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Comment Re:Predictions, so far, have been accurate (Score 1) 550

You are so far beyond deluded that is is actually amusing if you expect it to be possible for us to build a model accurate over the next billion years. You may have noticed these strange multi celled creatures walking around since the last billion year forecast was made. Or maybe you don't believe in evolution so you think it's OK to assume everything will be the same then?

Comment Re:Nexus aren't satisfactory (Score 1) 180

IDK... its not that hard to root and install a custom rom on them these days.Maybe 2 minutes work.... even on Sammys its dead simple nowadays. So much so that 'guaranteed' updates is meh... and not worth the trade-offs that have to be made if I purchase a Nexus model.

Then all you have to do is hope the community maintains a ROM for your device... I'd rather look on a custom ROM as being a last resort, while I've really enjoyed using CyanogenMod I'd rather my device was maintained properly in the first place by the people who sold it to me.

Having been through the process I'd also dispute your "2 minutes work" even for a fairly experienced user the time taken to read the guides and find all the appropriate tools is easily going to be half an hour, plus an outside chance of bricking of your phone if you make any idiot mistakes.

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