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Comment Re:Strange (Score 1) 314

And when too many people start doing that they will complain or take that option away and yahoo for years didn't allow pop gmail did though for free. Whats wrong is yahoo any the rest can collect and spy on what add-ons we have on our PC and that's really none of their business that that IMO needs to be fixed at the browser level. How can we stop web sites/anyone from collecting our browser data? PC data?

Comment Re:YouTube still needs Google+ for commenting (Score 1) 54

My Gmail account was converted to a Google+ account 3 Weeks ago. I never asked, never agreed to anything, never clicked anything. Searched 3 days to find a way to quit Google+ their is no Quitting Google plus unless i quit my gmail account. Nothing Google says can be trusted anymore, they broke my trust and will never get it back. Honestly i am really close to cutting the Internet cord I'm Getting tired of internet companys or OS makers telling me what i have to do or allow on MY hardware so they can sell me shit.

Comment Re:NIMBY (Score 1) 151

and you have the ball to call me a nitwit? and 10,000 gallons is on the same level of a 2 pint lawnmower fuel tank?/HAHAHAHHAHAH look in the mirror there fellow nitwit. See you are ok with the risk, its not your neighborhood or country i bet. So if your ok with the risk fuck everyone else who isn't is a nitwit. They were not OK with any risk level good for them i say.

Comment Re:Illegal Police (Score 1) 372

How much stop and frisk and the like goes on in wealthy, white neighborhoods?

NONE because they don't need to stand on the local corner and sell drugs for a living or sex slave girls out or have meth labs in their basements.Or do gang drivebys and kill children You want to pretend the wealthy white neighborhoods are the same as a poor black neighborhood that is just so very wrong lol Stop the reverse racists comments they are baseless and fact less. And where are all the black cops at? why are they not working in there own hoods? because they are not stupid that why, it pays less and its 1000% less safe then the white hoodies. And i would gather a bet, wealthy black neighborhoods don't get frisked either.

Comment Re:NIMBY (Score 1) 151

no risk of bio-hazard? sure and air pollution? because diesel is the cleanest fuel lol sure. But forget all that, the community won period end of story. That's all that matters nice to see the people win once in a while. Their are plenty of old abandoned business that cant be reclaimed because of the cost of the cleanup. Ya lets forget all that because business really care, news flash they don't. They just pack up and move to country's where the people cant say no.

Comment Re:Lame (Score 2) 126

Well everyone complains about Adobe Flash, they cant even get by for a week without someone outing a security bug they find and Oracle manages to sit on 154 patches? for how long? well over 6 months to my knowledge. MS releases fixes every month but Oracle..get my point? Why is Oracle getting a pass?

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