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Comment: Re:HOME ownership is key (Score 1) 520 520

Even if you are a homeowner, at elast in Belgium, the possibilaty to charge your car are limited. If you live in an appartment, there will be rarely the option of charging the car.

That leaves basically people with a house and a garage or at least driveway. That would be a minority.

Imagine that you had to store your gas for your car at home.

Comment: Re:The short answer is nothing (Score 1) 105 105

If a company wants your name, there is not a lot you can do. I know an individual who owns a two letter domain name. Till now he has refused to sell it.

That said; if a company want to sue you, it will most likely be dealth with on a US based trandemark. If you want to defend it, you will need to have deep pockets to even try and hope your pockets are deeper than those on the other side.

This will mean that you need to risk all that money with an uncertain outcome.

So the best think you can do is register it as a trademark.

Comment: Not really illegal (Score 1) 105 105

If they don't get punisched, it is not realy illegal. It is like those crazy old laws that exists where you can not walk a pig on sunday during a storm.

The laws still exist, but nobody actually will be prosecuted or punnished if they do it. It is just too much of an issue to remove these laws.

Comment: What are YOUR conclusions? (Score 1) 318 318

When I read it, many will say 'robots are unsafe'. I read 'robots are safe, because only NOW does it happen for the first time.'

That said, replace robot with machinery and these kind of things happen all the time. People are where they should not be. People do not follow safety procedures for various reasons. People die.

It is realy nice how it is written in a way that is clearly intended to bring up an idea of a robot willfully and with determination grabbed a person and killed that person. If that were the case, I do not condemn the programmer, I aplaud him for being the first to have made AI a reality.

Comment: Re:Misleading Title (Score 1) 318 318

Replace 'robot' with 'machinery' and it suddenly isn't news at all.

The fact that a robot moves in more directions than e.g. a forging press does not realy matter.
He should not be there while the thing was operational. That means either he giot an ok, while it was not ok to go (By his own or others decision) or somebody turned the machine on, while it should have been off.

The 'robot' is the the 'on the internet' we see with other things. So, indeed as sad as it is, nothing new here,

Comment: This is what I do now, too. (Score 1) 178 178

I state up front that I work on my own terms. I have talent to offer and can solve problems that others often can't, but I place a premium on flexibility and on my own health and family. I am incredibly productive, more than many other employees, but I do not offer *maximum productivity*, i.e. "as much as I am humanly able to produce." Even if it seems that I have more to offer (i.e. I leave at 6:30 when everyone else is still working and Skyping me at 11:30 pm, I travel a only couple of times per year and decline to travel 20 times per year, etc.), I am not willing to give this "more" to the organization—it is for my family and my own personal growth.

And both of the phrases I used are things I've been told—"We have doubts about your how serious you are; we're interested in someone that's more serious about their career" and "We don't doubt that you're highly skilled and productive, your resume and recommendations are stellar, but we're in a competitive industry and we need highly competitive people, and we're not sure you've got that competitive fire in your belly—that you're really going to be one hundred percent invested in the company and its growth."

I have two friends that have been on the serial startup carousel as founders. Both burned out and moved in other directions because they felt it was impossible to actually have a life, be a human being, and get growth and operating capital support from investors. Each startup became their entire lives each time until positive exit, and at some point each said, "I'm not doing this again, I'm losing my own sense of identity and my family."

And if you take that kind of statement out into the public sphere, I'd bet that what others would say is, "Well, they weren't really made to be enterpreneurs, then; they were destined to burn out because it's not the lifestyle for them."

Which is precisely my point—and it sounds like you've seen it, too—there's a prevailing "wisdom" that "real" career builders or "real" enterpreneurs are a particular "type"—the type that gives every . last . drop . of . blood to the company. The rest? They're just not "cut out for it"—they should "do something else."

Of course, if you're not "cut out" for the job market or for enterpreneurship, it's not quite clear what "else" you ought to be doing to earn a living. There are only so many jobs at nonprofits and in government agencies.

It would be better if society were to take a step back and assume the opposite—that everyone is basically loyal, driven, and productive, but in general, a healthy person cannot exist without healthy hours, life balance, and relationships, and if someone is the "type" to be working from 4:00 am until midnight every day of the week, and double that on holidays to pick up the slack, the are probably in need of counseling or personal development, rather than a raise and a promotion. But I suppose that's not how the market works.

Comment: Again proof who they work for (Score 2, Insightful) 197 197

I am talking about the FBI : "When it affects multiple companies and cities, it does become disturbing,"

What I read is "When it happens to citizens, we don't care."

So apperently they cut of the wrong company or the wrong CEO and now they are disturbed. Before that? Meh.

Comment: Re:Holy fuck ... (Score 2) 479 479

Have you been in a coma for 15 years? Let me give ypu a short history lesson:
Some idiots flew into the twin towers on purpose. Afganistan was invaded to kill the terrorrists.
Irak was invaded to kill the same terrorists, but it was really about weapons of mass distruction, but actually about oil.
We have always been at war with Terrorism.
For our own safety; subpoenas do not excist anymore.
War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.

Gosh that takes me back... or is it forward? That's the trouble with time travel, you never can tell." -- Doctor Who, "Androids of Tara"