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Comment: morons... (Score 1) 292

by SuperDre (#48675415) Attached to: Why Lizard Squad Took Down PSN and Xbox Live On Christmas Day

How did they show with ddos that the security is lacking? they didn't hack the servers... They are just a couple of morons who only want attention, nothing more nothing less..
And propably it wasn't even that hard, because everybody could have predicted that the servers would already be at full load on christmas day, so simple ddos would topple it..
But the only thing they did, was getting people to hate them even more..
But how did they get an interview if noone knows who they are? Get the bastards and cripple them (physically)..

Comment: a sad day.... (Score 1) 586

by SuperDre (#48624155) Attached to: Top Five Theaters Won't Show "The Interview" Sony Cancels Release

This really is a sad day, those moronic scriptkiddies have won..
I really hope they can catch the persons who did this, and who made the threats. The should get life in prison if it were up to me (well actually they should just get the deathpenalty if it was really up to me)...
These morons ruined the lives of a lot of hardworking people..

Comment: really? (Score 1) 247

by SuperDre (#48529167) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Convincing My Company To Stop Using Passwords?
And you don't think the other methods won't have the same problems? you don't think you will see printed images on monitors for the graphical 'passwords'? also with 2 factor, how many people will loose their account for the token.. (yes 2 factor is slightly more secure ofcourse, but it certainly isn't as safe/monkeyproof as some people seem to think)

Comment: how many? (Score 1) 125

by SuperDre (#48529153) Attached to: Consumer-Grade SSDs Survive Two Petabytes of Writes
How many units of each type did they test? because if they only tested one of each, you cannot make any assumptions about and can't even call it a good test.. I've seen so many different results with the same HDD's.. Or even with SDD's, where my SDD died after a couple of months, but the one of my collegue is still plowing away after 2 years (SDD's from the same batch)..

Comment: oh please.... (Score 1) 307

by SuperDre (#48456009) Attached to: Complex Life May Be Possible In Only 10% of All Galaxies
They can't even find all the living organisms on this planet or in our own solar system, or even know how our own galaxy is even created, and they think they know only 10% of all galaxies have 'complex life' as on earth? Please get real.. We're not even a spec in our own galaxy, and I'm very confidend that in our own galaxy there are more 'complex life' out there than 10%.. let alone the much MUCH bigger galaxies...

Comment: fueling time... (Score 1) 293

yeah, but by the time you have decend hydrogen stations where you can actually refill your car, the electric cars already have new batteries that have the same mileage with a fuelingtime of a few minutes.. And let's not forget, hydrogen isn't the safest fuel there is, but I would assume those tanks are safer than regular gasolinetanks...

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