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Comment: Re:Phase out fossil-fueled power plants by midcent (Score 2) 308 308

Followed the link, searched for nuclear, didn't find it in the story. Closed the page.

If you are espousing 0 emission energy in the next 35 years, and you don't mention nuclear as a necessary component, then you are lying.

I agree if you do NOT mention using nuclear power you are lying or stupid. Tim S.

Comment: Re:Computer science and the lowest common denomina (Score 1) 179 179

I have a similar impression. My idea of computer science, is that it's not computer science until you need to read an algorithm book.

I would expand your definition; it is NOT computer science until the topic of algorithms and program design is covered at least in some amount. Tim S.

Comment: Using steam. (Score 2) 217 217

Getting and keeping enough pure water on board ship is NOT easy! If the water is NOT pure; you get more rust. The coolant on the nuke power plant is NOT likely to be water and it is likely to be radioactive. Steam leaks are more likely to cause major injuries than blown electric breakers on a ship. Tim S.

Comment: Re:The ultimate hardware hack (Score 2) 258 258

The paper-clip CD extractor. I keep one in my desk at all times.

I thought of my most unusual hardware hack and it used a small nail bent just right and a pair of vise grips to open locked file cabinets. I used to work at a place that sold file cabinets; so, a dozen or so times the user locked the keys inside the file cabinet. Tim S.

Comment: Re:Does it matter? (Score 2) 341 341

Measles DID kill many people prior to vaccination being available. The most common deaths were for young children though so yeah it probably didn't kill many grandparents as they never had a chance to live long enough to become grandparents.

As I have said many times, having children is hereditary; because chances are if your parents did NOT have any neither will you. But, in the case of measles remember it also tends to cause men to be sterile if caught at the wrong age. Tim S.

Comment: Re:Hell No Hillary (Score 1) 676 676

Nope, I'm going to vote for Hillary because unlike most other person running, she isn't overly corrupt and she's not bat shit crazy. She may not be perfect, but I have more faith in her ability to lead this nation then any other candidate currently.

FYI: People who think there is a vast conspiracy against them has a very high chance of being "bat shit crazy". Tim S.

Comment: Re:Patent pending? (Score 1) 142 142

More patents for Stanford. The rich will get richer. Stanford is in the top 5 for universities granted patents. Schools still don't make enough money from tuition so they have to steal their students ideas.

People who try to invent things tend to own more patents than people who do NOT try to invent things. Ideas without work tend to be worthless in many cases. It is the hard work of profs/students combined with the resources of the Schools that pays off for all the people involved. Tim S.

It is easier to write an incorrect program than understand a correct one.