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Comment: Re:Number includes marketing budget (Score 5, Insightful) 111

by Necreia (#47004179) Attached to: Game Industry Fights Rising Development Costs

Ridiculous summary with regards to the $500 million dollar figure. It includes the development AND MARKETING budgets!

Basically this. Destiny spent an estimate $360 million in Marketing and $140 million in Development, which is over a 2:1 ratio. CoD2:Modern Warfare 2 has a respective $150:$50 million or 3:1 split (Source). When game companies are spending a small relative fraction on the actual development, there's a problem.

Comment: Possibly the wrong approach (Score 1) 704

by Necreia (#46547625) Attached to: Getting Misogyny, Racism and Homophobia Out of Gaming

While I applaud the idea, it's as unrealistic as "Getting Misogyny, Racism and Homophobia out of the Internet" or "Getting Misogyny, Racism and Homophobia out of books".
Games are not like TV Shows, in that there is not a single channel in which consumers get it (like TV Stations). A single person can make a game that becomes popular with tens or hundreds of thousands of people. Combine this with the fact that one group can find content as offensive (She's has a character flaw... misogyny!) while another of the same group can find the alternative equally offensive (All the females in this game are one-dimensional... misogyny!).
I also don't see how creativity will flow if all content needs to be impossibly 'appropriate' for all people. For big companies, it's self-correcting anyway: If it's offensive to too many people, the game won't be successful... so at least big companies have interest to make games that sell on the mass market.

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by Necreia (#40092179) Attached to: ITC Judge Calls For US Xbox Import Ban

Seriously, why would anyone play games on a console anymore? You can do so much more to your games on the PC.

That wasn't directed at me, but here are my reasons:
1) I don't want to have to dual boot so that I can play AAA games. It saves me a Windows license, the hard drive space, the annoyance of multi-booting, etc.
2) Being able to just sit down on the couch with a beer, pop in a game, and play it lounging back without having a keyboard/mouse spread is relaxing. I do love playing PC games as well, but sometimes I just want to be sprawled. If I played competitively, I'd probably only play on PC.
3) I'm growing older and don't have the time or energy to upgrade my hardware in bits. I'd rather buy a new console for a few hundred dollars every 5-7 years instead of component upgrades every 0.5-1 years.

It also helps that my gaming isn't mostly twitch-shooters. If it was, that would also change how I probably played games.

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by Necreia (#38021182) Attached to: Valve Announces Massive Steam Server Intrusion

Let's face it, there's no shortage of places that have some, part or all of your personal information these days; Steam is just one of many.

People or companies doing stupid or restrictive things en mass does not somehow make it right.

Purchasing a single-player game and having to tether it to a registration system is idiotic for the reason in the main article here. This continuing push to centralize all data in these private hubs is starting to show the flaws.

Comment: Move along, sexists writer. (Score 1) 948

by Necreia (#36061930) Attached to: Why the New Guy Can't Code


We’ve all lived the nightmare. A new developer shows up at work, and you try to be welcoming, but he1 can’t seem to get up to speed; the questions he asks reveal basic ignorance; and his work, when it finally emerges, is so kludgey that it ultimately must be rewritten from scratch by more competent people. And yet his interviewers—and/or the HR department, if your company has been infested by that bureaucratic parasite—swear that they only hire above-average/A-level/top-1% people. ....

1 - Yes, I am being deliberately sexist here, because in my experience those women who write code are consistently good at it.

I know it's socially cool to be anti-male, but come on.

Comment: Missing the reason, I think (Score 2) 136

by Necreia (#35732106) Attached to: Gearbox Boss Bemoans Superfluous Multiplayer Modes

Purely conjecture, but I believe it's less to do with "checking off a feature" and more to do with the following:
- Save time & money on content generation, since people who play multiplayer will use the same map over and over.
- Form of DRM / Piracy Protection, if there is 'server validation' then there's an indirect 'purchase validation'

Personally, I don't buy a game for multiplayer unless it's split screen, and those are few and far between. I'd play an older game like Goldeneye 64 with 3 buds long before playing any shooter over xbox live.

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by Necreia (#35108236) Attached to: Piracy Boosts Anime Sales, Says Japanese Government Study

Which largely amounts to nothing. The number of fansub viewers so wildly outweighs the number of buyers it's ridiculous and shows keep getting distributed no matter what.

Really? Source? That's almost shocking to hear, as my experiences have been so drastically different. I'd be interested to see that survey or study. Additionally, it would go pretty counter to the article above as well.

Comment: Re:Sad Keanu Is Nostalgic (Score 1) 640

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Why is this trash marked "Informative". It's clear that the parent has no idea who "Mr. Reeves" is.

This man gives most of his money to Charity / the staff that helps during the movie shoots / or to other actors. He's given 90%~ of his salary so that another actor could join the set that he felt 'fit the role' on more than one occasion. He lives like a real person (takes the bus, eats at local shops)..

He is one of the very few actors that actually does it because he loves it.

Forty two.