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Comment: Re:This has all the makings of a reality show (Score 1) 233

by SuperDre (#49072277) Attached to: Mars One: Final 100 Candidates Selected

and that's exactly how this is set up, it's earnings will come through the reality show.. And that's why IMHO it should be stopped immediatly.
Also there is no large space-agency (or large commercial company) behind this, so it's even a project by people who have absolutely no experience in space-fare at all..
Also I'm pretty sure, the people who applied really have no idea what they are in for, and a lot of them I'm pretty sure will have regrets after a few months and with no way to return it's just a load of bullocks..

Comment: Nope. (Score 1) 291

by SuperDre (#49060771) Attached to: Should We Really Try To Teach Everyone To Code?

It's not necessary for people to know how to code, we don't learn everybody how to build a car or a home, or learn how to cook or full electronics..
If one has an interest in coding, then yes, you might learn him/her how to code..
There are already way to much 'fun'-classes which aren't necessary.. Let the children just learn the basics well, like read/write/math, and let the rest be stuff they really want to persue, just like we did in our past..
Why would you need to learn how to code? there are more than enough people around who actually like to code stuff, and there are more than enough applications which fulfill the needs of the people who can't code..
And IMHO these days it really isn't real coding anymore, just putting together some objects and that's it, but most coders these days have no clue how it actually works (which IMHO, as a real developer, is much more important as it also will let you fix/create stuff if there isn't already a fully fledged framework around)..

Comment: Re:Insurance (Score 1) 216

If you got paid to drive your daughter's friends home, then YES you should have a commercial driver's license... There is a difference ofcourse between just driving someone home (you know and maybe get a bit of gasmoney), or being a regular taxi (because that's actually what those services are)..
Why should a regular taxidriver need a commercial drivers insurance/plate while someone who is driving for UberPop or Lyft wouldn't (even though they are exactly the same)..

Comment: Re:Who pays for dammage caused by fall? (Score 1) 151

by SuperDre (#48848655) Attached to: Being Pestered By Drones? Buy a Drone-Hunting Drone
It's not legal to fly a drone over property without permission, it's not legal to film a property without permission. Also, it's your drone, so you are responsible to whatever happens if it crashes.. You can try to sue the person who damaged your drone while it was over his/her property, but I'm pretty sure you'll loose...

Comment: Re:Is Uber a big government straw man? (Score 1) 299

by SuperDre (#48818439) Attached to: Uber Suspends Australian Transport Inspector Accounts To Block Stings
Well, but if the terms and conditions aren't according to the law then those are not valid. Also in a number of countries investigators have priviliges so they don't have to obey some laws if that inhibits their investigation (just like a cop can run through a red light if they have their sirene on)..

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