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Comment: Re:That is one expensive iPod touch (Score 0, Troll) 103

by SuperMooCow (#41854503) Attached to: Hurricane Sandy Fails To Stop Line For iPad Mini Launch

Not mine.

Posted from my first-generation iPod touch with iOS 3.1.3 as its the highest version of iOS it can run. Take note of this App developers and stop requiring iOS 4+ if your App can run on iOS 3, you're cutting yourself from a lot of profits from first-generation owners including iPhones. I think I'm about to hit the maximum characters limit for the signa

Comment: Re:If only! (Score 1) 277

by SuperMooCow (#41853711) Attached to: More Than 25% of Android Apps Know Too Much About You

I always have a hearty laugh when someone who obviously has never used a system (Android, in this case) complains about an issue that doesn't actually exist. It's like they live in a land of make believe.

You mean like 99% of the people who comment on anything made by Apple, or used something made in the Mac OS 9 era?

Yeah, I laugh at those trolls too.

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