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Comment NO! (Score 1) 601

I can say, from experience, NO.. A road that once was already a dangerous road because of the tree's actually only being 20cm from the tarmac itself, and only barely 2 cars in width, but with a line in the middle.. After reconstruction/renewing of the tarmac, they put only lines at the side of the road, actually if you are on the lines itself and only swerve a little bit you're in the shoulder, and kissing a tree, but now without the line in the middle.. More cars have hit the tree's now, and more cars have hit each other's mirrors, due to not being able to clearly determine the middle of the road.. and just one extra, it's an unlit road...

Comment Ridiculous (Score 1) 268

It's just stupid to ban people (permanently), it's not like you have to read the topics..
It's not nice to blab about the movie, but then again, people who already seen the movie should also be able to talk to each other about it online, that's also why we have the internet..

I've seen it yesterday and I think it's a very entertaining and fun Star Wars, already dislike it that episode 8 isn't done by JJ Abrams..

Comment uhh.. (Score 1) 358

Philips contends that this move will help their customers.

how does this help me as a customer? If I already own such lights which worked perfectly well with the previous firmware, but won't work anymore if I ever have to reset the device..
So how in the hell does that help me........ If the lightbulb isn't recognised by the device and the lightbulb claims it's compatible with the device, then I'll first contact te seller of the lamp..
So yet again, how does it help me?
They should remove the block with a new firmware as it only helps them maybe sell more lightbulbs which have a aproval stamp on them.. But it sure will make me think again when buying a new hue device, like, I won't buy a philips anymore...

Comment Re:Two uses: political satire and something else (Score 1) 105

Yes it could be possible, but I think you're getting yourself into a lot of trouble if you are gonna use this technology without the permission of the original person.. Even though the person might be a public figure, it doesn't mean you can just take his/her 'image' and do whatever you want to do with it..

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