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by Talonius (#47378069) Attached to: Facebook Fallout, Facts and Frenzy

Testify! As was said before on /. change your information to nonsense and leave. Afterthought Look up the British journalist whose photo was used for a prostitution service she objected and was told because the advertisers liked her photo they could use it and there was nothing she could do about it.

I Google'd "British Journalist Facebook Photo" and received zero valid results relating to what you describe. Do you have a more direct link, or a name?

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by Talonius (#43658083) Attached to: Facebook To Introduce Video Ads

Oh, we're sorry. You haven't NOTICED the text and graphical based ads here. Since we know that can't be because you have no interest, we wanted to make it easier for you to see our advertising!

Reminds me of the project managers where I work. "Oh, reality? Fuck that, we warp it to what we think it should be!"

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The problem with the pump for me is that the reservoir isn't large enough. As a Type-1 insulin resistant diabetic of almost 30 years I currently take 250u of Apidra insulin a day, along with 85u of Lantus. When on the pump with Apidra insulin forming the baseline it comes out to 325u of Apidra a day. That's a single reservoir, meaning I'd be changing my kit every day - and that's something my insurance company won't pay for and is really a pain in the ass.

And concentrated humulin R insulin does absolutely nothing for me.

And before you scream "eat less" -- if I eat a peanut butter and sugar-free jelly sandwich (two slices of white FKA known as "Wonder" bread, a tablespoon of peanut butter and a table spoon of jelly) I have to take 50u of insulin to maintain my blood sugar.

(Boy, us type 1s sure are defensive about being told how to care for our disease, heh.)

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by Talonius (#40328813) Attached to: Online Activities To Be Recorded By UK ISPs

See the "people are too stupid to run a democracy" study published a few months back.

Really, here in the US, there's no benefit to doing the right thing - or anything. You'll get lambasted from both sides no matter what choice you make. Objective political reporting is dead, if it ever existed. Satisfying the donors and behind the scenes manipulators is about the only approval you can expect.

And that's our (the voting public's) fault. We have become unwilling to compromise and negotiate and instead we prefer highly publicized stand offs over minute issues while our paid taxes slowly swirl down the drain.

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I don't see how having access to everything done by everyone in a nation will help them. Information overload. If they're using it to fight crime, the crime has to occur first. And the potential privacy implications of such a database as well as the identity theft/blackmail potential is simply unreasonable as a counterweight to the gains.

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by Talonius (#39320383) Attached to: <em>Battleheart</em> Developer Drops Android As 'Unsustainable'

I don't get this argument that Android users don't buy apps. Perhaps I'm the minority.

On my phone right now are: Anomaly HD (which if you don't have, get!), Armored II, Bloons TD 4, Settlers of Catan, Dead Space, Dungeon Village, Epic Astro Story, Fieldrunners, Fruit Ninja, Great Little War Game, Gurk and Gurk II, HexDefense, Homerun Battle, Jelly Defense, Majesty and the Frozen North expansion, Monopoly, Myth Defense (and all expansion maps), Pocket League Story, Quell, Quell Reflect, Retro Defense, Robo Defense, Sentinel 3, SpaceStation, Townsmen 6, UNO, World of Goo, Zombie Defense, Zombieville. Not installed (but purchased through the market) are Age of Zombies, Baseball Superstars 2011, Bejeweled 2 (which EA says doesn't work on ICS but works fine), Cell Wars, Heavy Gunner 3D, Reckless Getaway, Simcity Deluxe, Spirit HD, Star Armada RTS, Super KO Boxing 2, Tetris, The Sims 3, Tower Raiders GOLD, Towers Raiders 2 GOLD, and Train Conductor 2: USA.

I've also bought apps from Amazon but since I can't separate what I've bought from what I've obtained through their free app of the day program, I won't list them.

Even the games that I've spent $4.99 for (Anomaly HD) are well worth the money, especially when compared with the massive disappointment that Mass Effect 3 was at $79.99. (Actually, to clarify, ME3 was a good game with a fucking incredibly horrible, pointless ending, and is the first ME game I have no desire to replay whatosever.)

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Buy an HTC phone. They allow you to unlock them - officially - and install any ROM you want on them. In return you give up support. The same choice that was made previously, but you had to break the law to achieve.

I have an HTC Sensation 4G (T-Mobile) and I cannot stress how much I love this phone. It's already running ICS despite the T-Mobile official upgrade being available, and if I want a different feature set xda-developers has almost every choice I could want, including how to cook my own from the Android source.

Comment: At least it's in no trouble of dying... (Score 0) 398

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...unlike C# which Microsoft seems to enjoy having confusion surround (see the HTML/JavaScript fiasco) or Java, which Oracle seems intent on bringing confusion, branding, and licensing to, C++ has managed to evolve for how many years now? Under a committee of people no less?

Say what you will but I've recently decided to go back to my roots and work in C and C++ just for that reason -- there's never a loud outcry that the languages will die a horrible death or go anywhere. In a world of uncertainties I'm tired of having to wonder what language I'll need to master next.

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The last time I flew was when they confiscated my entire collection of medicine: 3 bottles of insulin (I traveled at the time for weeks at a time, sometimes two flights a day), Lithium, Zoloft, syringes, my glucometer, Adderall, and some Xanax. It came out to about $1,500.00 worth of meds. When I objected, they cavity searched me because I was "acting suspiciously". When they were done and I threatened them with a lawsuit, they told me they could put me away in jail for so long that no one would ever hear from me again and to "shut up and get on my plane."

Was the last time I flew. The TSA can bite my ass, and if one ever tries to search my car (which they claim they can do as well; I'm too lazy to look up the link) while I'm driving it without a warrant, he'll regret it. I drive everywhere now - drove from St. Louis to Seattle for a conference. I trust no one. All of you have these pretty arguments about rights and whatnot; the shit that happened to me isn't going to happen again, and it isn't going to happen to my children. That's not a right. That's a goddamned guarantee from me.

Comment: This really irritates me... not because I buy... (Score 1) 134

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used products but as someone who has multiple XBL accounts in the house. I'm not paying the publishers extra money just because my son, my daughter and I like to have separate achievements. Figured this out when I went to play the latest NFS... worse, I own it on my PC but there's no way to go, "Hey, I own two copies of this, let me play!"

Fuck the people who do this. The games are already shoddy pieces of crap which are unimaginative, buggy, and overpriced - now you want more? I'll just stop buying - for me, my son, my daughter, my wife. 4 consumers, lost. See you on the flip side, suckers.

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Thank you for recognizing the difference. I'm tired of having people tell me that "if you weren't so fat you wouldn't have diabetes." Sorry -- I've been a Type 1 diabetic for 28 years. The obesity is a partial side effect of the large amount of insulin I take, itself a side effect of insulin resistance, which is a side affect of my lengthy history of it.

Type 1 diabetes is believed to usually develop because of an auto immune disorder... making it genetic rather than a failure to maintain physical fitness.

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