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Comment: Re:What an Embarrassingly Vapid Article (Score 1) 477

Does that increase or decrease traffic compared to the situation where people will cruise a street repeatedly making illegal U-turns hoping a space will become available that will save them a 5 minute walk? How about counting for people who obstruct traffic to wait for someone they see about to get in a car because they hope that space will become available? Surely it's also more efficient if the car is travelling to a space it knows is empty rather than a driver blindly looking around for a spot, which also reduces his ability to watch the road.

Comment: Re: What an Embarrassingly Vapid Article (Score 2) 477

Not necessarily, by turning cars into more of a utility like a taxi you are removing most of the need for them to differentiate themselves with regards to design and advertising, they can become more utilitarian as they are no longer status symbols so the build is cheaper, less need to advertise as they are all broadly similar. So you immediately reduce your build cost substantially.

Comment: Re:Wow, a whole 1%? (Score 3, Informative) 163

by Stuarticus (#49396611) Attached to: Tesla's April Fool's Joke Spoofs Market Algorithms
Who says they got burned? The whole idea of these trading algorithms is that you can make money from any movement in the price due to your rapid response times, price instability like this is what they thrive on. That's exactly why they should be banned, they are the highest volume traders and they are motivated to destabilise prices which is the exact opposite point of the market.

"Necessity is the mother of invention" is a silly proverb. "Necessity is the mother of futile dodges" is much nearer the truth. -- Alfred North Whitehead