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Comment: Re:Most of the biggies have been covered, but my f (Score 1) 1200

by TimSSG (#35459652) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Worst Computer Scene In TV or Movies?

I read a book that had a dragon down a jet fighter and no one, who saw the recordings, was willing to admit it was a dragon. They "digitize it" and then told the computer operator to do about a dozen different changes to adjust the image till it looked like a jet aircraft.

Tim S.

Comment: Re:Degraded Performance (Score 1) 79

by TimSSG (#35385268) Attached to: Intel SSD 510 Series 6Gbps SATA Drives Tested

From your link; http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/news/cpu/intel-chipset-driver-brings-trim-support-raid-setups/ [hardwarecanucks.com] I am not sure which person the quote supports. Tim S.

*** Correction: It should be noted that Intel’s announcement about TRIM support only applies to single SSD’s that are present in a system with a RAID array, and not to a RAID array of SSD’s. ***

Comment: Another Indy Link (Score 1) 390

by TimSSG (#35382482) Attached to: Posting AC - a Thing of the Past?

"You want to know who is responsible? JEFF MILLER. He is the most greedy man I've ever known," a commenter identified as Indeed posted on the IBJ's site.

"If you accuse somebody of committing a crime of thievery, that is defamation, and we believe that is what they are saying," said Miller's attorney, Kevin Betz. "The Internet is not a license to defame people and treat them in a mean-spirited way that harms them psychologically and economically."[BR]

If the CEO is maintaining he is not responsible for the funds not being used right; then, I think he needs to be sued for being very stupid. The person at the top is always responsible for the acts of undertaken by people employed by the company. The rest (" most greedy") is an opinion and can NOT be grounds for lawsuits in nearly all cases.

Tim S.

Comment: Re:yep... (Score 1) 279

by TimSSG (#34990140) Attached to: Genghis Khan, History's Greenest Conqueror
This is the perfect place to ask if the Carbon Trading happens in the USA; then, will murders get money for reducing the carbon footprint of the people they kill. It seems almost what some people want; they keep saying there is too many people on the planet. I am against Carbon Trading because some of the companies for it seem to be do all the evil type outfits. Tim S.

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