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Comment Champagne, please! (Score 1) 129

While I would have preferred them to find long data retention unconstitutional in general, I can live with that. I'm opening a bottle of champagne.
And a really huge thanks to Prof. Papier, the Chief Justice, who will retire soon. Thank you, man. That guy has been one of the few people in our republic who constantly held up civil liberties.

Comment Re:I'm just bragging (Score 1) 191

is it even malware? What would it be doing?

The real risk does not come from pop-up ads, a changed browser or porn links on a desktop. Nor does it come from formatting harddisks or constantly rebooting. The dangerous thing would be rootkits that hide, remain unseen, log your keystrokes, log your internet traffic etc. and send them to a business rival. They could be buried deep in network traffic, for instance in DNS requests. In contrast to the usual "open some ad windows on the users screen" malware, in this case remaining unseen is crucial.

Comment Re:It's not the fines.... (Score 3, Insightful) 339

Police cars are also sometimes allowed to ignore red lights, use one-way streets in the wrong direction and ignore speed limits, in case of emergency. That, however, does not mean that we should teach every person to ignore red lights responsibly.
While I believe that your argument is valid in some other, not traffic-related cases (e.g. I believe that teaching young people how to drink responsibly is better than deterring them from drinking, but that is a different thing), I believe it is not valid in this case. When driving, have one hand at the steering wheel and occasionally one at the gearshift. That's it.

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