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Comment They will just change the definition of ads (Score 4, Interesting) 630

I paid for a weather channel subscription years ago because it was cheap and they made the CLAIM no ads. That was as it turned out a flat out lie. I unsubscribed the very same day, turns out at the time a lot of people were doing the same. They will just change the definition of what ads are they cant help themselves.The urge to forge loopholes is just too great.

Comment Re:Here we go. (Score 1) 432

i wasnt talking about witnesses,wasnt talking about proving a case. when a person that you make any kinda advance too no matter where you are tells you no thanks ,please stop,stop.no and you continue that,s Harassment plain and simple. I wasn't talking about what it wold take to prove the case in a court of law im talking morals.

Comment Re:Here we go. (Score 1, Flamebait) 432

You are way off base,and didn't answer my question. Again You were told no,stop. You continue, you are harassing the person. Period end of story. If you don't like that truth too bad really, tell it to the judge and jury. or maybe you need to read just what i was replying to in the manner i did to a statement someone else made..either way, your wrong.

Comment Not going to happen (Score 1) 702

I'm still waiting for my change at the gas pump where the price is 2.17.99 and no the mint will never stop making coins the writer didn't research this enough. The us mint makes a mint by selling mint condition coins,special runs,gold coins. Its not just about change, people collect coins it would bring down a whole industry. Not going to happen IMO

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