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Comment: Only from repositories? (Score 1) 317

by StarbuckZero (#29816215) Attached to: NVIDIA Driver Developer Discusses Linux Graphics

Back in the old days I would go to the site and download the drivers. Now there are installed from the Ubuntu repository soon as I turn on 3D desktop effects. So if you ask me they might want to start tracking downloads from the different distros out there. Then again I'm sure a lot of people are thinking that.

However it still suck that they're not worried about ESA and PhysX support. I'm a little upset that the Linux gaming market is not doing well but that's when I just say fuck it and go with a gaming console. However I still enjoy playing FPS games like QuakeLive and I hope I'll still be able to play some of the new games using Wine if there isn't a native port. I think the only thing that would help Linux get back on track is a game console because a lot of games are ported to Windows using Microsoft's XNA SDK.

Comment: I'm still going with Flash (Score 1) 228

by StarbuckZero (#28320467) Attached to: First Look At Microsoft Silverlight 3

As of right now IE is lagging behind when it comes to most of the web technology. So even when support for HTML5 comes into play I'm sure MS is going to lag behind like they always do. For the company I'm working for now I have to build a HTML and Flash version of the company website. Let me tell you I can't wait to do the Flash version because most of the hacks I'm doing for the CSS/XHTML version is for IE, that's even with a AJAX toolkit. In Flash it will work across the board and I don't have to worry about writing hacks for different browsers and platforms. I don't want Flash, Silverlight or even JavaFX to become the norm. I just want Microsoft to support W3C standards just like the other browsers. Everyone at my work place think I'm not trying to support IE when it comes to the project. They just don't realize how much in the pain in the ass it is to even support IE.

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