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Comment Re:Conflicting goals (Score 1) 172

Replace your antennas with SMA dummy loads. No tinfoil required.

Tinfoil is always required; remember Aluminum foil is no substitute for real tinfoil. j/k Tim S. PS: Join the TFHB (Tin foil hat brigade) on and read free Sci-Fi from the Slash Pile. Membership in the TFHB not required to read free Sci-Fi.

Comment Re:seems cut-and-dry to me (Score 1) 115

As I already stated if the State Law was first; then it is possible that the State Law will still be valid instead of the Federal Law! It is only if the Federal Law is first that the State is limited by the Federal Law. So, your always supersedes is false! I have no idea if the decision is done in Federal Court, US Congress, or US Executive branch decides which State Laws are allowed to stand; but, it does rarely happen. Tim S.

states can pass any law they want. but fed law does always supercede. if the fed law is establishing a minimum, then the state is free to go beyond that minimum, but not below it. if the few law is establishing a maximum, then the state is free to go below that maximum, but not beyond it. ie, intent of the law matters in determining which way the boundary lies.

Comment Re:seems cut-and-dry to me (Score 1) 115

Not always true; if the State passed the law first, the state law is often allowed to stand. I was told about a law that was passed in Michigan related to semi tractor trailers that was passed by the state and it was allowed to stand even though the feds passed one with a lower limits later on. So, semi drivers in Michigan are able to haul more than they can in other states. Tim S.

Just like homeowners associations cannot prohibit satellite dishes because they think they are ugly. (That one is explicitly mentioned in federal law, actually.)

Federal law always trumps local ones. Always. If the state has one law and the feds make one that supersedes it, then the federal law wins. The states, however, do not have to enforce federal laws. You see this with marijuana laws in particular. Even though it's legal to consume it in Colorado, federal employees can be terminated for using it. (Ordinary companies can make rules as such but their enforcement is a bit trickier. They can be challenged in court as civil rights violations, depending on the nature of the company rule.)

Comment Re:Constitutionally, the FAA should lose (Score 1) 115

Never heard of state or local laws; that a new level of lack of knowledge on slashdot. Tim S.

The US Constitution gives Congress sole law writing authority and they passed laws creating the FAA. Those various laws also grant the FAA the authority to do this. Constitutionally they are very well covered. If you disagree, try suing them and taking it to SCOTUS. Even they will agree due to safety being the main driver.

Comment Re:1/10th scale - full size only 500lbs? (Score 1) 95

I am far from an expert, but, often weight does NOT go linear on models. I would guess the weight is any where from 10 to 1000 times more in the full size model. Tim S.

So this is a 1/10th scale model, fine... but only 50lbs? Doesn't that mean the full size can only weigh 500lbs to match the flight characteristics of the model?

Still seems very much like vaporware.

Comment Re:Bullshit; maybe not! (Score 1) 42

You are thinking that at least one US manufacturer process is actually following the EPA rules.
I no longer think this can be taken for granted as being true!

Tim S.

That article is full of bullshit, they are saying that the painting of the cars doesn't meet some requirement.

The painting of the cars is not the difficult part, they can use any process any other car manufacturer uses.

This is just talk for the sake of the words and the propaganda.

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