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Comment Re:All that effort, so little protection (Score 1) 65 65

Even if that's true there are a lot of exploits out there that can't deliver more than a few bytes of machine code.
You can't exploit stuff with less than say 100 bytes of code if you don't even have the offsets for functions that you need to call. You can with less than 30 bytes if You do(eg, socket, fork, some io).
It's not just a tick in the box.

Comment Re:custom kernel? (Score 3, Insightful) 100 100

Ken Thompson's C compiler is an interesting read on the subject:
Basically, It's a compiler with a backdoor that injects it's source code when it's compiling itself. pretty interesting idea for 1984.

Comment Re:enough to power a huge smartphone (Score 5, Interesting) 67 67

wolframalpha has some more interesting numbers for "2k Cal per day in watts":
~~ (1 to 5) × typical laptop power consumption ( 20 to 60 W )
~~ (1 to 1.1) × human daily average power ( 85 to 100 W )
~~ 0.81 × power output from a 1 square meter solar panel in full sunlight at 12% efficiency at sea level (~~ 120 W )
~~ 0.75 × peak power consumption of a Pentium 4 CPU (central processing unit) (~~ 130 W )

If graphics hackers are so smart, why can't they get the bugs out of fresh paint?