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Role Playing (Games)

+ - More Dev conspiracy for CCP and EVE Online

Submitted by Anon EVE Online Player, also in ISD
Anon EVE Online Player, also in ISD (903774) writes "Ok, here's what's going on: CCP is at it again. They have had a senior developer be accused of using his powers in-game to alter a corporation (guild) to put him in it, and give him almost full total control over the corporation. This isn't an unfounded rumor either, this time there is proof behind it. Also a blow to the RP community, it has been said that CCP have 'fixed' all the RP events to end the way they wanted them to, not how the players determined (which is the way it is suppose to be done). As a person in the volunteer program, ISD, I'm privy to information that the normal playerbase is not. The forums (which is where the below link was spammed to no end) are locked against viewing by anyone while threads are being cleaned up of this post, the in-game help channel is locked, so people can't discuss this there, and the ISD department is going insane over this. As it turns out, what is being stated is ALL TRUE. Shame on you CCP."
Role Playing (Games)

+ - An Open Letter to CCP about EVE Online

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Dear CCP,

Once again, it seems that several of your employees have been up to no good. We'll get into the details a little later, but the highlights are quite juicy: CCP employees abusing their roles to join player corporations and give themselves director access, RP-events being rigged and what I really thought we were over, further fraternization between your employees and members of BoB and the subsequent cover-up. These latter two events actually stem from the same source, a former ISD member.

Let us begin with CCP Sharkbait joining the corporation "DarkStar 1" and giving himself director access. This was not preceded by a customer service request that would in any shape, way or form require a CCP employee to join the corporation. Less then one minute after joining the corporation, he added the role "Director" to himself, roughly fourteen minutes later, he leaves the corporation and surrenders the role.

        * 15.19.48.jpg
        * bait%202.png

Upon learning of this, corporate officers from DarkStar 1 immediately filed a petition in an effort to discover the reasons for this. This petition was promptly deleted and CCP Sharkbait would not respond to in-game conversations.

Why would a CCP Employee ever join a corporation without being asked to do so or any prior communication indicating that this would take place?

Why was the petition filed by officials from DarkStar 1 deleted with no response or reason?

The second part of this sordid story is best told "as is". Below I've included the account of one Raekhan, a former member of ISD. His story is two-fold and will encompass both the rigging of RP-events, as well as the fraternization between members of BoB and CCP and its cover-up.

Without further ado, here is Raehkan's Story:

My apologies for the long delay.

I promised myself not to get involved in what, at the time, I called "An internet nerd revenge scheme' that was this issue, I felt that bringing this stuff to light would be cheap, and silly, and completely beneath anyone who was actually able to 'move on'....

Months after, I planned to re-evaluate....that time has passed, I still have no desire to play EVE, and thus, I can tell you some things....

please PM me with an email address (any email you so choose) to attach a file or two to...

Now, my story....

I am also known as Graelyn, a (once) big RP-community-guy. I was the executor of the Aegis Militia Alliance. (We kicked the Bloodraider NPC group out of the Bleak Lands Region, and recently stomped those StarFraction people.)

The AM guys guys are great GREAT people, and since the below incident ocured, they have safeguarded a very bad secret for a very long time, one that would ensure the dissolution of the RP community we tried so hard to maintain....

Mirial, once the executor of my Alliance, was banned, the center of what would be referred to as the 'Tetrimon OOC affair'.

What occured was this:

Several members of the alliance Aegis Militia were ISD members (completely in regulations and living that double-life as it was intended to be played, by the rules), however, Mirial, who was once an ISD member, managed to get the login/PW info to an ISD forum from a director of her corp who happened to be in ISD. (How this happened is still a mystery even to me, I am still inquiring)...

Basically, Mirial was accessing an AURORA website illegally, and was banned for it (Something I cannot in any theory disagree with, NDA was broken, and similarly, I can't argue with YOUR banning from EVE, sir...try to understand....), but it was the nature of the thing that caused so much distress....

You see, ISD claims that events are not rigged, that RP groups can influence the events in the world. This is a lie, and one that, after discovering, I did not reveal, in the fears that it would demolish the already on-the-ropes RP community in EVE.

AM already had suspicions, as by the end of the Tetrimon affair, we had been involved in more events that ANY other group in EVE without exception. In the course of this we often 'succeeded' in events that we later realized were not meant to be won, then watched as AURORA actors deperately lost the scenario (when actors have to resort to self-destructing thier own ships in the middle of battle, you know you have an ulterior motive underway in the story...*groan*...)

Mirial was in browsing (illegally) one of these ISD forums when one of the 'recommended' story paths was mandated by CCP, namely "_____ side must win, see to this immediately."

Upon reading this decree by CCP, Mirial showed his cards and revealed all on our alliance's Vent server.

2 hours after bringing this up in our Ventrillo channel, Mirial was banned from EVE...for telling his Alliance members what was up. Turns out I was only one of many members of ISD in my Alliance, and the others had hit the alarm to the ISD dept heads as soon as this talk beagn in our private Vent server....

Within 30 minutes (of the reveal in vent) I had 2 AURORA members convoing us INGAME, OOC, trying to play down the fact. The two in question argued with Mirial, but did NOT deny that rigging was going on, rather emphasising that it was all for 'The Greater Good'.

At the same time, Nebulai, Head of the ISD program, convoed ME (I was second in command of AM, an ISD-InterstallarCorespondents member, and a Mirial banning process was already in motion by 10-minutes into this, I was the primary focus of all damage control efforts), telling a different story, namely that RIGGING NEVER OCCURS, that all I had been hearing was nonsense....

AT THE SAME TIME, the document that I will give to you, was being sent to me by SEP-DOGAL, the AURORA tier 3 producer in charge of the Tetrimon Arc. He was sending it to me to show how much work had been done/lost with the arc, not realizing that the last paragraphs SPECIFICALLY DETAILED HOW THE ARC COULD BE RIGGED TO SUIT THE FINAL CCP DESCISION.

The only hint anyone else who played EVE got as to what had occured, came from this post: c&threadID=405843

With that, all said 'compromised' arcs were completely terminated, and all events in the matter hushed up quickly. The RP community has longed cursed Mirial's name for 'ruining' all of these arcs, unaware that he was banned for trying to bring this to the community's attention....AM held thier tongues for the good of that community, even after months of shit-talk...they never spoke....bless-em....

It was a serious palm-to-forehead moment. It was the day I relized how fucked up the game was.

It did not stop there.

Eventually, RP being ruined for me, I focused explicitly on my ISD char (His name was Raekhan, a reporter with the ISD for 1.5 years at his termination)

Complaining about the way Raekhan was banned seems odd to me, considering how much I was able to use him to understand 0.0 realities in a way Alliance leaders can barely approach (I was an Empire-space RP-alliance leader, so conflicts-of-interest never became a problem, and with Raekahn, EVERY DAY I was able to simply jump and watch, from perfect safety, any offensive any Alliance happened to be engaging in. I used my jumpdrives more than any other person in CCP for sure....), but the day I lost Raekhan?

Sickening and Stupid on the part of CCP, seriously, how could you ever accept the following as proper and effective damage control???

I was floating around in my Polaris frig, watching one of the massive, 270+-in-local battles in the south, BOB vs COALTION, BoB had already destroyed thier second POS in the system....when I 'text-jumped' (using admin "tr/ 'playername' jumpto command) to a certain Dread pilot I knew was in the action. Doing so teleports a polaris frig to that players 1 FOOT distance. I jumped to this position and immediately orbitted the gaggle of 20 dreads at 80KM, standard operating proceedure for ISD reporters....

A minute later, Daakon, of BoB, began yelling in local "Hey, Reporter, you bumped our dread!!!" This was a falsehood, since the dread I jumped to was on the outside of the group and I made sure not to do just that.

I ignored him. A year and a half of Reportering and you get used to ALL BoB members trying to order/bully you around. It is a common practice (WAY TOO GODDAMN COMMON) that ISD members are ordered to completely ignore.

Eventually, Mr. Daakon began giving me DIRECT ORDERS. "You must leave the system. Now. Move, you shit!!"

My response?


Their response was pretty indicative of the manner in which BoB is used to ordering CCP personnel LOCAL CHANNEL of 250+, Daakon replied:

"Well, I guess I'll have to call up my friends in CCP and get you dealt with."

I was sitting in ISD's IRC channel, as is required anytime you are logged in as an ISD char, and I decided to inform my dept. head of this development. He seemed amused....

Until 40 seconds later....

ISD IRC acounts have a lot of symbols in their usernames. They signify time-in-service, department membership, and other things, but after 40 seconds, a BRAND NEW userID appeared, bereft of any such demarcations or illegal and brand new ID...

"Hey, anyone know some reporter named Raekhan!?"
Me:"Um, yeah, that's me."
  isd reporters are not to interfere with gameplay
[ 2007.03.20 06:30:22 ] Orange Species > that includes getting too close
[ 2007.03.20 06:30:25 ] Orange Species > to our ships
[ 2007.03.20 06:30:32 ] D4kkon > petition her
[ 2007.03.20 06:30:57 ] Orange Species > nah no petition
[ 2007.03.20 06:31:00 ] Orange Species > msn chat is enough
[ 2007.03.20 06:31:05 ] D4kkon > rgr

Orange Species merely needs MSN to get CCP help, according to this log.

Employees of CCP are conducting themselves in an unbecoming manner with regards to interfering in the game world. First there was the T20 incident in the past, with the creation of Tech2 blueprints by an employee who also happened to be the leader of RKK corp's capital fleet, which were then handed to members of BoB. After the debacle this caused, I was quite shocked, nay stunned to learn that this relationship is still ongoing and quite healthy indeed. Then we discovered that Nebulai, head of the notoriously corrupt Aurora RP department, was a member of EVOL corp by the name of M Hoshi. And now today we discover that CCP Admiral Chamrajnagar is at the beck and call of BoB capital pilots.

I won't bore either of us with whiny details of how you enable cheating, stealing and an unbalanced environment, we've been over that. I will however try and instill a sense of urgency in you. This is a serious situation and it warrants the highest levels of attention on your part.

The Customer."

+ - More Allegations of Developer Misconduct in EVE

Submitted by umilmi81
umilmi81 (666) writes "The EVE Online player based alliance GoonSwarm has published an open letter, including screen shots, accusing CCP employees of joining a member corporation, giving himself director level permissions, and then leaving the corporation.

In-game petitions sent to CCP about the incident were subsequently deleted. A forum moderator acknowledged the accusations, and has directed the matter to internal affairs.

CCP created an internal affairs department after admitting developer misconduct on previous occasions."
PC Games (Games)

+ - Eve-Online, Developers caught cheating again

Submitted by (ars)lyme
(ars)lyme (607805) writes "Once again the developers of EVE online have been caught cheating to support their in game corporation Band of Brothers. Thousands of players have started to speak out on the forums only to have their threads locked, deleted, and then being banned from posting. Customer service for online games have never sank so low.. But is there anything anyone can do?"

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