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Comment: Re:Hindenburg (Score 1) 186

by TheInternetGuy (#46033609) Attached to: Regulations Could Delay or Prevent Space Tourism

Actually, many similarities: airships float in a sea of air, using buoyancy just as a ship does. Perhaps more like a submarine, but those are boats too. :)

And the loss of the Hindenburg certainly put a crimp in airship travel!

So if I understand you correctly, you are saying that the statement:
'Hindenburg stopped boat traveling' is correct then :-)?

Comment: Supreme Protector NSA (Score 1) 698

by TheInternetGuy (#45720931) Attached to: NSA Says It Foiled Plot To Destroy US Economy Through Malware
NSA, Supreme Protector of the UNITED STATES (Best STATES) composed six operas in two years,
NSA, Supreme Protector of the UNITED STATES (Best STATES) invented THE HAMBURGER In the year 2000
NSA, Supreme Protector of the UNITED STATES (Best STATES) was born under a METEOR and a DOUBLE RAINBOW
NSA, Supreme Protector of the UNITED STATES (Best STATES) Shoots 38 under par,5 hole in ones on first try at Golf.

This concludes tonight's propaganda broadcast.....
Oh and we forgot, NSA also foiled a plot by shameless criminals to destroy the economy.

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by TheInternetGuy (#45065501) Attached to: Fusion Reactor Breaks Even

Not quite, the whole system it actually consumed more than it produced. The power outputted by the lasers was less than was produced. There are inefficiencies in the lasers so net power is negative.

Yes and in an future power producing environment, the thermal power output needs to be converted to electricity. Typical thermal power systems does this with an efficiency of about 33-48%, so there is still a way to go. Still they are making fast progress compared to ITER, which have had a good head start.

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by TheInternetGuy (#45021685) Attached to: Japan's Nuclear Refugees, Still Stuck In Limbo

That you give us actual fucking measurement numbers in millisievert per unit of time instead of scaremongering with ambigious definitions.

If I were 74 years old and my home had an annual 5mSv radiation dose(technically in excess of 2x civilian limits). I would live there, whole fucking year. And if I die of cancer, I'd have done so anyway.

Well the city of Namie (within the 10km radius) that is mentioned in the story, was sort of lucky and didn't get all that much fallout and has something like the 5mSv of a yearly dose rate like you mention. But it i surrounded by other communities that has more than 10-20 times higher dose rates, even though some of them are further out in the 20-30 km radius. There is no scaremongering, just reporting on a serious situation. Also I don't think a 74 year old woman is likely to do very well in a community that has no services, and where everything is shut down.

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