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Comment: Those of you whos mom or wife (Score 1) 75

by Stan92057 (#47521659) Attached to: Verizon's Offer: Let Us Track You, Get Free Stuff
Those of you whos mom or wife does your groceries shopping, This is nothing new but expected. Everyone fills out a shopper card it would be stupid not too if you didn't grow up with the silver spoon. So after all theses years of collecting data on what people buy what has it done for the stores except for product placement>

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Sorry I didn't reply sooner for some reason this reply from slasdot was in the spam folder...strange never happened before.. That's said

Im 56 I've been around. There is 1 country I would consider moving too IF I had too and that is Canada. There are NO European country's I would like to move to or live or even visit. That's my personal choice based on 56 years of life. The first 5 I have no recollection of lol

Comment: Re:Logically (Score 1) 115

by Stan92057 (#47511655) Attached to: UK Users Overwhelmingly Spurn Broadband Filters
I don't agree, I think they just didn't use the filter because they have no idea how or if it works. OR they already have filters they know work and the filters block content they want blocked. By the article people use filters, a lot of people use filters and they have a chose with the ISP law they have even more choices. but parents don't like to take chances with blocking software they haven't a clue works or not. Definite not for the reasons you state your not who they make the filters for. They don't care about logic they care about filtering that works. As a parent that's is what I would have made my choices does it do a really great job of blocking porn and adult content. Thank god the internet came after my kids left home.

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by Stan92057 (#47500747) Attached to: A Look At NASA's Orion Project
To place all the blame on the union is really a false statement. Corporate America outsourced jobs to make MORE money they do not care 1 ounce for workers as they are just numbers. Or replacing jobs with robots who don't pay tax's don't buy cars don't do anything but make stockholders money we shouldn't blame CEO for raping corporations they never had I ounce of sweat in building. American cars were the best cars in the world up until the day Corporations started buying already made car parts from Communist country's Like China who doesn't give a fuck about Americans period. Are there bad union officials hell ya and there assess should be in jail but they are not the reason for the collapse of our auto industry.1 one people to blame are our elected officials for allowing cooperate America to outsource our tax paying jobs to slave labor communist country's like China.

An industry that doesn't have the protection laws our UNIONS lost real life's to get. They live in filthy because there government doesn't force company's to provide safe and clean working areas. Something our Unions and Unions workers had fought for to get . Nope lets blame the Unions, that the easy scapegoat to blame. Takes the blame where it really belongs and that is corrupt government officials and greedy corporate America who will sell out an American worker in a heart beat. That is IMO based on everything I've lived through the last 56 years

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Quote "I was speaking in general" End Quote
100% false,
Quote " but she bears at least some of it for taking nude pictures of herself and posting them online, protected or not. "End Quote"
There's My proof your 100% wrong, your own words. I stand by all my words dude 100% of them

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