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Comment Re:The real Bill Gates of India (Score 1) 83

Waaaah businessmen are mean poopyheads!!! Are you nerds really so naive that you think that almost all successful CEOs aren't equally as ruthless? You don't succeed in business by being a wimp.

What I meant was one wouldn't brag about being like Gates if more knew his tactics. Perhaps ruthlessness is a necessary evil of a modern society, but people should at least be aware that it's being used.

Note I admire Steve Jobs far more than Gates because Jobs had a nose for what FUTURE consumers and movie goers would want (even though he was a still a jerk). Microsoft merely purchased or copied good existing products made by other co's and bundled them together.

Comment Re:Cost of access is key. (Score 1) 345

we don't know the reasons the Polynesians expanded. It is highly doubtful a lone couple of polynesians set sail on the high seas to find new islands. The amount of provisioning and boat building...analogous to modern government sponsorship

What's even more likely is that tribes who lost a war were tied into their own boats with meager rations and set to drift at sea. Most probably died, but a few got lucky. Perhaps this was part of a ritual.

Comment Re:The real Bill Gates of India (Score 2) 83

A lot of non-IT people don't know what a jerk Gates was. He was brilliant at killing off competitors using targeted sell-at-loss campaigns, bait-and-switch "standards", bundling, and locking one in to product upgrade cycles.

But that stagnated business software evolution and robbed the market of choice. I bet he'd make a great military general.

Comment Re:what happened with computers? (Score 2) 345

If rockets were in any way physically analogous to computers, a Saturn V today would be the same height as the width of a human hair and still lift...

And Armstrong's famous footstep speech would be hacked and replaced by a plug for boner-pills.

"If you want a giant leap in your trousers..."

In short*, be careful what you ask for.

* No pun intended

Comment Re:what happened with computers? (Score 1) 345

now the military is buying the same tech as everyone else because it's better than their custom made stuff.

That's not entirely true. Often the difference is simply not enough to justify the huge price difference.

For example, a $500 "battle grade" hammer may be able to survive being run over by a tank during battle, but is that really worth the extra $460, or is it better to live with occasional flattened hammers and spend the $460 elsewhere.

Comment Let gamblers gamble (Score 1) 345

The practical current function of commercial space co's should be to provide routine transfer of staff and supplies to and from a station or base. That makes perfectly good sense. When something becomes a semi-commodity, private enterprise, with competition*, is usually more efficient.

If and when space does become profitable, such as asteroid mining, such commercial co's will already have some of the infrastructure and knowledge to pursue that market.

As far as pie-in-sky commercial endeavors like a one-way Mars mission, let investors waste money if they want. Who knows, maybe they'll stumble on an unforeseen way to make a profit. Surprises happen. If somebody discovers how to tame anti-gravity particles to get cheap launches, for example, existing space companies will have a big leg up. It's not irrational to devote some of one's investment portfolio on high-risk/high-reward stocks.

And even if they fail, humanity as a whole will be smarter for it, learning from their mistakes. Failure is experience.

* NASA does use lots of private contractors for current missions. But, they are mostly custom one-off products.

Comment More and faster options (Score 1) 230

The Internet generation expects easier choice, such as clicking on Favorites to go elsewhere on whim, and will not sit through long commercial breaks. Plus, gaming, social media/chatrooms, and cat videos compete for attention.

This may mean that TV shows are less profitable and have a smaller budget. But it could also mean that new lean and mean media companies will offer a wider variety and experiment more because they don't have to deal with the bureaucracy and oligopoly collusion of the big networks.

Comment Re:led by a president possibly insane enough to do (Score 1) 210

LOL! You gotta love these libs! So stupid, it's funny.

For something comparable, the tough talk of Iran's leader affects our decision makers here and now. His quotes are quite often used by the GOP to argue their stance.

Either GOP is heavily bluffing, or they would factor in his blustery talk if there were a related international issue that required a snap judgement.

It's not silly, as you imply, it's dead serious.

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