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Comment Microsoft killed .Net. (Score 4, Interesting) 250

Microsoft sealed the fate of .Net by not choosing it as the basis for Windows 8.x and the metro UI. That indicated that Microsoft no longer sees .Net as the next gen framework for Windows, .Net has, of course, done its job. Which was to kill Java. Which, for desktop applications, it has.

As a Windows developer, it leaves me with somewhat of a dilemma. Which framework is the way forward on the Windows platform? It's not MFC, nor Silverlight. Is it .Net? Is it Metro?

Comment BBC News does this all the time. (Score 5, Interesting) 125

The BBC news website, and App has a regular piece reporting what the papers are reporting, and shows photographs of the front pages of all the big UK papers. The review of 'tomorrow's papers is also a regular feature on one of the late news programmes broadcast on the BBC.

The Times, yet again, demonstrates just how poor its journalism is, by trying to use the DMCA to remove any criticism of the paper.

Comment Re: Dell, HP, Panasonic (Score 1) 417

People used to say that about IBM.

I know IBM is still a huge company, but they don't sell PC's any more. "So what about Lenovo?" I hear you say?! But, that's the point. The PC business is changeling. The question isn't who's got "business staying power", but who's got the ability to change with the changeling demands of the market?

Comment Re: Esoteric material? (Score 1) 329

I have a BT Mobile Broadband dongle. I have found that BT blocks searching the Internet Archive www.archive.org. I'm guessing that the BT anti-porn filter is simply based on the domain, and can't "see" the page. Try searching for www.bt.com on the Internet Archive! I think the UK ISP porn filters are likely to cause significant issues.

Comment Re:"Town of Norwich" (Score 1) 174

Isn't it rather strange that the other town (which is presumably smaller than Norwich) isn't actually mentioned? It just says in Norfolk. Anyone reading this post might assume that Norfolk is a small town, near the (slightly) larger town of Norwich.

I think Delia Smith might have something to say about this!!

So, let's get some facts straight: Norfolk is a county. Big place. Famous for it's water-ways which are called "The Norfolk Broads". Norwich is a city. Famous for Coleman's, a brand of sauces (especially mustard), and, of course, the Norwich City Football Club (a soccer team), which just happens to be owed by Delia Smith, a famous TV chef, and next-in-line to the Throne (if all the Royals get nuked). OK, I made that last bit up!

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