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Comment: Re:Popcorn time! (Score 1) 359

by TimSSG (#48890371) Attached to: Behind the MOOC Harassment Charges That Stunned MIT

So you see nothing wrong with a professor using his status to obtain sexual favors?

How can there be any thing wrong with it. An Professor to student power differential is much less than the President and a college intern differential. And, we all were told that that one did not matter at all. /sarc Tim S.

Comment: Re:Most of the biggies have been covered, but my f (Score 1) 1200

by TimSSG (#35459652) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Worst Computer Scene In TV or Movies?

I read a book that had a dragon down a jet fighter and no one, who saw the recordings, was willing to admit it was a dragon. They "digitize it" and then told the computer operator to do about a dozen different changes to adjust the image till it looked like a jet aircraft.

Tim S.

Comment: Re:Degraded Performance (Score 1) 79

by TimSSG (#35385268) Attached to: Intel SSD 510 Series 6Gbps SATA Drives Tested

From your link; [] I am not sure which person the quote supports. Tim S.

*** Correction: It should be noted that Intel’s announcement about TRIM support only applies to single SSD’s that are present in a system with a RAID array, and not to a RAID array of SSD’s. ***

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