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Comment Re:That's why Windows 10 should have ONLY been 64- (Score 1) 125

sandboxes isn't like native, it has it's limitations and especially it's another performance hit.. I buy a new computer to have the current software run faster, not to have it run slower due to sandboxing and emulation/virtualisation..
There is nothing wrong with most 32bit applications as most applications won't need to address 64bit memoryspace anyway..
Which doesn't mean a new application should be developed for 32bit when all your customers are running 64bit, but that's not the case, a lot of customers still have 32bit OSses and older hardware (as they don't have the money to upgrade or it's running perfectly for what they need it for)..

Comment Re:That's why Windows 10 should have ONLY been 64- (Score 1) 125

uhh, please get a reality check..... For windows 10 to succeed it needs 'native' support of legacy applications, otherwise there would be no business that would adopt Windows 10..
A LOT of business applications being used are still 32-bit (because they were developed in older languages), and porting a lot of those applications doesn't make real sense if the actual port isn't performing as good, or doesn't do anything different.. If it ain't broke, don't fix it..
It's all to easy to just say, 'oh they should just develop 64bit application', but you are really naieve if you think like that..
The problem isn't the 32bit applications themselves, even 64bit layers can have it's security problems.. So fixing this security problem is what needs to be done, nothing else..

You are really a moron if you think 64bit applications are more secure than a 32bit application... and any layer in any OS can be a potential security risk..
In the end the legacy applications will be replaced with newer (multiplatform/cloud) applications, but that will take a long time..
As I said, there is no reason to spend a few millions dollars on redeveloping an application just for the sake of it being 64bit.. Let's not forget, 'older' languages doesn't mean it's crap, and newer languages doesn't mean it's better..

Comment Re:nobody uses 64 bit browsers? (Score 1) 125

Oh, please... The reason I stopped using Linux was because I got fed up with trying to get my development enviroment up and running after every new update/upgrade of the OS.. And maybe Firefox has it's stuff in order for recompiling on linux, but a lot of applications don't, they break because they can't find the specific stuff in the repositories you have set on your machine..
I've tried many times, but everytime I stumbled upon another crap thing with Linux which prevented me from doing stuff, you need a very thourough understanding of Linux to do anything, and even most of the times it's just illogical (but that's due to the nature of the actual developers who don't seem to understand userfriendliness)..

Comment it depends.... (Score 1) 239

Snowden isn't a good example.. the man had taken the job with the intentend of finding classified information and bringing it out in the open (and all for his own pleasure/15 minutes of fame (which became a bit more than 15 minutes))..
I think there is a difference between somebody working at a company/institution for many years and stumbeling upon that information, or entering a position and signing a NDA knowingly you're not gonna break the NDA..
In reality Snowden is not a hero, but a traitor (even though 'we' all might think it's a good thing he did), other spies have been shot for much less..

Comment Re:This tech is going nowhere (Score 1) 223

That's where you're wrong, the research done for decades provided A LOT, theory is there, it should be possible, but to put that theory in practice is where the problems arise, it cost a lot of money (which not everyone is interested in pouring into it) and knowingly that it will take some time for technology to advance to actually make it possible..

And if you believe some of the stories around, the 'two people did this in a shed' can also be put to use to various other energymaking devices, but noone actually believes those people...
Also comparing a home build airplane to a fusion reactor is not really a good example..

Comment Re:Title is misleading (Score 1) 223

Maybe you should read the original article, the machine has already been built and is ready for it's first test run with plasma, but is waiting aproval to do so.. Yes it did cost a lot of money to build, but if it works it will reduce the cost of generating energy enormously and it's 'clean'..
But even if the test works perfectly, it's still a long way off before we see it used for our daily use..

Comment Re: Good, but man the fonts (Score 1) 165

Greyscale antialiasing was already with IE10 (or even 9).. Before that it was just excellent, but i think the reason they changed it had to do with tablets and phones.. It's one of the worst decissions MS has ever made, and I certainly doesn't understand why they don't add the better antialiasing mode back..

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