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Comment: 50% call reduction (Score 1) 125

by hurfy (#47486527) Attached to: FTC To Trap Robocallers With Open Source Software

Cage match between Rachel from Cardholder Services and Sharron my Google Specialist, Only one gets out of the cage alive!

Sorry if I actually know anyone named Sharon...I rarely get past "This is Sharron " anymore :/

The MS scammers are sure getting lazy lately. Can't even check the area codes they are calling...even Grandma would find it unlikely MS would call at 6:45am!

Comment: LOL timing is everything (Score 1) 277

by hurfy (#47471571) Attached to: Sony Forgets To Pay For Domain, Hilarity Ensues

I went to a training session for our new $50k accounting system. They had forgotten to renew their own license for the training classroom. Took an extra hour to get their tech in there to get it fixed. Yup, should have got up and went home at that point.


We bought it cause it was industry specific (well focused at least) and by a small company that only did this for 20 years. Next year they are bought by a national company and instead of being 1 of 200 customers now we were 1 of 20000 on a minor product. Not exactly the same experience :/ Naturally, followed a couple years later by a purchase from a multinational software company :(

Comment: Re:LoL... (Score 5, Insightful) 278

by hurfy (#47435091) Attached to: William Binney: NSA Records and Stores 80% of All US Audio Calls

Try attacking it the other way.

If they AREN'T recording everything then why such big data centers? Metadata on every US call for the year would fit on a few dozen HDs max probably much less.

Raw data takes very little space with no media components involved. We ran 10 years worth of billing info on one 14MB drive platter in the 80-90's.

Comment: tough one (Score 2) 427

by hurfy (#47319715) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Would It Take For You To Buy a Smartwatch?

Probably not good I had to think so hard to come up with just one answer.

Universal remote control

I can't find a pro that would overcome the cons. The only thing I'll use a smartphone (when I get around to one) is a better camera, it could do remote Credit Card transactions for 10 days a year(meh), and it could monitor the office security system. I can't see anything about a smartwatch to compensate for the losses.

The poor call quality and battery life have so far kept me from even getting the smartphone yet. No way is a watch going to help either of those, so really, none.

Comment: Re:You're not thinking like a CEO... (Score 1) 289

Something like this would be cool. I was just talking to someone about buying a washing machine and many have a 1 year warranty. Not much faith in the product is what I see :( I have a 40 year old washer to replace, seriously considering repair and cleaning even tho it isn't any cheaper to do so and is less efficient UNLESS the new one ends up at the recycler in a few years. That seems a lot worse than a few extra gallons of water here and there.

Comment: Re:Wow! I'm impressed... (Score 1) 85

by hurfy (#47249483) Attached to: Shawn Raymond's Tandem Bike is Shorter Than Yours (Video)

At least until one hits a pothole with those little wheels and he discovers that extended handlebar post :O

Cute idea. Him saying 1st utility patent on a bike in 100 years or however he phrased sounded cheeky and turned me off.
$850 makes it very uncute tho, no wonder no one was interested in 'investing' last time.

Comment: Re:Imprint is still allowed? (Score 1) 142

nope, we still use one for two weeks at the fairgrounds. No, I don't want to buy a smartphone and a data plan for 10 days a year. If you can't manage to not lose a handful of reciepts how the heck would a business deal with cash?

I imagine they figured the loses from bad cards were acceptable given the circumstances. I can't see them imprinting and immediately running the card. In that case a dial-up swipe terminal makes more sense.

They probably aren't processing the cards at all yet. Otherwise they key them into a dial-up terminal, in which case swipe makes more sense, or key them into the insecure system by hand??? Little tougher on the cash flow but few people get upset if not billed right now ;)

The local grocery stores brought in a dial-up swipe terminal when they had the same issue. You only had one lane at the customer service counter for cards for a week!

Comment: Re:We haven't looked long and hard enough (Score 1) 686

by hurfy (#47218423) Attached to: Aliens and the Fermi Paradox

What if there ARE 100's of millions of civilizations advanced as us?

Wouldn't that sound an awful lot like background noise?

Perhaps no one else has cable TV and all 200 channels in each country are OTA and there are 200 billion signals floating around ;O
Perhaps think SETI is simply overmatched unless someone targets us and that signal would still be inroute most likely.

Comment: Re:Competition Sucks (Score 2) 507

by hurfy (#47215975) Attached to: Uber Demonstrations Snarl Traffic In London, Madrid, Berlin

As opposed to getting hit by john on his way home with the minimum required insurance. That's a whole 10k for property damage and $25k medical in my state. Which has been the same for quite some time. The numbers seem a little outdated to say the least. Anything past a bent bumper and broken arm and you probably have to sue him anyway :(

Something seems a bit shady with them but it probably isn't the insurance issues. Of course the taxi business seems a bit odd on its own when they only allow X number or Y company to wait at the airport. Waiting 20 min for a taxi to show up at the airport was rather retarded.

Rather doubtful any pay all the right taxes to all the right places, try that route.

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