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Comment What I want to know: is /. sending an announcemet (Score 1) 302 the nuclear shills prior to publishing one of these articles? Not that their boiler-plate would be so difficult to produce on the spur of the moment, but, credit where credit is due, it sure does exceed in smugness and smarmy hail-fellow-well-met!

I'll say one other thing about these polished shills - they win either way. Either they're out propounding their (sympathetic) "pooh-pooh, pooh-pooh..." rhetoric, or, when things do sometimes INEXPLICABLY go awry, they're the first to show up with their somber, contrite faces and roll up their sleeves and (make a pretense of) get (ting) down to DO ANYTHING POSSIBLE TO MITIGATE THE HIGHLY LAMENTABLE (and virtually inexplicable) TRAGEDY. They win either way! Either they're the cool, self-assured pooh-poohers of environmental alarmists, or they're MAKING A SHOW OF moving mountains to resolve something which NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND COULD EVER HAVE ANTICIPATED. LORD HAVE MERCY!!!!!

Comment Re:A right? (Score 1) 114

Personally I strongly dislike this recent trend of pushing the use of your real identity, especially with recent actual occurrences of people being harassed in real life due to online activities. It's one of the many reasons I choose not to use facebook (the other being I find whatever voodoo they do to recommend friends disturbing, I signed up with fake info awhile back and it started recommending people I actually did know from both family and work.. which honestly creeped me the fuck out). I don't feel like my rights are being violated though.

I have seen that. Presumably it is from your visiting their pages with that identity? That's all I can think, because I didn't have them in my contacts or anything.

Comment Re:Patton vs. Bradley (Score 1) 82

The German spooks heard of this, but discarded it quickly. Why would an Army sideline a brilliant General, just because he slapped a simple enlisted man?

Hey, fooled you, most awesomely!

I wondered the same myself. I think Patton slapping a GI is small stuff, probably did much more to piss off his superiors. Maybe they used that to create a red herring for German spies. Back when History Channel had history, one panelist commented if Patton was active on Normandy landings, they would have been more successful (not sure how to define success, airborne troops scattered about was a disaster but it really confused the Germans to exact beachheads). Speaking of ghost armies, I read that Saddam Hussein really believed he had formable WMDs and other weapon systems because his staff pumped up the numbers out of fear if they really told him he had no capable WMDs, they would be fired (literally). Apparently the American spooks fell for this as well.

"In America they break the strongest man."

I heard this once on the NPR show "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" and have always wondered as to the original source.

Comment I thought this had pretty much already been done (Score 1) 98

Except for perhaps the learnability, which is more of an AI than an automated driving advance? Though, in any case it would certainly be impressive to duplicate this independently.

It sounds like the gas and brake controlers are fairly commonly built in, but I was not aware of the steering controls, and he didn't mention adding any motors.

Comment Everyone should check the excellent Israeli... (Score 1) 529

...made documentary "Defamation". It makes the critical point that however many Israelis might perceive otherwise, anti-Zionism is not equivalent to anti-Semitism. Thus, the simple logical fallacy that many Zionists fall prey to is, while all (ethnic) Zionists might be Semites, not all Semites are Zionists.

Comment Well, yeah, duh, because they can! (Score 1) 497

What are the others supposed to do, throw water balloons? Basically, this just means nine times more capable. Guess we should be glad there are less engineers in the world! :) Though, perhaps, non-engineers (i.e. less fulfilling lives, lower earnings, etc) would be more like to become terrorists than engineers, WERE THEY CAPABLE!

Comment If this is substantively as it sounds,... (Score 1) 305

...I think it is one of the most bloody f-g amazing things I have heard in a good long while.

Previously I have seen the AMA as being definitely part of the problem (and maybe this is just damage control in the face of Obamacare, etc?), and their (medical) side being part of the problem is much, MUCH worse than all of the business elements which are (e.g. insurance, pharmaceutics, etc.).

Comment Re:Just Moral Panic: They're taking our jobs!!! (Score 1) 331

I can't tell you how many people we've had apply for web development jobs who think that knowing DreamWeaver and Photoshop makes them qualified!

If that is true, either you must not have read their resume, or else you have a moral obligation to shred them for sending a fallacious one. Someone in that scenario deserves a serious upbraiding.

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