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Comment Re:Now we need... (Score 1) 80

An 8 billion human population is overall better for mankind and also arguably for the planet, than just 1 billion.

[citation needed], and also false dichotomy. With current practices, the Earth is provably over its carrying capacity. We have the technology to fix the problems, but do we have the will? Film at eleven.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 39

This isn't an open field, though. There are entry points to the "farm" and if they control what goes in and comes out, and if they keep an eye open for any proliferation of pests and take them out as soon as they show up, it's feasible.

It isn't, you will need something eventually. That something might be organic and plant-derived, but if you're not keeping absolute clean-room procedures going then you will certainly bring something in on you eventually. Nothing short of bunny suits and chemical showers can ensure that.

Like the other guy up there, though, am more interested in the "nutrient" they are using. Unless they are changing the soil regularly or rotating crops, they must be adding something to the soil, and whatever it is, I doubt it will be very "organic".

They're not even using soil! You can do organic gardening without soil just by making compost tea and flowing that as your nutrient. The most common feedstock is horse poop. All you need to keep the reaction going is an aquarium pump and a bubbler stone.

Comment Re:What About Nutrition? (Score 1) 39

This *is* organic farming. There's nothing to compare here.

It depends on which definition you want. If you mean the government definition, it is certainly organic. If you mean the definition as it was envisioned by the people credited with the founding of the organic gardening movement, it certainly is not. Go forth and look up "Organic" to find the principals, then dig down to their particular WP pages for the cites. It's all in there.

Organic gardening, before the corporations got their hooks into it, was about cyclical systems involving local food production and soil health intertwined with community health. There's not even any soil here. This is not organic gardening, although it may be Organic(tm).

Comment Re:Cheap (Score 1) 44

I doubt it's a Dell SAN, it's MUCH more likely they're using EMC object storage with bring your own hardware (aka ECS) or something similar. Storing lots of large video files with retention metadata and access control just screams object storage (frankly one of the few things that does).

Comment Re:What is UNUSUAL (Score 1) 266

You can make up whatever excuse you need to feel like the little boy who cried rape, but the sad fact is all you are doing is trivializing all those women who actually have been raped.

... says the guy who says "if she's passed out naked in your bed, then anything is 'acceptable'." The sad fact is that you've defined "rape" so narrowly, probably to excuse your own actions, that you dismiss the vast majority of rapes. What's your next step: "it's not rape if it's by Jack Griffin"?

Comment Re:And this is News? (Score 1) 85

Well, the problem with that approach is it delivers a death blow to market-based and libertarian ideas.

Either you've got to support a strong court system and the threat of force to back it up, or you've got to live by caveat emptor and not only let people simply deal with the consequences of fraud, but also make all debt the responsibility of the lender and not the borrower. Then you don't need a court system, and you can just work by might makes right. The only part which changes is not needing a court system. Guess that's anarchism.

Does this mean libertarianism is best described as the belief that a private court system is the best way to enable capitalism, which in turn is supposed to magically cure all ills with an invisible hand?

Comment Re:The same basic approach works everywhere (Score 1) 98

I filed a bug with Apple about the ease of spoofing the Keychain authorisation and privilege elevation dialogs against OS X 10.2. Maybe by 10.11 they'll fix it...

Apple bug or security reports are like petitions on If they notice them at all, it's to mock them. Sadly, the same is true of Android. Still no pinless pairing after how many years of people asking for it on the same two bug reports?

Comment Re:Marketplace Justice (Score 0) 74

Bingo. So someone can hack the monitor and listen to my baby sleep or not sleep. Or even watch him sleeping. What exactly is the threat? What information can they really gain that is of use? That the sheets are green instead of blue?

Would-be molesters could drive down the street with a bundle of baby monitors, I suppose. Watch out for church vehicles emitting a video glow at night.

Comment Re:Major disconnect from layers (Score 1) 388

It is true: that "engineering types" often don't have enough background in business to make smart business decisions. The idea that you can shoehorn an MBA at the top, and still have innovative spark that the founding engineering principals gave it, is absolute horseshit. Maybe there's some envy in there. The MBA-types think that the magic formula is to toss out some stock options, and pump-n-dump the equity, and that will motivate the employees as much as their former roles in creating a technology innovation did before the "professional management" took over. In fact, a lot of low-level engineers are fooled by this, and they continue working their 80 hour weeks. Only to get fucked over when the MBA's cash-out with millions, for inventing precisely nothing.

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 1) 464

In some professional settings, if you try to re-invent the wheel (ie. "draw a circle"), rather than use the canned library from a framework, you won't just be criticized, you will be dismissed. Ugly fact, but still a fact. It's more about rote memorization of .net namespaces than problem-solving.

Comment Re:Major disconnect from layers (Score 2) 388

And yet, I'm pretty sure Boeing's CEO doesn't order the employees to start building planes without wings (I don't care, just do it! You're the engineer, you make it work or I'll find another that will!) Something tells me he knows planes a bit better than "not at all, really".

Sure, but he doesn't actually need to if he's smart enough to listen to the people who work for him. You ask your engineers about engineering changes. You ask bean counters about counting beans. A company the size of Boeing does a feasibility study before they change toilet tissues.

Comment Re:DDoS? (Score 1) 35

Don't waste your time, friend. No matter how cogent you are, APK will seize upon any minor point, declare victory, and shit all over the table. If you agree with him on one thing you must agree with him on all things or be a hypocrite. He's hardly the only insane bugger on Slashdot, though, so it's not even work poking him with a stick.

What is now proved was once only imagin'd. -- William Blake