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Comment: mono = yay (Score 1) 100

by TheSpinningBrain (#36807230) Attached to: Attachmate Does the Right Thing For Mono
Xamarin supporting Attachmate's Mono stuff means a lot to me, as a developer. I work for a company that does a lot of Mono-based consulting. This is going to sound like advertising, but having Mono for Android and MonoTouch makes life as a mobile developer easy. For example, my coworkers have been working on an iPhone application for a client using MonoTouch, using MonoTouch.Dialog. The client wanted a dual launch with an Android app, and since we were using all Mono-based projects in an MVC pattern, all we had to do was rewrite the UI for Android. Most of the screens had a lot code that could be reused with MonoDroid.Dialog. That means that even though the iPhone project started two months before the Android one, it only took one month to catch up to iPhone. That's two months that I spent utilizing my time towards other clients, and two months that we didn't have to bill to this client. When I punch those numbers into my calculator, it makes a happy face.

Measuring the Speed of Light With Valentine's Day Chocolate 126

Posted by samzenpus
from the speed-of-the-sound-of-loneliness dept.
Cytotoxic writes "What to do with all of those leftover Valentine's Day chocolates? — a common problem for the Slashdot crowd. The folks over at Wired magazine have an answer for you in a nice article showing how to measure the speed of light with a microwave and some chocolate. A simple yet surprisingly accurate method that can be used to introduce the scientific method to children and others in need of a scientific education."

Comment: Terrible super bowl ads... (Score 1) 315

by aceofspades1217 (#31058918) Attached to: Google Airs Super Bowl Ad

The super bowl ads this year were horrible. I remember like 2 years ago the Super Bowl ads were these insane ads in which were hilarious and had great actors in them. This year they weren't much better than normal ads.

The Google ad however really stood out. Heck it even made me feel emotional.

I welcome our new Google overlords!

Comment: Re:A comment (Score 1) 220

by DiamondGeezer (#30959254) Attached to: Video Review of Hivision's $100 ARM-Based Android Laptop
So what? I've got a 64MB Toshiba Portege that runs Win98 and DSL. What is it useful for? I gave the thing to my 6 year old so that she can run TuxPaint.

Yes its cheap. No it doesn't do anything much useful.

At best its a thin client for Google's online software. Its not a supercomputer because it doesn't do anything that a supercomputer would do.

Comment: Re:Agile Software Development and Planning (Score 2, Informative) 168

by TheSpinningBrain (#27673907) Attached to: Project Management For Beginners?

'Agile' is a class of software methodologies. A popular Agile methodology is called Scrum. An excellent resource on how to conduct a Scrum shop is 'Agile Project Management with Scrum,' by Ken Schwaber. A good place to get started is

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