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Comment: Swap (Score 1) 59

by Tablizer (#49382753) Attached to: Mario 64 Remake Receives a DMCA Complaint From Nintendo

Just replace all the objects and sounds with different things. Make Mario a green lumpy alien and replace all the stuff with whacky alien stuff. Name it Blamfoog*.

Flip the image so the green alien is jumping on the ceiling. It's the same gravity rules, just upside down. Nobody would even know it had anything to do with Mario if you don't tell them.

* Sounds like an open-source project name

Comment: Re:More... (Score 1) 210

by Tablizer (#49381965) Attached to: Why You Should Choose Boring Technology

The primary purpose of code is to communicate ideas (algorithms) with other developers (humans) and secondly to communicate with machines. The "art" of programming is thus closer to writing good and update-able technical documentation than it is to math or engineering. It is user-interface-design where the the "user" is another programmer (or your future self).

Good code is ironically more about people than machines.

Comment: Re:Won't last. [Testing versus Live] (Score 1) 183

The article didn't distinguish much between testing stage regulations and production stage regulations. Did Amazon have problems finding a testing area? Why not just use the big backyard of some executive or some other private property to test?

But I imagine that regulations will be sticky in Canada also if and when they want to go to production deliveries. I've seen no evidence Canada has friendlier skies for real deliveries.

I suspect it's merely a PR stunt to embarrass the USA into creating friendlier sky laws.

Comment: Re:I thought Drupal was already outdated (Score 1) 27

by Tablizer (#49380861) Attached to: Book Review: Drush For Developers, 2nd Edition

Ruby-on-Rails? That's yesterday's fashion. NodeJS is the latest buzz. That is until enough devs make spaghetti code out of it like they do everything else and ruin it's cred.

It's why co's still use COBOL: nobody is interested in f8cking with it such that it doesn't surprise you: it sucks consistently and sucks reliably. Predictable suckage is preferred over unpredictable suckage. Hear that Comcast?!

NodeCOBOL? Hmmm...

An inclined plane is a slope up. -- Willard Espy, "An Almanac of Words at Play"