reason to even assume this thing was a bomb. Just look at it. How can everybody involved in this possibly be such a moron?! How can people so utterly stupid possibly be police officers and teachers?! And what's with the fucking handcuffs?! Poor murica is getting about as stupid as Europe during the middle ages when everything they didn't understand was witchcraft...

Comment Re:Moon Zero? (Score 1) 147

A day on the moon takes a month. A day on Antarctica, which is mentioned as a good alternative to the moon has winter nights that last months. A day on Mars, OTOH, is a bit more than 24 hours. Also note that water on the moon can probably be found near the poles while on Mars there's a slight chance some digging will get you water in areas with a less hostile climate. Once you get there, life on Mars is likely to be easier than it is on Antarctica during the winter.

Large scale biosphere-recreating experiments where not very succesful (nor very scientific in nature...). Only recently, ESA and the International Center for Closed Ecosystems have restarted such experiments. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/... (which has more information on the subject than other articles on wikipedia).

Comment Re:Facebook isn't free (Score 1) 147

Those like "like" buttons on every page are spying on you

That's nonsense; they're not spying at all. In fact, they do nothing. It's you that explicitly requested that button from Facebook, which merely keeps track of what you (or your browser) explicitly sent them.

It's a total miracle that we're all hating Facebook while we should be hating our browser manufacturers for failing to properly protect us from sending shit all over the place. Even MS Outlook does a better job when it asks me whether I really want to load images from some server. Browsers should do the same; that'll end this bullshit in no-time.

Comment Re:Minumum Wage will push these sooner (Score 1) 46

I'm also sure there will be more focus on such robots. However, it's not the minimum wage McDonals employees that will be the first to go. It will be the managers.


Actually, people in horeca/entertainment etc. will probably get to keep their jobs for quite some time. In your typical restaurant, the people serving you are a very important factor. Without a waiter and a real cook you'd probably not even visit a restaurant.

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