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Comment: Re:A Serious Deficit, You Say? (Score 1) 324

by Reziac (#48214083) Attached to: Hungary To Tax Internet Traffic

This is why I think government's revenue should be limited to export tariffs. That way it's directly dependent on people doing well, and having the wherewithal to generate a surplus. Which is what our own gov't depended on for a century and change, and was thereby kept in check. The income tax and property taxes changed everything, because gross income is always greater than net surplus.

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by Reziac (#48197615) Attached to: NASA's HI-SEAS Project Results Suggests a Women-Only Mars Crew

It's a different grade of fighting, tho. Males fight until everyone settles out where they are in the social hierarchy, then it stops; this stable endpoint is disrupted when the goal is always promotion. Kinda like always adding a new male to the mix.

But the root difference is that males fight to secure their own status, while females fight to kill anyone they see as competition. Males beat each other up, then go have a beer. But when females see another female as a rival, it never ends til one is dead. Can't quite get away with murder in the office, but the virtual hairpulling just goes on and on.

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Depends if the job requires physical strength.

My concern would be more along the lines of what I've observed in all-female offices. The social environment is a lot more likely to get ugly for those of lower status than when there's even one male present.

Incidentally this is nothing unique to humans; in most animals, an all-female group fights a lot, but add even one male and things calm down. All-male groups may fight at first but soon find equilibrium. All-female groups never give it up until all the "targets" are dead.

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I note an amazing correlation between the rise in prison population and the 'war on drugs'. I wonder what the graph would look like minus all drug-related sentences.

About half the prisons in California, land of three strikes and tough-on-crime, are private for-profit entities. Draw your own conclusions.

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A damn good example of mechanical vs electronic is the controls for washing machines. Mechanical controls last until they break from fatigue in the metal or plastic, which usually takes 2 or 3 decades of heavy use. Electronic controls, given the damp environment of a washing machine, tend to go bad in just a few years regardless of use level.

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Even if PETA doesn't directly participate in terrorist acts, they do support ALF and the like financially, and have done so consistently and for a long time, and it's not like they don't know what ALF uses the funds for. PETA has also said flat out that in their opinion ALF is not a terrorist group.

So I guess it depends where you draw the line on what qualifies as supporting terrorism. You don't have to be active yourself to cheer them on and help them behind the scenes.

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The main way taxes on consumption are circumvented is through barter.

As to public records, they may be nominally public, but usually not free to view -- at the least you may have to pay for the clerk's time to retrieve them. I recall one locality that charged a $30 flat fee for access to the stacks. In my county, access to public records requires a $38/each fee or a $200/year subscription (otherwise you only get to see a PDF that's often too grainy to read).

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