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Comment Re: Scripts that interact with passwords fields aw (Score 1) 364 364

Oh i know that i have had Roboform since it was released. No matter what the files type is it can be hacked and storing it on someone elses servers is far less secure. There is no argument anyone can make. The cloud "servers" are as secure as they make them. Taking your security away from you. Look today even Steam it has a huge security hole http://masterherald.com/steam-...

Comment Re:"privacy of North Koreans" (Score 1) 100 100

Just how would a normal non techie know if his version of Linux hasn't has stuff added by the say NSA? Unless your a coder you wouldn't know. How do people know the copy they download from so and so university hasn't been NSAed? Unless you download from the Official servers you can be getting anything right?

Comment Re:Am I the only guy here that likes G+? (Score 1) 152 152

Did you forget day one of Google+? everyone who had an gmail account was forced to be a google + member. That and every thing you had was open to everyone all your email contacts, Everything you thought was private was now not private with no choices to stop it. Really your asking why?

Comment Re:nothing new under the sun (Score 1) 446 446

Your forgetting one thing, most married people do not file as married filing joint they file as single then claim married and the deductions at tax time to get the refunds. Yes its their own money but for people how cant save on their own..A singe person can only file single..no refund unless they pay extra in fed taxes on purpose. So being married does have its benefits tax wise.

Comment Re:Sling me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast (Score 1) 111 111

Yes it was because of poor TV reception people moved to cable. Honestly cable should be crystal clear. I remember watching Cable TV from cable at my aunts house and my jaw dropped to the floor. I will say however MTV and HBO was advertised as Commercial free and they were sued when they added commercials. End Story was MTV wasn't a pay channel like HBO they could show ads Hoever HBO was a paid for extra channel so they cant show ads during the movies,shows only before and after. And no i don't have a link this is from memory which I,m sure isn't 100% correct.lol

Comment Re:Sling me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast (Score 1) 111 111

Wouldn't this case be the same/similar as the Malware in the 90,s that put ads on everyone's web site as long as you had their toolbar? The ads covered the ads of the web site cant remember the name of it. I guess what im saying here is, hasn't there already been a ruling on this kinda behavior?

Comment Re:Feels weird agreeing with scientologists (Score 1) 265 265

I love how you total misunderstood what i said in true Hollywood style. As if i really think they have syringes ready and Waiting for someone to wig out. Hell maybe i think Thor is a real person? It was a though dude a though not based on any facts other then they do have sedatives that can put you down. God man get a grip.

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