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Comment: uhhh.... (Score 1) 127

by SuperDre (#49281657) Attached to: Analysis: People Who Use Firefox Or Chrome Make Better Employees

How is chrome not a default-browser these days or firefox? both have their own OSses, chrome is the default browser of Android now, and both are so much as the default browser in most Linux distributions...
Also how can they absolutely make sure it's about the browser, as in some companies the browser is set for you (for instance it is set to chrome instead of IE)..
And how does one make you a better employee if you use Chrome or Firefox if IE or Safari is just as good... Also why is it that a lot of webdev's these days don't even bother to test it on the latest IE or safari just because their preference is Chrome (talk about a bad developer)...

What kind of moronic conclusion is it to say:
""I think that the fact that you took the time to install Firefox on your computer shows us something about you. It shows that you're someone who is an informed consumer," says Housman" all based on an online query where the browser is used as a base..
It's just nonsense, because maybe I have installed FireFox or Chrome, but maybe I just don't like them because of some reason.. Who's to say one of those browsers is better than IE or Safari.. If it works for you, that's great, but not all people do like those browsers... (I have installed Firefox and chrome, but still use IE most of the time)..

Comment: yep.. (Score 1) 169

by SuperDre (#49273453) Attached to: A Mars One Finalist Speaks Out On the "Dangerously Flawed" Project

Yep a non-profit organization, the organisation itself doesn't make any profits, but the people in the organization get a hefty salary for doing nothing... It happens with a lot of non-profit organisations, a lot of money is going into the pockets of the ones who are in charge, and instead of profit, all extra's are going into the pockets in the form of a bonus or expense account, so no profit is made by the organisation..

Comment: hypocrits (Score 1) 94

by SuperDre (#49273407) Attached to: Top-Secret US Replica of Iran Nuclear Sites Key To Weapons Deal

Instead of telling Iran not to persue a nuclear program of any kind, they should first look at themselves. It's telling Iran not to create nuclear weapons otherwise there will be hell to pay, but they keep on making nuclear weapons themselves, so who is the agressor here.... And in history the only country ever using nuclear weapons is the US... So who are they to tell others not to pursue nuclear weapons (or energy)..
Not that I would like to have a country like Iran to have nuclear weapons, but if Isreal has them (and they have, and are not even allowed to have them) why not Iran too.. IMHO nobody should have nuclear weapons, and a country like the US should destroy all their nuclearweapons before telling others not to create them...

Comment: oh who cares... (Score 2) 225

by SuperDre (#49213591) Attached to: Another Upscaled Console Game: Battlefield Hardline

I think all this resolution talk is just nonsense, if nobody told the gamers what the actual resolution was, they wouldn't care...
Just play the freaking game, and care about the gameplay, because the graphics will look good enough (it's still a major improvement over the previous generation consoles)..

Comment: Re:This has all the makings of a reality show (Score 1) 233

by SuperDre (#49072277) Attached to: Mars One: Final 100 Candidates Selected

and that's exactly how this is set up, it's earnings will come through the reality show.. And that's why IMHO it should be stopped immediatly.
Also there is no large space-agency (or large commercial company) behind this, so it's even a project by people who have absolutely no experience in space-fare at all..
Also I'm pretty sure, the people who applied really have no idea what they are in for, and a lot of them I'm pretty sure will have regrets after a few months and with no way to return it's just a load of bullocks..

The universe seems neither benign nor hostile, merely indifferent. -- Sagan