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Comment Niche Journalism is better done by reddit now. (Score 4, Interesting) 311

I have been following the Syrian Civil War and reading is about the best there is. It's got a lot better content than anything they write in the New York Times or any other mainstream news. It's basically the perfect news feed: Lots of different opinions from all sides. Occasional analysis, minute by minute updates, etc. I can't imagine how a newspaper could do a better job.

Comment More Great Blowing Sound (Score 1) 162

Ross Perot's "Great Sucking Sound" in reverse is starting to show up everywhere as the trillions we printed and sent out the trade deficit to China and elsewhere over the last 20 years is now boomeranging back into any possible hard asset class that isn't nailed down. Same goes for bay area real estate. Hopefully the money won't be excessively dumb.

Comment I have tape over my video camera (Score 2) 62

I have a little inconspicuous black piece of electrical tape over my webcam. I take it off whenever I need to video conference, which is not very often. I just don't get why they don't put a small manual shutter over the webcam on laptops. I guess grandma wouldn't figure out how to operate it or something.

Comment Meanwhilie is Russia, GMOs are banned - Seriously! (Score 2) 446

Putin just states that GMOs will be forbidden in Russia. This is not even a joke:

We will now be witness to a very large controlled experiment.

I have all ready arranged an explanation for you guys when Russia shows lower rates of disease X and scientists proclaim the "Russia Paradox":

1. There is better disease reporting in the west.
2. Russian statistics are doctored by corrupt officials.
3. Moderate vodka consumption has health benefits.

Comment Computer AI, the ultimate in plausible deniability (Score 1) 230

In the future, whenever anything bad happens, people will ascribe it to the actions of a rogue AI. This will be great for corporate and government plausible deniability because they could program the computer to do exactly what it did but they'll just say that AI is too powerful and too complex for it to be controllable by us mere humans and we just have to live with the occasional bad outcomes. The high-frequency trading industry already tries to slide by with this excuse saying their market manipulations are too complicated for regulators to understand and are the results of emergent behavior of their algorithms.

Comment unexpected positives? (Score 1) 615

If I was living in some remote rural town, say in southeast Utah that was 100 miles from the nearest Walmart and suddenly they start offering free delivery via self driving car on everything in the store, I think that would be kind of cool.

What about having a self driving camper with satellite wifi? You could sit in the back and do your digital nomad thing while the self driving car figured everything else and drove you all sorts of cool places.

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