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Comment uhh... (Score 1) 184 184

in what way has HEVC advanced any patents on h.265 that isn't already covered in the LAMPEG HEVC license for h.265? One problem though, the 'open source' VP9 (which still is being debated if it really isn't using any patented technology) isn't nearly as good as h.265 (unless you really don't give a damn about real quality)..

Comment Sure... (Score 1) 674 674

Yeah ofcourse he was arrested only for using the socket........... He propably was told it was illegal to use the socket and was written a fine, but then he got a big mouth and that's why he got arrested, and trying to arrest him he got even agressive and that was the second offence.. There are always 2 sides to the story, and ofcourse according to him, he did nothing and only used the outlet...

Then again, why don't they just replace the socket with a plug that isn't compatible with any consumer plug... But people are getting more bold/rude and think they can just charge their device anywhere without permission.. I've seen it a lot in bars etc, people just unplugging an appliance or light just to charge their f-ing phone and not even putting the plug back in, and all without asking..

Comment Really? (Score 1) 242 242

the dumb greenpeace moron in the article is comparing the Solar Impulse 2 to a real engine that could power an airliner... Solar Impulse 2 can barely lift itself and a pilot, how is that supposed to support a big jumbo jet with 300 passengers and/or cargo... Solar energy is far from viable (at the moment/decade) for use in commercial flight..

Also nowhere is mentioned that the engine is actually going to be used in commercial flight...

Comment why? (Score 1) 217 217

So should we all learn how to fix a car?
should we all learn how to do brainsurgery?
should we all learn how to disassemble a nuclear device?
This is such nonsense, let the coding be done by people who want and are good at it just like we do with every other job.
A lot of people are just not cut out to do coding, just like a lot of people cannot build a simple doghouse or are not able to draw..

Comment problem (Score 1) 288 288

the biggest problem is, it's very hard to do a good UI, as a good UI means something different to different people, what you might think to be a good UI for you, might be horrible for others..
Windows 8 is a good example, some people really like the spacious UI and think it's productive, but others think it's a waste of space and could show much more information which doesn't need you to scroll for seeing the same extra information.. Also the settings for instance are way less than what would be more productive for a more advanced user, yes it's enough for a 'dumb' user, but for others it's counterproductive as they need to find the advanced settings which show much more..

Good UI's are very difficult to do due to the many whishes and habbits of all the users.. Less visible is not always better...

Comment not so smart... (Score 1) 1307 1307

Yeah, voting 'no' to the EU plan might seem great to the people who voted, but the problem is, most people who did vote 'no' don't even know what the consequences are of their vote, they have no clue that voting 'no' is even more dissastrous for them then having said 'yes'... If they thought their pensions etc were in danger with the EU plan, well, with exiting the 'euro' there will be no pension at all.. Greece still have to pay the loan they got in the end...

Comment uhh... (Score 1) 207 207

Actually, we still haven't got a clue as to what the longterm problems might be with Wifi.. There are studies which suggest it IS harmfull..
Just think back, in the past they also said for decades, living under powerlines wasn't a problem, but now we do know it IS a problem...

Comment Just an idea.... (Score 1) 171 171

So as I gather from most stories around the net, this is nothing more than just an Idea, it doesn't even have a crude prototype...
And in that case, I'd rather suggest some sort of a stick (like for testing pregnancy) to test if you have a STD.. And if I use a condom, then I really don't care if the other has a STD (well at least not one that transmits through intercourse), that's what's the condom is for (next to birthcontrol)...

Comment should have known (Score 1) 152 152

People should have known this day would be comming, it's been 9 years since they stopped production on the robots themselves, so 9 years later stopping the service is even quite a long time..
And with 3D printing, it shouldn't be hard to replace parts that are damaged..
And just think how far robotics would have been if Sony didn't stop the aibo, and they did sell just enough to make a small profit..
One time there was even the notion that a new aibo would be released which would have a CELL processor inside (ofcourse it didn't make it out of the sony laboratories)..
But the aibo has been one of the best 'consumer' robot for a long time, and still there really isn't any other 'consumer' replacement for it.. The i-cybie never even came close, and that was one of the only robotdogs that even came anywhere in the direction of the aibo...

Comment I agree (Score 1) 424 424

Yes, it's getting very annoying these days, because a lot of times it just comes with different results as I'm expecting.. And what's even worse, if I use the same keywords as a co-worker, he always get's the right results, I always get some garbage which doesn't help me at all...
There propably is a way to direct it, but they should make it much easier...

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