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Comment: Re: Not France vs US (Score 1) 309

You don't have milkmen? I do, I don't order milk from him as it's a bit overpriced compared to supermarket milk, but he still drops some off now and again if he has extra. If you've ever been to France you may notice that they still have lots of nice little shops, cafes and bars in their small towns. Some people believe that these things provide a tangible benefit to quality of life and are worth preserving.

Comment: Re:Bad! (Score 0) 619

by Stuarticus (#47280503) Attached to: 2 US Senators Propose 12-Cent Gas Tax Increase

For example, the states that thought they'd pay for their health care systems by increasing the taxes on cigarettes have learned that increased price per pack has resulted in a decrease in revenue as more people stop smoking. Increasing the gas taxes will cause less use and less tax revenue, so it will be harder to pay for the things the gas tax is intended to pay for.

Shocked you're modded insightful when you seem to have overlooked the obvious point that the idea is to reduce consumption, which will help attain reductions in costs of managing smoking/gas externalities. Also overall revenues will not necessarily go down, certainly in the case of gas tax. Typical Libertarian logic fail.

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by Stuarticus (#47279949) Attached to: Harley-Davidson Unveils Their First Electric Motorcycle

Dominos has an electric bike scooter doing delivery in the Netherlands that has a noise machine.

More for pedestrians than cars, to stop them walking in front of the bike because they don't hear it, this happens to me fairly often when I'm cycling. People won't even check the road but will assume that because they can't hear anything nothing is coming.

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