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Comment Re:BSD is looking better all the time (Score 1) 312

There are a number of articles I read on this that I don't feel like ducking right now, but basically there were many attempts and none of them gained the traction needed. The big thing that needed fixing was full process control. You can do that without all the other crap that comes with systemd. Maybe a combined init+inetd...okay I can get that. Maybe auto-launching apps with sockets...but no wait...dbus already does that. Oh lets just integrate everything with dbus. ... You know...up until this point, this is that bad.

The overall idea is good, but then you get into binary logs (wtf?), crazy commands (/etc/init.d/servicename stop vs systemctrl stop servicename.service), docket support (built into the init system?! WTF?) ... it just goes turtles all the way down.

I wish I had the time to invest in trying to at least stub out the basics of systemd and kill the rest, but it's really massive at this point.

Comment Re:AAPL is heading for a catastrophe (Score 1) 112

Mine had the touch screen issue. It was also too big. I dumped mine for a Sony Z3C. You know the crazy thing? Cyanogen Mod run betters on my Z3C than it did the OnePlus!

Also OnePlus tried to make Cyanogen seem like the bad guys with all the crap that went on. Cyanogen barely let any info out, but just watching the OnePlus advertising and crappy invite process, I could tell they were a garbage company. Being a software engineer myself, I think Cyanogen was not most of the blame in that little war. Fuck OnePlus.

Comment Re: Now that's just evil (Score 1) 515

> This is really astonishing given how Edward Snowden is glorified by people which on another hand just don't care about a company doing much more than what NSA did few years ago.

Ah the Snowden leaks. I use to think he was a real legit whistle blower and everyone who said he was still working for the US government were wearing tin foil hats. But the more I look at it, it makes so much more sense for him to be an operative. His evidence was honestly nothing more than power point slides to begin with and he was believe immediately. There was little to no denial from the US government. His persona is immaculate, instantly bringing a cult of personality.

So why would the US government intentionally give the world all this information? To prove a point: no one cares. They can release any propaganda they want, watch the world with their spy networks to see how well people believe it ... even propaganda about their own spy networks. Sure a lot of techies and nerds and computer scientists have sured up our security, but it shows the majority of the world either doesn't care or feels too powerless to do anything.

Assange is a prisoner in an embassy, Manning is in prison and Snowden left his $200k work from home job and hot girlfriend in Hawaii to go be an exile in some undisclosed location in Russia. Something about this narrative doesn't add up.

Comment Re:Answer the question ? (Score 0) 233

From the time I was born until 2012 when Hillary stepped down as Secretary of State, there has always been a Bush or Clinton in line of succession for the presidency. This use to be called "The Bush Clinton Dynasty" on wikipedia until it was renamed for not being neutral.

Obama still kills people with predator drones. Nothing has really changed. Voting is bullshit. The only candidates that make it up to those two coveted positions are people who have already played the game. They are nothing but actors.

Comment Re:The comment (Score 1) 233

Wow..that's it? That tiny little YouTube quality comment deserved a case to be viewed by the Illinois Supreme Court?!

Only someone with a decent amount of money could even hope to bring such a frivolous thing to such a horrible end. Normally garbage like this gets thrown out.

There are two forms of justice in this country. I really hope that either Comcast has already thrown out this log or it was made from a coffee shop or restaurant or some other location where it would be impossible to determine the person.

I would hate for this person's life to me ruined by such a shit head politician who wastes his time chasing after people who make off hand internet comments rather than doing his fucking job!

Comment Re:Up to 20Gbps (Score 4, Insightful) 81

Well minimum could be 0 if the conditions are bad. Usually the maximum include "ideal conditions" which may or may not be defined.

To set a minimum, you need to set a range, conditions and if the devices are in line of probably other things I'm missing.

Comment Re:maybe robots can fly the drones (Score 5, Insightful) 298

I don't know, maybe it might be a moral thing because they're executing people they don't know, for crimes they're not even aware of simply because they're given an order by a government that doesn't even follow its own rules and in answerable to no one?! Jesus man! They're killing people! They're killing A LOT of people, without trails. There are lots of innocents the die. Kids. Fathers. Mothers. Drone strikes aren't as precise as they have you believe.

That's why they're leaving. They're probably having nightmares at night about the people they killed who they never met; never even looked into their eyes.

Comment Snowden Limited Hangout (Score 0) 222

The Snowden leaks were accepted uncompromisingly when they came about, even through the majority of the "evidence" were redacted papers and power point slides. The US government didn't do the thing they always do in every other situation: deny everything. Hell, there is more evidence given by 9/11 truthers than what showed up in the beginning of the Snowden leaks (and really even the continual leaks).

We are to believe that a man who worked from home, in Hawaii, making $200k a year with a smoking hot girlfriend, just decided he was morally obligated to spill the beans and release all this classified information. Is it possible for one man to get all this information? Yes. Chelsey manning did it. But after that I have trouble believing the narrative.

Snowden speaks more elegantly than any other whistle blower. He is the model of perfection. He has had that nose piece missing from his glasses in every interview and god that's got to get annoying. Surely one of his guards can go to a store in Russia and get it fixed!

I'm sorry, the Snowden story doesn't add up. It's too perfect and every new agency has picked it up as the gospel truth without question.

Let me ask you this? What is the true implication of the mass spying? It's not that the government is spying on individuals; it's that they can release a piece of propaganda and test to see how many people believe it. It's the means by which a nation can measure their bullshit. In the wake of the Snowden leaks, there have been no revolutions; no riots; no people screaming in the streets. It's the ultimate proof that domestic spying works! You can spy on an entire nation; prevent any form of dissent and no one gives two shits.

Snowden is a limited hangout and I bet he still works for the NSA.

Comment Re:Hialrious (Score 1) 412

And you know, if he left out the part about "they cry" this wouldn't be newsworthy. Also, if we just said the fall-in-love bits and padded the end with the Einstein quote about science not being able to explain why people fall in love; this would be placed in a totally different light.

Comment Re:This makes me feel safe (Score 4, Interesting) 357

Terrorism...yea... that thing.

Look carefully at the "underwear bomber." He was let onto the plan by an still unidentified Indian man. There are many who believe this was an FBI op. Shoe-bomber? Same shady situation. Even going back to the Pan-Am bombing, the CIA gave that man the explosives. They were suppose to give him non-functioning explosives. They actively sought to radicalize someone; making a criminal out of someone who wouldn't have been on their own. This is the definition of entrapment.

EVERY SINGLE AIRPORT related "attack" was directly caused by the US. Every security precaution is "security theatre." Those rape-a-scanners? Keep in mind that people who have repeated CAT scans for medical purposes have a higher risk for cancer. The effects build over time for continual exposure. In 20 years, we're gong to see frequent flyers with cancers directly related to body scanners.

The American media is not free. We live in a propaganda state. Oh brave new world, with such people in it.

Comment e-commerce (Score 5, Interesting) 207

I worked in e-commerce once. Our client had fifteen tracking pixels in the final page of the checkout process! It added a good 10 ~ 20 seconds to that page. That was on top of all the Adobe Omniture garbage.

I refused to pulled crazy triple shifts after I the Thanksgiving break and was let go. I was so glad. It was totally not worth it and unemployment felt awesome after all that rubbish.

Also, fuck TOMS shoes!

"Why should we subsidize intellectual curiosity?" -Ronald Reagan