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Comment: uhh... (Score 1) 207 207

Actually, we still haven't got a clue as to what the longterm problems might be with Wifi.. There are studies which suggest it IS harmfull..
Just think back, in the past they also said for decades, living under powerlines wasn't a problem, but now we do know it IS a problem...

Comment: Just an idea.... (Score 1) 171 171

So as I gather from most stories around the net, this is nothing more than just an Idea, it doesn't even have a crude prototype...
And in that case, I'd rather suggest some sort of a stick (like for testing pregnancy) to test if you have a STD.. And if I use a condom, then I really don't care if the other has a STD (well at least not one that transmits through intercourse), that's what's the condom is for (next to birthcontrol)...

Comment: should have known (Score 1) 152 152

People should have known this day would be comming, it's been 9 years since they stopped production on the robots themselves, so 9 years later stopping the service is even quite a long time..
And with 3D printing, it shouldn't be hard to replace parts that are damaged..
And just think how far robotics would have been if Sony didn't stop the aibo, and they did sell just enough to make a small profit..
One time there was even the notion that a new aibo would be released which would have a CELL processor inside (ofcourse it didn't make it out of the sony laboratories)..
But the aibo has been one of the best 'consumer' robot for a long time, and still there really isn't any other 'consumer' replacement for it.. The i-cybie never even came close, and that was one of the only robotdogs that even came anywhere in the direction of the aibo...

Comment: I agree (Score 1) 424 424

Yes, it's getting very annoying these days, because a lot of times it just comes with different results as I'm expecting.. And what's even worse, if I use the same keywords as a co-worker, he always get's the right results, I always get some garbage which doesn't help me at all...
There propably is a way to direct it, but they should make it much easier...

Comment: don't think so... (Score 1) 250 250

With MS now opensourcing their .NET framework, and more and more crossplatform development enviroments using it, I don't see it happening that it will really go into decline.. Let's not forget C# is a language which is not specifically coupled with .NET..

But what would be the next 'hip' language to do your work in?

Comment: if it ain't broke.... (Score 1) 456 456

Well, if that amiga is still running for over 30 years, it means it's one hell of a computer (have an amiga 500 myself in my garage somewhere)..
And if it still works then why replace it..
Also the blah blah million dollar is for replacing the whole system (AC/heating systems included) and not only the computers, otherwise there is something very VERY wrong, as replacing the computer itself with some software shouldn't be more than a couple of grand (mainly due to rewriting the software)..

Comment: Re:Great, but not great (Score 1) 84 84

uhh, not much in the way of good movies on Netflix?
So a lot of the disney movies or fox movies aren't good movies? So movies like avengers or Godfather are crap? Hmmm.. then I wonder what you call 'good movies' (ok avengers isn't the best, but it's a big blockbuster)..

Comment: I agree... (Score 1) 306 306

As a developer myself, I don't think it's a good idea to make kids learn how to code.. Make them interested and let them do it at home if they want to.. The kids are already burdened with so many more classes these days, why even add more if they can't f-ing read/write or calculate correctly..
So I too see no reason why they should have to study coding at school..

Comment: it's a freaking theory... (Score 1) 226 226

Even Einstein himself said it was a theory and he might be wrong...... Just like any 'laws' of nature aren't set in stone, they are 'laws' created by humans to help us puny humans understand what's going on, at least what we believe is going on...
Let's not forget, scientists a long time ago said the world was flat, and if you said otherwise you were a heritic... Now we know better...

Comment: Re:from what I read... (Score 1) 35 35

the improvements to the PS4 UE4 MIGHT also improve the PC version, but it's not 100%, as the PS4 version is optimized to run on a one specific hardware, which also cut's out a lot of overhead, and that kind of optimization can be very benificial.. If developers got the time to actually know a specific PC GPU's inside out, then there would be a lot of performance increase available, but, it's useless as there are so many different GPU's out there with so many different PC configurations, it's no actual use trying to optimize for a specific configuration..
And that's the advantage the consoles have and why first generation games always look worse as second and certainly third generation games on the same console..

Comment: yeah now... (Score 1, Insightful) 71 71

Now they are noisy, but wait a while and you won't notice even one that's hanging above your head for about 2 meters..
Also there are already pretty quiet drones out there with camera's..
But it is one of the things I already expected would happen, next to the modern peeping tom's (which you already see some video's on youtube)..

Comment: You don't..... (Score 1) 353 353

If you are developing software during your boss his/her time, the rights belong to the company, it's THAT simple.. You even have to be cautious if you are a software developer at work and create other software at home, make sure you have an arrangement in your contract about that, because if you don't and you have a very nasty boss, he can claim right to your software you build at home (because you certainly would have thought about it at work, and sometimes even used algorithmes/structures developed at work)..
So if you want to own the right to software developed at work, you'll have to specify that in your contract, but I can almost guarantee you that no boss will do that... And the same goes for software created for a client, make sure the contract specifies who the rights have..

You must be very naive if you think you can own rights to software/algorithmes created at work...

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