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Comment: Re: Esoteric material? (Score 1) 329

by TangoCharlie (#44408201) Attached to: UK ISP Filter Will Censor More Than Porn

I have a BT Mobile Broadband dongle. I have found that BT blocks searching the Internet Archive www.archive.org. I'm guessing that the BT anti-porn filter is simply based on the domain, and can't "see" the page. Try searching for www.bt.com on the Internet Archive! I think the UK ISP porn filters are likely to cause significant issues.

Comment: Re:"Town of Norwich" (Score 1) 174

by TangoCharlie (#42933489) Attached to: UK Apple Shop Forced To Change Its Name

Isn't it rather strange that the other town (which is presumably smaller than Norwich) isn't actually mentioned? It just says in Norfolk. Anyone reading this post might assume that Norfolk is a small town, near the (slightly) larger town of Norwich.

I think Delia Smith might have something to say about this!!

So, let's get some facts straight: Norfolk is a county. Big place. Famous for it's water-ways which are called "The Norfolk Broads". Norwich is a city. Famous for Coleman's, a brand of sauces (especially mustard), and, of course, the Norwich City Football Club (a soccer team), which just happens to be owed by Delia Smith, a famous TV chef, and next-in-line to the Throne (if all the Royals get nuked). OK, I made that last bit up!

Comment: Re:Isn't good work better than fast work? (Score 1) 223

by TangoCharlie (#42880863) Attached to: What EMC Looks For When It's Hiring

Yes. You're right. Good is better much than fast.

However, that might explain why my (EMC) Iomega StoreCenter ix12 300r is such a useless PoS. The hardware seems reliable enough, but the software just doesn't work. It's coming out of the rack next month, because the 2U space is more important than this 'server'.

Comment: Re:No longer SCO (Score 2) 190

by TangoCharlie (#40915729) Attached to: SCO Group Files For Chapter 7

I like the comment on this page which says "UnXis's award-winning Global Services offer a complete portfolio[...]". Which "Awards" exactly? Buying the remains of SCO probably $600k down-the-drain. I also note on the The OpenGroup's website (the owners of UNIX), that they (TheOpenGroup) own the trademark UNIXWARE. So what do UnXi actually own? A few hundred thousand lines of unmanageable and out of date code? Seriously guys, Unixware and OpenServer are deader than a dead thing with dead dangly bits.


10 Oddly Useful Specialty Web Browsers 72

Posted by timothy
from the pornovation dept.
snydeq writes "InfoWorld's Peter Wayner looks beyond Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and IE to uncover 10 alternative browsers that offer specialized advantages for 3-D searching, social networking, easy scriptability, powerful page manipulation, and the like. Each provides a targeted browsing environment, enabling users to browse Web tables into spreadsheets, browse leaner, browser in text, browse socially, browse musically, or browse smarter on the Mac. 'A purist might object that these hybrids are not much different from a standard browser with extra plug-ins. There's some truth to this, but not always — some of the unique capabilities can only be done deep inside the software. In any case, the job of parsing the terms and creating an exact definition of the Web browser isn't as much fun as embracing the idea that there are dozens of alternatives.'"

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