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Comment: Re:So, pass the buck to government ... (Score 1) 214

by TimSSG (#49006305) Attached to: Verizon Sells Off Wireline Operations, Blames Net Neutrality Plans

By "Obama Phone" I assume you mean the Lifeline Assistance program, which was put in place long before Obama took office. In fact, it was instituted under none other than Ronald Reagan. I have an uncle like you., and it's depressing.

Most likely you are wrong; most common meaning of "Obama Phone" is the free cell phone program. Which was started under G.W. Bush. Tim S.

Comment: Re:Lasers are easy to stop (Score 2) 517

by TimSSG (#48997565) Attached to: The US Navy Wants More Railguns and Lasers, Less Gunpowder
The poster likely meant they can NOT destroy the correct target over the horizon. Think about it; they want no explosive in the projectile; therefore the speed of the projectile is needed to destroy most if not all military targets. When the projectile slows down it will likely tumble therefore the chance of missing the correct target goes up. And, with lower speed the likelihood of damaging the target goes down. Tim S.

Comment: Re:The EFF is nuts in this case (Score 1) 90

by TimSSG (#48975463) Attached to: Hundreds Apply For FAA Drone Licenses

I think most people would prefer that it reduces the possibility of a visit from the men in the black suvs. As well as wasting taxpayers money dealing with repeat performances, or losing their toys to an anti-drone system. You simply don't have the right to fly drones just anywhere.

Does it reduce the possibility of a visit from men in black helicopters? Or visits from government drones (flying or other types)? Tim S.

Comment: How can the prove that the sulfur bacteria has not (Score 2) 138

by TimSSG (#48975057) Attached to: Deep-Sea Microorganism Hasn't Evolved For Over 2 Billion Years
How can the prove that the sulfur bacteria has not evolved? Note: They could prove that the sulfur bacteria still exists like it did long ago. But, I see no way they can prove there was NOT failed evolution paths taken in the past. And, I am NOT sure that there has NOT been evolution paths taken in the past that has resulted in bacteria so different that it might not be currently believed they evolved from this sulfur bacteria. Tim S.

Comment: Re:How is maintenance performed? (Score 1) 148

by TimSSG (#48933155) Attached to: Former NATO Nuclear Bunker Now an 'Airless' Unmanned Data Center

How common are datacenter fires? The last time I heard about a computer catching fire was more than 20 years ago, and the fire was minor and didn't spread to adjacent equipment. They seem to be putting a lot of effort and expense into solving a "problem" that has already be adequately solved.

Other than fire suppression, is there any other practical advantage to locating a datacenter underground?

I would guess that they could NOT figure out a cheap and safe way to supply good air to breath down that deep. So, they decided to go low oxygen environment. Tim S.

He: Let's end it all, bequeathin' our brains to science. She: What?!? Science got enough trouble with their OWN brains. -- Walt Kelly