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Comment Re:rubbish (Score 1) 164

Whoa there buddy. Maybe you should see a nice psychiatrist or perhaps a bartender.

This is SLASHDOT (says so right on the top).

Nobody needs real psychiatrists any more. Using some robotics components and a 3D printer you can easily print your own psychiatrist at home these days.
Now the bartender.... that is a completely different story.

Comment Re:No mention on capacity though (Score 1) 395

And note that I won't call you an idiot, just because you are wrong.

No, but you'd be totally entitled to call him an idiot for calling other people idiots while being wrong himself.

Yeah, I was trying to set some kind of positive precedence.Guess I forgot where I was, Sorry. :-/

Comment Re:Does that mean they'll get to vote? (Score 1) 385

If chimps are people, will they be able to vote? Hold political office? Cue the jokes.

I don't think that they would necessary need to be declared legally competent persons, just because they were given personhood status. That being said, I think I agree with those who say that perhaps we need a new classification instead.

Comment Re:Lots of cheap carbon stuff (Score 1) 652

While I largely agree with the point of your post, I think that in context of global warming it would be even better to look at CO2 emission/ capita. It doesn't change things around all that much, but treats countries like Iceland a bit better as they use mainly renewable energy sources.

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