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Comment: Re:Context? (Score 1) 301 301

by SteeldrivingJon (#39409123) Attached to: Apple to Buy Back $10bn of Its Shares and Pay Dividend
"In theory the stock buyback would do nothing to the value of shares. The remaining shares would own a bigger part of the company, but this company is ten billion dollars less valuable. In an efficient market, this would offset" The stock buyback isn't very big, and will probably just keep the exercise of restricted stock grants (or options, whichever) from diluting the stock much.

Comment: Re:It already is (Score 1) 607 607

by SteeldrivingJon (#39398509) Attached to: Should Snatching an iPhone Be a Felony?
"Shouldn't a crime require intent? If not, people should be charged with theft whenever they move a chair at a restaurant." If you move a chair at a restaurant, it remains in the ultimate control and possession of the restaurant, because it's still on the premises. If you "borrow" a restaurant's chair, and take it to the business next door, intending to return it at some point, but without permission, you have stolen the chair.

Comment: Re:Hang on ... (Score 1) 356 356

by SteeldrivingJon (#38496760) Attached to: Anonymous Hacks US Think Tank Stratfor
"Which of course makes it difficult for a recent political science graduate who doesn't read the language to find it so they will just make things up."

Or maybe they have contacts in the region with whom they communicate directly.

You're showing even more ignorance than you are accusing Stratfor of having.

Comment: Re:Why did they target Stratfor? (Score 1) 356 356

by SteeldrivingJon (#38491862) Attached to: Anonymous Hacks US Think Tank Stratfor
"But who, that can actually help Bradley Manning gives a fuck about Stratfor?"

There probably *are* people at the Pentagon who are customers of Stratfor, who could help Manning. Maybe they're civilians who started subscribing before coming to the Pentagon. Maybe it's someone with access to government intel who considers it a useful additional news source like their Washington Post subscription.

But as far as helping Manning... I can't see this being any more helpful than dropping a bag of flaming poop on the Secretary of Defense's front porch.

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