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Comment Re:illogical summary (Score 1) 360

I'd also point out they sound warm because of the even order harmonics and the ability to push a lot of bass not synaesthesia. There's a good explanation here:


I also find the article linked to about the z-vex half watt nano head being able to power a Marshall 4x12 stack pretty hilarious (it's only 20dB quieter! Don't worry about bass it's over-rated). I'm not sure engadget is a reliable source of information on this particular subject.

Comment Re:illogical summary (Score 1) 360

While the article is right that many devices use fake tubes it is wrong about the heater element, 12AX7 tubes use a heater voltage of 6.3 or 12.6V the HT should be over a hundred volts the exact voltage depending on your operating point. So it is entirely possible to run a valve glow from a 12 volt supply, in fact it's almost perfect.

Comment Re:Jargon (Score 2) 160

I have found that the amount of complexity and jargon is inversely correlated with the competence of the scientist. Great scientists, like Richard Feynman, and Albert Einstein, were famous for their clear and simple explanations.

They may have been - WHEN THEY WERE SPEAKING TO THE PUBLIC - academic writing is different matter, maybe you should review their papers to appreciate the difference.

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