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Submission + - Microsoft vs. OpenOffice.org file compatibility. (lineone.net) 4

TangoCharlie writes: "Since OpenOffice.org first released a free suite of office applications, I have been trying to get the various organisations to switch away from Microsoft Office. The argument against using OpenOffice.org has always been that it isn't 100% Microsoft Office compatible. However, it has been several years since Microsoft released Office 2007, and invariably if I send someone an docx or xlsx file they email back to me and ask me to send it in Office97-2003 format. My somewhat rhetorical question is, which Office suite now boasts the best "compatibility"? MS Office or OpenOffice.org?"
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Submission + - Macworld SF 2009 starts. MacRumorsLive hacked?

TangoCharlie writes: The Macworld San Francisco 2009 keynote has started and coverage
is at MacosRumors (http://www.macrumorslive.com/).

However, they (http://www.macrumorslive.com) appear to have got themselves hacked.

Oh well.

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