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Comment Re:So, Gamestop has agreed to EULA? (Score 1) 343

That leaves you responsible only for the default copyright terms.

Of course, it would cost you plenty to actually get such a ruling IF you could find a court that doesn't just go through the motions.

The default terms for copyright are: You can't copy my shit without my permission. If you agree to the EULA, the vendor relaxes those terms to let you copy your game into computer memory and 'play' it.

Comment Re:This wouldn't be a big deal except (Score 1) 560

Someone I know legally changed their name to be their online pseudonym and when they posted the documentation to show off they blacked out their old name while boasting about how they beat google. This lead me to conclude they don't actually understand the legal ramifications of what they have done.

Comment Re:This is tech news? (Score 1) 608

After 9/11 all of the US government agencies pointed at each other and said 'we could have stopped it if we had that piece of info over there' while pointing at all the other agencies.

So the solution was to put everything on a giant intranet so everyone could see everything.

Not such a good idea, really.

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