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Comment Keto (Score 1) 142

I've been on a mostly-Keto diet for over a year now. I dropped from 70kg to 61kg. The lowest I've been was 57kg but I've occasionally been eating pizza while travelling or drinking more with friends. Overall it's been a great lifestyle choice. I feel better. I have more energy. It's easier to build muscles. I weigh less and if all the data is correct, I have a much lower chance of heart disease.

I still meet people who sad low-carb is bad. I'm visiting some vegetarian friends who seriously believe that (and one of them teaches health classes in the Peace Corps!). I've been staying with them a month, eating way too many beans and potatoes. I finally went out an bought some meat on my own and next week I fly out. I'll be so glad to cook for myself again. I've gained at least 2kg while here.

Anyway, if these noodles are the real deal, and they don't taste like cardboard, it would awesome. I'd love to chow down on them with some pesto and feta cheese. Yum!

Submission + - How Google and Microsoft made E-mail Unreliable (penguindreams)

SumDog writes: E-mail has turned into a blackhole, so much so that many use closed, non-federated services such as Facebook as a primary means of communication. In How Google and Microsoft made E-mail Unreliable, the author goes into history of e-mail and over-aggressive spam filters.

"E-mail is completely broken and unreliable thanks to big players like Google, Microsoft and Facebook. When I attempted to setup an e-mail server in 2013... the largest challenge I faced wasn’t from my own technology stack, but with my e-mails becoming unreliable against both Google’s and Microsoft’s over-aggressive spam filters."

Even with correct SPF, DKIM and DMARC records, legitimate e-mail "...with no links, images or profanity ... will still end up in the receiver’s spam folder or get discarded silently." The author continues, "Many people today only use e-mail to sign up for other services. It becomes a bucket of notifications that are never checked. The inbox has turned into the spam folder and Google’s attempts of adding priority e-mail and automatic sorting seem to have come too little and too late."

Comment Re:Sadly.. (Score 1) 351

How would you know your UI isn't limiting you?

I looked at Coffeescript once a long time ago and was like, "This doesn't feel any better," and "This is a waste of time."

I looked back at it recently and gave it a fair shot. It helps there are much better tutorials and examples today. Now I'm like "OMFG why the hell would I ever write in straight Javascript again?!"

It might have helped that in the years between I did a lot more Scala, Python and Ruby...and Coffeescript really incorporates some of the amazing concepts about those languages into it.

It's like Java. Once you use Scala or Groovy for a while, you'll be like "WTF?! How did I live doing this terrible stuff in Java when all these newer JVM languages let me use all my old Java libraries with way less code, less boiler plate and cleaner syntax."

Seriously dude, if you don't try something...and by that I mean give it a fair shot, you shouldn't criticize it. You sound like "Get of my lawn."

I for one have used Photoshop since 3.0 all the way to CS6 and CC. I have also used Gimp for years. Today I only use Gimp for small quick things: cropping, resizing .. maybe adjustments (but honestly Gimp can't compare to Lightroom for that either). If I need to build anything complex, I go to Photoshop. I can't give an unbiased opinion of their UI since I've literally used it since high school. But I have used Gimp since 2002-ish, and I once did a bunch of my site graphics in it as well; so I have it a fair shake. I really feel Gimp sucks for anything really intensive and graphics related. I guarantee you, if you were in a Graphics Design job, it'd take 2x-4x longer to do something on Gimp than it would in Photoshop. Same with Inkscape and Illustrator.

Comment Re: Virtualize? (Score 1) 406

I have a feeling they only have one set of hardware. You can't just plug in the 2nd set of sensor wires and ensure they work with protocol converters or reverse engineer them. Even if there is a 2nd system, it's probably a backup that always needs to be ready.

I'm sure modern airports have newer equipment and there are probably specialized companies that can come in and install newer hardware and get it up and running side by side the old stuff so you can then take the old stuff down (or turn it into a backup), but that stuff doesn't come cheap. For smaller cities, they probably just don't want to spend the money on the airport.

Comment Every other country (Score 5, Interesting) 622

Every other country is offering unlimited plans. Cheaper unlimited plans in Australia and New Zealand are now the norm.

Here's the thing, we're not talking about a resource. There is not finite supply of water pouring into your house. We're talking about bandwidth. We're talking about electrons that are always flowing down the wire. There is no real resource being consumed by using more data.

During non-peak times when your switches are not at capacity, it doesn't really take more electricity to process more data (not really; not measurably). During peak times, it may be more difficult to offer quality of service because everyone is streaming something (even if it's just a video). Your total cost is in the infrastructure for standard data at peak.

It's not a resource like power or water. That electricity is always running over those wires. The more powerful switches you need are a sunk cost!

Comment I never liked this game... (Score 1) 12

I only played the PS Visa version. Is the PS3/PS4 version any better? I felt like it looked pretty, but there was very little challenge. The levels had infinite lives and I'm not one of those people who go back for 100% completion. There just didn't seem to be anything special to this game.

Comment Pretty Amazing Really (Score 4, Interesting) 32

I've never been hit by one of these, but I realize it can cost people a lot of money due to some shitheads. I'm really glad a lot of these keys have been found and made public. I'm sure this won't be the end of ransomware...people will just use new keys, but hopefully this will help some of those who have clicked on a not-a-flash upgrade or bad e-mail attachment.

Comment Re:Conflict of Interest (Score 3, Interesting) 186

Toyota had a dedicated lab in France that worked with cold fusion for two years! There are countless other groups that have done so as well.

The biggest problem is that the results are not predictable. Many groups can get excess heat from water, but not consistently. We need to know how and why it works before it can be marketed. We need to know how and why it works so it can be reproducible 100% of the time. Even if we don't really figure out how/why, if we can get the numbers up to 90% can be marketable. But no one can.

There is a huge missing piece that no one has figured out. Major companies and universities have invested a large amount of time and money into this. But I have a feeling this will come down to a group or individual having an eureka moment and discovering the missing part of the equation. The potential for energy is staggering. It would literally change everything.

I hate the tone of the Slashdot article because it makes this seem like a stupid/lost cause/hoax situation when it's anything form that.

Watch "Fire from Water." It's a bit sensational, but it's a decent documentary that does accurately portray the cold fusion debate.

Comment MacBook Black (Score 2) 59

Reminds me of my old MacBook black which liked to turn itself off randomly. My old housemate had a problem with his as well. There were a ton of blog posts back in the day about this being a physical problem; about heat causing part of the case to expand and a capacitor on the motherboard would push up against something causing it to short and shut-off. That was only one of the theories. There were tons of others. It might have been several different design faults depending on the model/generation.

Comment Re:What SSRI medication is this one on? (Score 1) 1165

I fucking hate SSRIs. Study after study that shows they're as effective as placebo fail to get published. There's a massive publishing bias. All I remember being on them was my head feeling numb. They are effective for like 2 weeks and then feel like hell. Coming off of them was a nightmare both times. They are super over-prescribed and should be a last resort. But too many therapists are worried about liability, so they always offer up the drug options first.

Comment Re:Without government... (Score 1) 471

I got a regular cab instead of an Uber during the tube strike. It was 58 GBP to get to, not the airport, the automated above ground lines to London City Airport...the only lines still running. I heard everyone bitching about the tube drivers too, which was stupid. They weren't even asking for more money. They didn't want to work 7~14 week night shifts. The transport board knew they couldn't afford night tubes, the city wouldn't give them more money, so they set up the tube drivers to strike so they could blame everything on them. Fucking transport board.

Also, the drivers should have run the trains and convinced the ticketing unions to open all the gates. Then everyone wins! You make the city lose money and regular joes don't spend insane amounts on taxis. It works in France.

Also, fuck London.

Comment Re:Oh, that's ironic (Score 1) 578

Everyone is so angry about immigration. You know how to stop the refugee crisis? Get Europe/US/UK government to STOP SUPPORTING TERRORISM! You ever notice how they don't interview any of the refugees on UK/IR news feeds? And when they do, they don't bother with a translator; just find the few who speak English and gave them 10 seconds of airtime.

If you actually talked to them, you'd learn that not one of these "Freedom Fighters" or "Rebels" is Syrian. Almost all of them are being pumped in from outside the country and funded by the US and Europe. We've giving them guns to cause a regime change. Obama is saying the same things about Asad that Bush said about Hussein. It's 2003 all over again.

Fuck this narrative.

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