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More Supermassive Black Holes Than We Thought! 65 65

LeadSongDog writes: The Royal Astronomical Society reports five supermassive black holes (SMBHs) that were previously hidden by dust and gas have been uncovered. The discovery suggests there may be millions more supermassive black holes in the universe than were previously thought. George Lansbury, a postgraduate student in the Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy, at Durham University, said: “For a long time we have known about supermassive black holes that are not obscured by dust and gas, but we suspected that many more were hidden from our view. Thanks to NuSTAR for the first time we have been able to clearly see these hidden monsters that are predicted to be there, but have previously been elusive because of their ‘buried’ state. Although we have only detected five of these hidden supermassive black holes, when we extrapolate our results across the whole Universe then the predicted numbers are huge and in agreement with what we would expect to see.”

Comment: Re:[T]hings that ... fail: lots of experience at t (Score 1) 194 194

Facts hurt your feelings? All that shit is true and that should tell you something. That you think they're talking points shows that you have no idea what's actually going on with your government. And it's something that a foreigner like me already knows about.

Comment: Re:Yay, 'murica! (Score 1) 364 364

It's not about any other country. The goal of the regulation is to prevent Americans from having access to 3D printed guns and to intimidate any American who would design one of these guns.

The best answer is for people outside the US to create these designs and post them online.

Comment: Re: Good for greece (Score 1) 1216 1216

But you also have an overwhelming majority of young Greeks voting no, on the basis of "it's your fault you loaned it to my parents, you should have known they were lying, and there's no way I can pay it back, anyway."

Older Greeks, I can have a little less sympathy for. But the younger generation, that did nothing to cause this mess, and is expected to live in debt slavery for it? I can't blame them for saying "no." Otherwise they're just perpetuating the system. It'll come back to bite them again 10 years from now, and their children 10 years after that.

Comment: Re:huh (Score 4, Interesting) 194 194

Look at what's happening in colleges and universities. You've got radical leftists and radical feminists pushing for racial quotas instead of merit. Even several universities have come out with their "meritocracy is a microaggression" bullshit. AKA University of California campuses. Surprise, those young, kids who want to be protected from everything...

Comment: Re:Well... (Score 1) 372 372

I'm gonna have to go against the chorus and lay the blame at your feet, honestly. You left a booby trap for whoever rebooted that server at any point in the future. Had you removed the hard drive or put the machine into a donation pile, I could understand.

Say you get hit by a bus the next week and they hire a new sysadmin. A few days later he's asked to setup a new service and decides to repurpose that unused server. He connects it to the network, boots it, installs updates and new software . . . and then gets pulled onto some other task that takes a day. That night disaster strikes. Is it his fault for not ensuring there were no dangerous cron jobs left on the machine?

Perhaps, but it's much easier to disarm bombs you've designed rather than force the job onto some poor, unsuspecting sap. :)

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