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Comment Re:And that's why I'm backing Sanders (Score 1) 360

They are just two different aspects and understandings of the idea of "classes". What's wrong with different ideas?

If you look back, I specifically referred to "European-style classes". There was never any ambiguity.

I think legally privileged classes are wrong. And they shouldn't be confused with lifestyle differences caused by hard work or good luck or good decision-making versus sloth or bad luck or unwise life choices.

I don't think government force should be used against innocent people. It shouldn't be used against people to prop up an inherited nobility or a ruling class of elite Washington-insiders, and it shouldn't be used against people who worked hard and started a business or went to school and became successful and chose to save their money instead of spending it.

Comment Re:Isn't this a no brainer? (Score 5, Insightful) 299

It's why I don't use ad blocking software or disable ads on Slashdot.

Most people wouldn't use ad blocking if the advertisers didn't allow malware laden ads be served to their PC's turning them into mindless drones for a botnet. They could fix that problem easily by turning around and vetting ads. Or if the ads weren't so obtrusive and annoying either. Bet we'll see within 3 months that they're reversing this stance, or within a year it shuts down.

Comment Re:18 million for someone that was NEVER Charged?! (Score 1) 289

The AC is right. The Swedish criminal justice system is different than the US criminal justice system. They need him in Sweden so they can question and then charge him. They cannot charge him in abstentia. In the US he would already be charged, and the purpose of the extradition would be for arraignment and trial.

Comment Re:Yeah, makes perfect sense... (Score 3, Insightful) 289

Can we please end this "only wanted for questioning" deception every time Assange comes up? The Swedish criminal justice system does not work like the US criminal justice system. In the US, "questioning" is just questioning, and comes at the beginning of the investigation, followed by charging, then investigation, then a trial. In the Swedish system, charging comes at the end, and is preceded immediately by questioning so the suspect has the opportunity to say "no, copper, you got it all wrong!" And that can actually work, because the Swedish investigatory system is inquisitorial rather than adversarial. But once the questioning happens, the "right to a speedy trial" bits kick in, so they cannot simply question him without the ability to immediately charge and try him. Which is the goal, as they believe they can convict him of rape.

In the US, Assange would already be charged, and they'd be trying to bring him in for arraignment.

Comment Re:Scarcity CANNOT be eliminated (Score 1) 535

That was basically my thought. Like a genetic algorithm. Make lots. Reward good (with either "money" or "fame" or "posterity") and cull from that. Yes, your media generation box produces a lot of crap, but so? Don't watch those. Your media generation box also includes "best of" lists. It self-curates.

It also has something a post-scarcity society may not: suffering. I wonder what the stories in a post-scarcity society would look like? How do you write a story about someone who's down on his luck but turns it all around, when no one is down on their luck? How do you make a story about surviving against all odds when you're effectively immortal and your survival is guaranteed? What are war movies about when there's no war because there are no scarce resources to fight over? No suffering, no art.

All the world's a stage, and we are merely players...

Comment Re:And that's why I'm backing Sanders (Score 1) 360

What I do consider divisive is calling the working class "moochers" and "takers," ...

Who calls workers "takers"? Workers are generally the opposite of takers. Is this a strawman or did someone actually call some workers "takers"?

... children don't starve because their parents ...

When was the last time any children starved in the US (or any western country)? What were the names of these children?

BTW, you keep saying "the money you earn" as if people earn money on their own in a vacuum.

Yeah. Workers earn their paychecks. Investors earn their investment returns. Not on their own, but together, side-by-side.

Comment Re:Being right doesn't matter if you can't get ele (Score 1) 225

He cannot and (probably) will not get elected, nor does he have a big enough voice to influence the campaign.

Perhaps, but having him be able to speak his message in the national debate would start the ball rolling. We may not be ready to fix the rotten core of our system this cycle, but it's important to expose the real problem so when the next president manages to fix nothing substantive, people will know why and have possible solutions in mind.

It may take some time, but it has to start somewhere.

Comment Re:And that's why I'm backing Sanders (Score 1) 360

So you're saying wanting to keep the money you earn is "exactly" the same as trying to get groups of Americans to hate each other so you can lead one group against another?

No, I said nothing of the sort.

What I do consider divisive is calling the working class "moochers" and "takers," claiming people are trying to steal your money when they're actually trying to build a just society where everyone is compensated fairly for their hard work and children don't starve because their parents can't work enough minimum wage jobs, insisting workers compete on the global job market while capital can flow easily between markets to take advantage of that competition.

BTW, you keep saying "the money you earn" as if people earn money on their own in a vacuum. Imagine passing a law that says all white men get to have two pieces of pie while everyone else gets only one, complaining when some black guy or a woman has the audacity to point out that everyone should get one piece of pie, and shouting that they are trying to steal your hard-earned pie.

Comment Re:Scarcity CANNOT be eliminated (Score 1) 535

I'm reminded of a post somewhere by a person who set up a slave art shop in the Sims. I guess in one of the incarnations of the series you can make money by selling artwork. Your Sim practices, their art skill goes up, and the works they create get more and more valuable. So he built a house with a basement and cordoned it off into tiny rooms with no door, just a bed, a toilet, an easel and the smallest food source they could live on, and then put a Sim in each cell. They had nothing to do but paint. Over time they got better and better until he was selling their art for mad cash. He built a mansion on top of the art prison. And no one knew the horrible secret below the opulent mansion...

Sometimes I wonder about the Simulation Argument, and you wonder, "why simulate a universe?" Well, what do we produce that hyper-advanced AI robots can't? Perhaps it's art. Maybe Earth-In-A-Box is an entertainment unit, that produces every different genre of movies and music and literature. Just add power and wait.

The trouble with doing something right the first time is that nobody appreciates how difficult it was.