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Comment Re:Yes, they are employees (Score 2) 367

There are many reasons why drivers should be classified as employees rather than as contractors. The most obvious is that drivers don't price their own services. The labor laws were specifically written to protect people who are working for much more powerful companies which will treat them as serfs if they can get away with it.

Does this mean that people who cut hair as contractors price their own services?
Or that if they do NOT that they are NOT really contractors?

Tim S.

Comment Re:Funny you mention that... (Score 1) 30

As someone who gets earaches fairly often, once upon a time, I would get a course of antibiotics, and occasionally needed a second course.

Then a very smart lady told me about hydrogen peroxide. A bit of that in your ear for a day or so would knock those little buggers on their ass.

It was very interesting the first time you put some in your ear - tickles a little and is loud as it releases the oxygen it kills the germs with.

21st century US litigation disclaimer:

This is not medical advice. Do not ever do this. Always consult a trained medical professional with the proper certifications for any and all medical treatments including antiseptics and band-aids. Do not use any other treatments than prescribed medicine. Always visit a trained professional for every physical ailment.

I might try this, once more, I forgot I used to do this when I was younger. And, it was very loud when I last did it.
Did you every gargle with hydrogen peroxide diluted with water?
I am trying to decide if I want to try that again.

Tim S.

Comment Re:How could it possibly "work" for 300M people? (Score 1) 281

You do realize the Governors have access to nuclear weapons through the Air National Guard?

Also each state has their own land management system for state forests and parks. It would be pretty simple to transfer federal land to the respective states.

I have never heard of a Air National Guard unit with nukes. Did read a fictional book about an Air Force reserve unit that had nukes.
Please site what Air National Guard unit has nukes?
Tim S.

Comment Re:Oh boy, here we go... (Score 1) 413

sorry, but wind is cheaper than coal, and with the next iteration of wind generators, they should be cheaper than nat gas. EIA, and others all show this. You can not show ANYPLACE where Coal is actually cheaper than wind.

But, the cost of Batteries is expensive. And, the Wind generators maint. costs are NOT cheap. Remember to figure in the cost to take down the wind generators when they no longer can be maintained. Tim S.

Comment Re:horrible thing to do (Score 2) 57

A tortoise's shell needs to grow, else it will eventually maim then kill him. These "helpers" are making a huge assumption about the future, maybe it would have better to just euthanize "Fred"

From the photos there is at least 4 parts to the shell. Looks like it is designed to break or separate if the tortoise grows longer or wider. Hopefully that will be enough to prevent death from growing bigger. Tim S.

Comment Re:Most of it isn't code... (Score 1) 105

There's a lot of "they're just trying to backdoor you" type talk. For those who didn't bother to look at the code repos -> it's almost entirely Puppet manifests, not code.

I looked at it in the past week and saw that. But, I have no prior knowledge of Puppet; so, I decided it was NOT something I could pass judgement on. Tim S.

Comment Re:Pipistrel did not buy the motors? (Score 0) 107

Can we have a vaguely believable source for the "for economic gain" part of NSA spying? Seriously? I keep asking, and get sources even less credible then Fox News.

So, that means they can not cite NBC as the source; since Fox News is much more credible than NBC. Tim S.

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