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+ - Google Compute Engine aces cloud performance test->

Submitted by StoneLion
StoneLion (662869) writes "Amazon Web Services has been the 800-pound gorilla of cloud IaaS providers, but Google, Rackspace, Microsoft, and others are trying to claim market share. Last week RightScale, a cloud management provider that works with all IaaS providers, published the results of its performance test of Google Compute Engine. It had 200,000 users simultaneously hitting a test website, which was able to serve up 330,000 pageviews per minute — pretty impressive scalability. The article has test configuration details and performance graphs."
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The Internet

+ - Top Five Best WordPress Plugins for Businesses->

Submitted by StoneLion
StoneLion (662869) writes "WordPress isn't just for personal blogs anymore, but businesses that want to run their corporate sites on the popular blogging platform are going to want some help, in the form of plugins that automate important business tasks. Joe Brockmeier, who's been using WordPress since before there was a Facebook, thinks he's found the five best. Can you add to the list?"
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Open Source

+ - SPDX sets new standard for SW license info xchange->

Submitted by StoneLion
StoneLion (662869) writes "Get ready for SPDX! The first version of Software Package Data Exchange (SPDX) project is set for release next month. It promises a standard format for license and copyright information that can be included with a project's code. If it catches on, it solves an annoying problem for developers who'd rather code than track licensing legalities."
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+ - SPAM: Host Yr Own Instant Messaging Server with Openfire

Submitted by
StoneLion writes "Some companies block instant messaging services at the firewall, calling them a distraction — and thereby lose the benefits of timely collaboration among dispersed contributors. But organizations can host an XMPP-based instant messaging server of their own by installing Openfire. This article will get you started, and even tell you how you can connect your server to popular external IM services."
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+ - Guide for overclocking Asus G-series notebooks->

Submitted by StoneLion
StoneLion (662869) writes "The Asus G-Series notebooks come with heavy-duty fans that can handle high temperatures, so the usual rules about not overclocking a notebook don't necessarily apply. The NotebookReview forums have a step-by-step guide to overclocking an Asus G73JW and boosting its performance significantly."
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+ - Details leaked on HP's Topaz webOS-based tablet->

Submitted by StoneLion
StoneLion (662869) writes "TabletPCReview has a roundup of the latest details and rumors about HP's promised "Topaz" tablet, which will use the webOS operating system HP picked up when it acquired Palm. Among other things, Topaz promises inductive (wireless) charging, along with wireless picture and website sharing, audio streaming, music sharing, printing, and video streaming from a video dock to VGA or HDMI out."
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+ - Australian Aboriginal Rock Art May Depict Giant Bi->

Submitted by grrlscientist
grrlscientist (1127371) writes "An Australian Aboriginal rock art may depict a giant bird that is thought to have become extinct some 40,000 years ago, thereby making it the oldest rock painting on the island continent. The red ochre drawing was first discovered two years ago, but archaeologists were only able to confirm the finding two weeks ago, when they first visited the remote site on the Arnhem Land plateau in north Australia."
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+ - First-ever neutrino "appearance" seen by OPERA->

Submitted by edgeofphysics
edgeofphysics (1711884) writes "That neutrinos change from one form to another has been well-known for some time now. But the evidence for this has always come from the "disappearance" of neutrinos. For the first time ever, the OPERA experiment in Italy has evidence of neutrino oscillations via the "appearance" of neutrinos. This is a big deal in the search for new physics"
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+ - New Hungarian government OMG's all gov sites

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The new Hungarian government chose to replace the home pages to a "disclaimer" webpage in several governmental websites such as ministries or the Foreign Office. The title and the main message is OMG which is followed by an explanation that the inherited websites "lack any kind of uniform structure" and this is "unworty of Hungary".


Today is the takeover day in most ministries for the new administration."

+ - Where to Park the Space Shuttle->

Submitted by NicknamesAreStupid
NicknamesAreStupid (1040118) writes "As Atlantis roars off on its final 'official' mission to the space station, there is talk that it "could be parked" at the space station as an emergency vehicle by a small crew who could be returned on Soyuz. Since upon return they are going to prep Atlantis as an emergency vehicle for the Discovery mission, then the cost of 'parking' it will be less than a full mission and perhaps not a whole lot more than scuttling it The shuttle could also be used as a "save haven" in case the station suffered a failure, and it could be used to raise the station into a higher orbit.

I am sure that some congressperson would prefer to have it parked in his/her favorite donor's driveway, but politics aside (LOL) whatdayathink? It this the ultimate practical thing to do, nerd-wise, or just the "farthest out" abandoning of a vehicle since the last moon walk?"

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+ - Sea Serpent Caught In Waters Of Sweden->

Submitted by The Installer
The Installer (1665419) writes "First he thought it was a piece of plastic floating near the shoreline. When he got closer, 73-year-old Kurt Ove Eriksson realized the 12-foot (3.65-meter) serpent-like object was a rare creature from the depths of the ocean.

Marine biologists later determined Eriksson had found a Giant Oarfish — the world's largest bony fish — last seen in Swedish waters about 130 years ago.

"It was very long and shiny," Eriksson told The Associated Press on Wednesday. "It also had whiskers, even though it looked like they had been broken off. And a strange light-pink dorsal fin."

A retired engineer and avid fisherman, Eriksson made the unusual discovery Saturday on his way to his boathouse in Bovallstrand, on Sweden's west coast.

"I've been fishing around here since 1957 and I've never seen anything like it," he said. "But I've seen enough fish to know that it was a deep-water fish."

Eriksson handed over the dead fish to The House of the Sea, an aquarium in the nearby town of Lysekil, where marine expert Roger Jansson said it's being kept pending a decision on what to do with it.

Jansson said the Giant Oarfish can grow up to 36 feet (11 meters), and is believed to live in deep waters. He said the last recorded discovery in Sweden was in 1879.

Sightings of the fish are believed to have inspired tales of sea serpents."

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+ - Deceiving Users with the Facebook Like Button->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes ""Facebook just launched a super-easy widget called "The Facebook Like Button". Website owners can add a simple iframe snippet to their html, enabling a nice "Like" button with a count of other people's "Likes" and a list of faces of people if any of them are your friends. The advantage of this new tool is that you don't need any fancy coding. Just fill up a simple wizard , and paste the embed code in, just like you do with Youtube, etc. However, this simplicity has a cost: Users can be tricked into "Like"ing pages they're not at.""
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+ - Easy way to roll your Kiosk operating system->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Nice summary of how to setup a secure kiosk/restricted Internet access point in a public environment. The approach is client-server with each being a custom distribution of Linux built using SuSE Studio ( The article is written with the application being a touchscreen hospital information point, but the same approach could easily be used for securing Internet stations in a cafe or library."
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+ - The fruit fly, "Drosophila", gets a new name->

Submitted by G3ckoG33k
G3ckoG33k (647276) writes "The name of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster will change to Sophophora melangaster. The reason is that scientists have by now discovered some 2,000 species of the genus and it is becoming unmanageably large. Unfortunately, the "type species" (the reference point of the genus), Drosophila funebris is rather unrelated to the D. melanogaster, and ends up in a distant part of the relationship tree. However, geneticists have, according to Google Scholar, more than 300,000 scientific articles describing inumerable aspects of the species, and will have to learn the new name as well as remembering the old. As expected, the name change has created an emotional (and practical) stir all over media. While name changes are frequent in science, as they describe new knowledge about relationships between species, these changes rarely hit economically relevant species, and when they do, people get upset. What is more important here, scientific accuracy in the naming or the practical aspects of learning a new name?"
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