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Comment Re:Bullshit; maybe not! (Score 1) 38

You are thinking that at least one US manufacturer process is actually following the EPA rules.
I no longer think this can be taken for granted as being true!

Tim S.

That article is full of bullshit, they are saying that the painting of the cars doesn't meet some requirement.

The painting of the cars is not the difficult part, they can use any process any other car manufacturer uses.

This is just talk for the sake of the words and the propaganda.

Comment Re:I don't see it. (Score 1) 91

I corrected your statement to this "What remains to be seen is if this is compatible with [human] life."
Because high CO2 is definitely compatible with life; the land plants and some animals will likely do very well with a CO2 level that kills off the human race.

Tim S.

And let's be honest, oil is not an infinite resource.

Well then there's the adibiatic theory (which has not been proven and in fact there is evidence against it) which would point to unlimited oil. But we had better hope that oil is limited, otherwise we really will end up poisoning ourselves. As it is the worst we can possibly do is put back all the CO2 that was originally in the atmosphere to begin with. What remains to be seen is if this is compatible with life.

Comment Re:Smart man (Score 1) 378

Missed constant 1g acceleration of a space ship; this results in a about 2 year travel ship-time to any place in the Galaxy.

Tim S.

Options for humans traveling outside of our solar system are what?

Some kind of FTL travel
Immortal crew
Prolonged stasis
Generations of crew

Not looking good for humans at this point.

Comment Re:monopolies and utilities (Score 1) 137

Those are secondary functions that you list. The primary function of government seems to be to insure that their monopoly of being the ones with the power to grant monopolies to others is upheld. Tim S.

I don't think you understand what a government is. The primary function of government is to an entity that can provide Utilities and grant monopolies. Seriously, that is the primary function. Utilities are for cases where it's in each (or collectively most) persons advantage for the service to exist as deemed by the government but that no one would individually pay for given a choice. e.g. the armed forces or the highway system. The other is to monopolize certain powers such as the power to imprison. Monopolies are useful when many prviders would create chaos but there is no market force that would correct that. In the early days the buildout of rural phone and electric services and train service was aided by monopoly grants to bussinesses.

When governments do something other than offer utilities or monopolies this should be questioned. But those two things are it's purpose.

Comment Re:Who is to say that this "list" is legit at all? (Score 2) 546

Ha Ha Ha; now that was very funny.
Filled with lies but funny!
Tim S.

So I have no skin in this game and do not for a second trust anything Anonymous puts out unless it comes with a huge amount of independently verifiable sources...

But I do just really need to say that the Republican party that Abraham Lincoln was a member of has nearly nothing in common with the GOP of today. Any decent student of American history will tell you pretty readily that the Republican Party of Lincoln's time more closely resembles the Democrats of today and that the Whig party much more closely resembled today's Republicans.

Comment Re:Yet another government boondoggle (Score 1) 69

I love how Slashdot is a hotbed for people arguing that:

A) People who think that ISS, a permanent human presence orbiting our planet, is a huge financial boondoggle that we never should have done; and
B) Establishing a permanent human presence on the surface of Mars will be cheap and we should have done it long ago.

C) Why do we NOT have a real space station like the 50's and 60's Sci-Fi books had on the covers?
Tim S.

Comment Re:Money, sorry to say (Score 0) 249

But, is this PAC for CAGW regulations, against CAGW regulations, or for finding out the scientific truth about global warming?
Hint: The dumb and the greedy are on both sides!
Tim S.

It's time a climate superPAC be formed to create an NRA-like political entity with teeth. Science, math, and logic just don't work on the dumb and the greedy. You gotta bribe politicians with campaign money (or lack of) to get action in our society. That's just the ugly truth.

The other side will say the existence of a superPAC is evidence of political motivation over science, but they say that anyhow now. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.

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