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Comment Re:What about their web site designers? (Score 1) 217

What happens often is that executives devote so much time, energy, and ego into their whizbang ideas that if it doesn't fly well in practice, they are still emotionally attached to it. They don't have the objectivity to flush it and start over, because that's a sudden admission of failure. They'd rather take the news of failure gradually.

Comment Re:And it's irrelevant [Conspiracies] (Score 1) 634

The last thing she needs is more conspiracy theories surrounding her. One part of her is probably glad she won all six tosses, but another is thinking, "Oh great, yet another #@!% conspiracy I gotta keep answering reporters about."

I bet Fox hopes she goes all the way because it will save them a ton of money by reusing 1990's conspiracies and spin. They could fire most their staff and just replay and reread the 90's.

Comment Re:I wish news organizations would press her harde (Score 1) 571

Hillary gave a press release somewhere (I can't find the link) shortly after that revelation where she said that cleaning the emails of their classified parts so that the unclassified portions could be distributed was a common practice, and her aide knew exactly what she meant. Her "remove heading" wording was merely shorthand, according to her, and that the aide was a fastidious person when it came to knowing how to clean per guidelines.

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