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+ - Apple installs Safari by default again

Submitted by Thundersnatch
Thundersnatch (671481) writes "It appears that Apple is once again making its Safari 5 web browser and MobileMe software install by default via Apple Software Update on Windows, even if users had previously deselected these options in their preferences. They've been down this road before and faced significant backlash. If Microsoft did something like this people would be calling for a DOJ investigation."

+ - Microsoft making WGA less distruptive

Submitted by Thundersnatch
Thundersnatch (671481) writes "Microsoft seems to be actually listening to customers frustrated by Vista activation issues, and is going to change the behavior of Vista systems that fail activation. Instead of a reduced funcationality mode, Vista will now simply nag the user in various ways. Access to programs and files will not be limited. These changes are coming with the release version of Vista Service Pack 1, which is already in beta test."

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