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by Splab (#48144107) Attached to: The Subtle Developer Exodus From the Mac App Store

1. Just because you work on something for a year, doesn't mean it's good (in fact, most successful startups will tell you to ship early and see if you are on the right track).
2. 4.99 is a lot of money for an app, it might be the second coming of Jesus - but most people will look for a 99 cent alternative.

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No idea what QS is, but looking at MIT vs. Bologna it's quite clear it's an American company and that there is no obvious reason for their decision in ranking (Both have top marks in the 4 common categories, but by the looks of things MIT have decided to pay for additional "information", which normally gets you ranked higher).

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by Splab (#48085131) Attached to: Complain About Comcast, Get Fired From Your Job

Ah bullshit, but thanks for playing.

We have unions in Denmark and you can fire people easy enough. And then there are countries like France, where you can't fire people at all, not thanks to unions.

The unions in the US have way too much power, and that is a business stifling problem; but that doesn't mean unions are a bad thing.

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by Splab (#47978443) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Finding a Job After Completing Computer Science Ph.D?

Also, it is a good opening for discussing specifics, why use one or the other, what problems have you experienced using that container etc.

And to answer OP; There can be myriads of reasons why you are not getting a job, but just reading this short introduction to who you are, I already know I'm not hiring you. You seem to think having a Ph.D entitles you - I'd rather hire someone with a solid foundation in theoretical CS, but with years of practical experience; that is someone who got a or perhaps a masters, but worked her ass off getting pratical experience. People with a Ph.D is quite often not a good fit in a work environment, you tend to have a very very good knowledge of a very specific field and in CS that is basically a death sentence - we want people who gets excited about all the new shiny, yet still have the fundamental understanding CS.

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That's fine and dandy, except the equipment I'm using is Ant+; so yeah, in a few years when the fitness centers have recouped their investments and the next generation(s) of equipment is out, then perhaps BLE is the way forward.

The problem with the bluetooth version is it sucks in environments where you have a lot of people using HR devices, on top of that, it's problematic in environment where you have a lot of people who are not using the same equipment every time. Pairing bluetooth vs. ant+ is annoying and cumbersome. And then theres the ability to transmit information, ant+ support vastly more simultaneous channels compared to BLE, so I'm actually a bit confused as to why you think we are going away from it and why you think it's a good thing (other than battery)...

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If the reason women don't participate is because women are more likely to have their edits reverted when people see they are done by a feminine name

Or you know, women could find the interface horribly bad to work with and don't find the time required to learn it well spend? Personally I can't be bothered learning the markup and thus I can't be bothered contributing.

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