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Comment: Computer AI, the ultimate in plausible deniability (Score 1) 221 221

In the future, whenever anything bad happens, people will ascribe it to the actions of a rogue AI. This will be great for corporate and government plausible deniability because they could program the computer to do exactly what it did but they'll just say that AI is too powerful and too complex for it to be controllable by us mere humans and we just have to live with the occasional bad outcomes. The high-frequency trading industry already tries to slide by with this excuse saying their market manipulations are too complicated for regulators to understand and are the results of emergent behavior of their algorithms.

Comment: unexpected positives? (Score 1) 615 615

If I was living in some remote rural town, say in southeast Utah that was 100 miles from the nearest Walmart and suddenly they start offering free delivery via self driving car on everything in the store, I think that would be kind of cool.

What about having a self driving camper with satellite wifi? You could sit in the back and do your digital nomad thing while the self driving car figured everything else and drove you all sorts of cool places.

Comment: Just use Lyft Line (Score 1) 155 155

I have been taking Lyft "Line" around and it's sweet.. They take you just about anywhere for $5. Yes, you have to stop and pick someone else up or drop them off usually but it's so damned cheap! This is one of those too good to be true things that will only last till the end of the tech bubble. Reminds me of getting to deliver a snickers bar to your door during the last bubble.

Comment: Re:Not sure what they're looking at? (Score 2) 161 161

Performance hasn't increased that much over the last couple of years. Mainly power consumption and die size decreased and GPUs have been integrated, most laptops come with SSDs, but other than that things just aren't that much faster. It's not like the late 90s where you went from a Pentium 66mhz to 3ghz in practically no time.

Comment: The human mind is not a turing machine (Score 1) 335 335

What causes the emotion of happiness? Serotonin? Dopamine? Endorphins? But what do these chemicals do except trigger receptor sites or cause further chemical reactions. What is being modulated to create that emotion? Is it an EEG pattern in the brain perhaps that modulates something else? The experience of consciousness is still a mystery...

Comment: Re:Usability is THE killer feature that Linux need (Score 1) 209 209

It seems like Chrome OS already won the usability contest and has had significant commercial success. It's funny because Chrome OS is so easy to use and polished that even techies assume it's not linux. Just flip a switch though and you've got a bash shell and you can install an Ubuntu system on top of it.

Here's an example of a guy easily turning these $199 chrome books into ubuntu based coding machines:

Comment: Somebody needs to make a new 1984 commercial.. (Score 3, Insightful) 126 126

30 years after the original 1984 commercial the rebels have been co-opted and are now partnering with big brother. That would make a great commercial: "2014". You could have the olympian women up on the screen and everything's colorful and everyone has prettier outfits but they're all still obedient slaves.

Comment: Rich People and Population Control (Score 1) 302 302

It seems like if there's one issue that rich people all over the world are throughly obsessed with, it's population control. It's all wrapped up with the future being dominated by visions of eco-doom (e.g Global Warming/Overpopulation/Peak Oil). Nobody can see a different future. It's pathetic.

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