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Comment: Re:Be ready for a lot of frustration (Score 1) 168

I had an old Handspring Visor, Palm Treo and Centro. I came here to say this.

I had the IDE for a while. No multitasking (you could have timers that ran background tasks) and you could read/write directly into other programs' memory spaces. It was so easy to crash that OS. It's seriously only a few levels above MS/PC DOS with a really crappy C API. I'm really glad we're so far past those devices.

Comment: Final Cut? (Score 1, Troll) 214

by SumDog (#47343689) Attached to: Apple Kills Aperture, Says New Photos App Will Replace It

I stopped using iPhone years ago because of it's horrible UI and way of pulling everything into its ecosystem. I hated the fact that Lion removed both spaces and expose and replaces them with the mission control rubbish. And I really hated how Apple destroied their Final Cut product and told professional video editors to basically use their new iMovie pro.

And yet people will tell you all the above is better, because they love Apple and can't see past that. It's like being with a women who started smoking cigarettes and puts on an extra 20kg. You still love her for some arbritrary reason of a memory of what she once was.

Comment: Re:My experience driving a Prius (Score 1) 377

by SumDog (#47249539) Attached to: Are US Hybrid Sales Peaking Already?

The really early Hybrid Civics had manual options. But they were primitavie "let's just slap an electric motor between the transmission and engine" designs. I'm with you though. I don't even like the paddle shifters on the new GTRs (even though I realize it still has a clutch and it's a lot faster...just give me a pedal to launch with. If you spend $80k on a car, you should at least get that).

The Tesla high end roaders are 3-speeds I believe. Not sure if they have a clutch though, but there is a shifter lever.

Comment: Re:War of government against people? (Score -1, Flamebait) 875

by SumDog (#47199955) Attached to: America 'Has Become a War Zone'

I use to be pro-gun, even though I'd never personally own one. Then I moved to Australia and later New Zealand. America's gun laws are absolutely fucking insane.

I think it's okay to own one, but everyone should have a license. None of this cash and carry bullshit. You have to register your car. You need a license for a car. If it wasn't for the 2nd amendment, no one would question license and registration for guns. Cops should have to register their guns too and should never be allowed to take service weapons home with them or use them off duty. They should need civilian licenses just like everyone else.

You know what goes down with sane gun laws? Suicides. Australia's suicide rate plummeted. Sure people who are going to kill themselves will usually do so no matter what. That's what you lean in psychology class. But they also don't want to fuck up. The only thing worse that surviving for someone that depressed, is surviving with permanent brain or physical injury. Guns provide that push over that edge; to assure you there is no recovery.

America's gun laws are insane compared to every other high income country. And Americans are oblivious to the fact it makes us the laughing stock of the entire world.

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