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Comment: Re:HP LaserJet 4M+ (Score 1) 667

by hurfy (#46789987) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Tech Products Were Built To Last?

I still have a 4L running at home. Attached to win7 machine with a USB-to-parallel cable even tho I didn't expect that to actually work ;) It randomly spits out some garbage but I just let it run out of paper til I need it again.

The 4M+ above is very similar to the Laserjet 5 I still use in the office. 16 years and 774150 pages so far...... that sounds pretty long-lasting and hard-working :)

We used our Wang minicomputer for 16 years before upgrading Y2K (computer was ok, software was an unknown). Pretty sure it still works, i just don't have enough power in my den to check since the hard drive alone wants 1975 watts!

The 386 we used at that time also works fine and can read and write (add Epson FX printer to printers above!) barcodes still.

Comment: Re:Yeah, but it just isn't the same for some of us (Score 1) 268

by hurfy (#46424439) Attached to: It's True: Some People Just Don't Like Music

Both perhaps.
HArd to believe the big boys would be that bad. Went to Kiss concert and I wanted to knock the guy off the soundboard for the warmup band...sooner or later I'd have found the volume control for lead vocals myself..he sure couldn't seem to find it. Kiss themselves sounded ok comment on the tech that effed up the video displays tho.

Can we assume these un-music people never get a song stuck in their head ?!?

Comment: Re:Office 2003 works (Score 1) 860

by hurfy (#46414291) Attached to: Microsoft's Attempt To Convert Users From Windows XP Backfires

lol, baby steps...

WinXP and Office 97 at home. One function in Excel 2003 added an extra keystroke to a command I use 100's of times. I stopped looking at new ones after that. Keeping an XP box just for this as I don't consider adding a few hundred keystrokes to a process to be an 'upgrade'! OK, actually I am not buying a new 2nd computer because it simply works fine for what it is for. My main at home is Win7 for gaming since there are some that require it and it was time.

I wonder if there is a more evil encouragement under the radar as more and more sites actually break XP/IE, usually for not apparent reason.

Sigh, In 30 years I've gone from cutting edge to near-luddite as any 'progress' seems to have stopped halfway here. Things rarely seem to get better now, just different. And it seems the newer the device the shorter the lifespan. I just replaced a DTV convertor box (4 yr?) before the TV (16 yr).

Comment: ok, I'll bite (Score 1) 445

by hurfy (#46308109) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Do You Manage Your Passwords?


Once I got past the post-it level many years ago I put them all in a notebook but not too obvious or near computer. Afterall, the daily ones are memorized.

Actually 2 notebooks as I copied it all for a copy at home and work. The new passwords go on a page in the front and that gets copied to take and enter in the opposing book to keep them reasonably sync'd. If it is new enough that it is not in the other book I probably remember it still :)

Comment: Poor and XP (Score 1) 259

by hurfy (#46306915) Attached to: Is Google Making the Digital Divide Worse?

Perhaps the problem is that poor people couldn't order it until they can spring for a new computer !!!

That pricing page locked up XP/IE8. Not even the usual reload and/or error, just stuck. Getting them to spring for a new computer AND new internet service might be too much. Exactly what new groundbreaking tech is required to display a price list?

Guess I'll have to find my login here so I can use chrome, tried as AC and

Comment: very well done (Score 1) 128

by hurfy (#46281103) Attached to: Kicktaxing: The Crazy Complexity of Paying Tax Correctly On Crowdfunding

Good stuff, don't listen to the losers ;)

Just a random thought

Has anyone done a Kickstarter in Idaho? I wonder how you would get around the tax issues there.
"(One more tip: my accountant says that Washington State requires that I inform customers that sales tax will either be included or added to purchases. Kickstarter doesn’t let you automatically surcharge sales tax, which varies by delivery ZIP code, in any case. I chose to include it. Other states may also have this requirement.)"

You are not allowed to include the tax in ID! Retailers can't do 'we pay the sales tax" sales there either.

I had to kludge our accounting system to deal with ID and WA sales tax (plus lack of OR) at the same time in the medical field which has even more exemptions than normal. Some items are taxed depending on WHO (vet vs dr) you sell it to as well as where! Half the items are only taxed in one state but not the SAME state. Ended up with a 1000 line tax code file :( On top of that one of our big customers was the state of Wa who determines what tax to pay (not Olympia nor our rate!?!) on which items no matter what you bill. We survived an audit with a zero bill :)

oops, more than i planned. Was just supposed to be an attaboy ;)

Comment: Re:Give Me Mod Points Slashdot, I fight for the Us (Score 1) 367

by hurfy (#46214243) Attached to: EA's <em>Dungeon Keeper</em> Ratings Below a 5 Go To Email Black Hole

I wasn't gonna hop in anymore bitch threads...but...

Would you guys saying it isn't too bad please expand on OS and browser choices when you say that.

Obviously, you not stuck on XP/IE8. I'd like to see what I can get by with and see if it is doable here at work.
I can't even read the 1st three articles, the others are 2 pages each just for a pic and summary and there are NO menu buttons.

It is faster however. Good thing if you have to scroll 4 times as much. Current one is a dog to scroll and type comments(quit refreshing in the middle of a sentence) on an underpowered XP rig. Pretty much the only site that is this slow. Something they did last? year really choked it.
It is however completely unuseable for me atm.

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