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Comment Re:Greenhouse gasses? (Score 1) 261

The chixulub comparison is quite interesting, it does make you wonder what would happen if you could have your 100 impactors of that size delivered in a short period of time, what effect would that much energy have on the core of the planet (minimal I suppose) and how long would it take for the atmosphere to settle dwon afterwards. Of course the Martian conservation movement would be up in arms.

Comment Re:Those Anti-Science Liberals. (Score 1) 414

For the majority of ailments that people visit a doctor for a placebo would be the best treatment option, no-one is saying try and treat cancer with them. If you are being prescribed penicillin or anti-depressants or even mild painkillers you're probably better having nothing at all.


Again, I'm not saying that is better than most drugs, because after all that's how drugs are tested for effectiveness - they must be better than placebos (which are usually also effective!). However in many cases rather than increasing antibiotic resistance or risking addiction issues you'd probably be better having some quack waving a crystal over you.

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