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Comment: it's a freaking theory... (Score 1) 185

by SuperDre (#49793255) Attached to: Ways To Travel Faster Than Light Without Violating Relativity

Even Einstein himself said it was a theory and he might be wrong...... Just like any 'laws' of nature aren't set in stone, they are 'laws' created by humans to help us puny humans understand what's going on, at least what we believe is going on...
Let's not forget, scientists a long time ago said the world was flat, and if you said otherwise you were a heritic... Now we know better...

Comment: Re:from what I read... (Score 1) 35

the improvements to the PS4 UE4 MIGHT also improve the PC version, but it's not 100%, as the PS4 version is optimized to run on a one specific hardware, which also cut's out a lot of overhead, and that kind of optimization can be very benificial.. If developers got the time to actually know a specific PC GPU's inside out, then there would be a lot of performance increase available, but, it's useless as there are so many different GPU's out there with so many different PC configurations, it's no actual use trying to optimize for a specific configuration..
And that's the advantage the consoles have and why first generation games always look worse as second and certainly third generation games on the same console..

Comment: yeah now... (Score 1, Insightful) 71

by SuperDre (#49724219) Attached to: UK Criminals Use Drones To Case Burglary Prospects

Now they are noisy, but wait a while and you won't notice even one that's hanging above your head for about 2 meters..
Also there are already pretty quiet drones out there with camera's..
But it is one of the things I already expected would happen, next to the modern peeping tom's (which you already see some video's on youtube)..

Comment: You don't..... (Score 1) 353

If you are developing software during your boss his/her time, the rights belong to the company, it's THAT simple.. You even have to be cautious if you are a software developer at work and create other software at home, make sure you have an arrangement in your contract about that, because if you don't and you have a very nasty boss, he can claim right to your software you build at home (because you certainly would have thought about it at work, and sometimes even used algorithmes/structures developed at work)..
So if you want to own the right to software developed at work, you'll have to specify that in your contract, but I can almost guarantee you that no boss will do that... And the same goes for software created for a client, make sure the contract specifies who the rights have..

You must be very naive if you think you can own rights to software/algorithmes created at work...

Comment: Re:This again? (Score 1) 480

by SuperDre (#49606409) Attached to: New Test Supports NASA's Controversial EM Drive

but the simple thing is, all those 'laws of physics' are not actual facts, they are based on stuff 'we' think we know, and need to put into some laws just so we can try to understand what is going on, up to a moment when the laws don't count for something we see happening but can't understand due our self defined laws of physics... remember, the smartest people in the world also said the world was flat and if you said otherwise you were a heretic, but later we knew the world wasn't flat.........

Comment: BS (Score 1) 125

VR was at a pong level about 30 years ago.. Because those suckers don't know what VR is or how to use it doesn't mean it only started a year ago.. Yeah, maybe HE started a year ago, but VR was already on the market in 1995 for consumers, and to just dismiss consumer helmets like the Forte VFX-1 is really ignorant/snobbisch (and those were even further along than 'Pong-level')..
Let's not forget VR has been in use in the industry for a long time already, the only difference now is, you can do it on the cheap..
So I really think he's just an a**hole for dismissing all the work that has laid the ground for valve to actually be able to start doing VR.. Because they came late to the party doesn't mean the party only started when they arrived...

Comment: Re:Least common denominator (Score 1) 161

by SuperDre (#49567029) Attached to: Has the Native Vs. HTML5 Mobile Debate Changed?

I think you really have no idea which apps are actually written in a crossplatform framework and which are really 'native'.. Most crossplatform frameworks ARE native, and most mobile platforms do have the same kind of options..
To be honest, why would I need a native app if there is also a webbased version available, and in a lot of cases I think the mobile versions (of native apps of websites themselves) are crap compared to regular versions.. (Most apps are nothing more than a dataviewer)..

But I agree, I'd rather have a real native app which actually uses the hardware to it's fullest, but these days it's really hard to find an application that is actually optimized for any specific platform, that's why we need faster hardware to even run the simplest apps we already ran on older hardware native...

Comment: Own fault (Score 1) 148

Well even if it was exposed for a brief moment, it means it was exposed, so the only one he can blame is himself, he shouldn't even have talked about it 'privately' on that site..
He should just stop blaming Groupon and just stop acting like a crybaby, especially if he claims there are 30 other problems, so he can get money for those.

Comment: Re:Questionable? (Score 1) 150

No it's not, it's in-engine footage, BUT! it's a cinematic which means it can be of much higher quality because the engine only has to deal with what's shown and nothing else like during regular gameplay, it's like a 'photo-mode' which you see in some games now, which are also only available in a rerun of what you actually played. But I guess the in-engine footage is also propably shown on a very highend GPU...

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