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Comment Re:Not everyone is an Apple whore (Score 1) 532 532

History is not going to say that the Apple TV was the first step in a new direction. History is not going to remember the Apple TV (except perhaps on lists of failed Apple products).

Tthe dicknose I was replying to was acting like because people said the iPod and the iPhone would fade into obscurity and they didn't, that since people were saying the iPad would fade into obscurity he could safely conclude that the iPad would not either. The fucking Apple TV will fade into obscurity and be forgotten to history. Your post seems to imply that the Apple TV didn't get it right so you recognize that the Apple TV isn't the kind of product like the iPod and iPhone that have made a huge impact. Thus, since you recognize this, it's obvious that you just wanted to link to in an attempt to demonstrate something rather than just read the fucking flow of conversation and understand it. In short, you're a fucking asshole. Go eat a bag full of dicks.

Comment Re:More than that. (Score 1) 461 461

Excellent post. After that rootkit business, I swore off Sony products forever. I also try to avoid paying money to see films created by any of their subsidiary companies, which is difficult given how many studios they own.

Oh - you also forgot their lawsuit against

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