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Comment: Re:What I think would be most useful (Score 1) 471

by Splab (#47885883) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Smartwatch Apps Could You See Yourself Using?

That's fine and dandy, except the equipment I'm using is Ant+; so yeah, in a few years when the fitness centers have recouped their investments and the next generation(s) of equipment is out, then perhaps BLE is the way forward.

The problem with the bluetooth version is it sucks in environments where you have a lot of people using HR devices, on top of that, it's problematic in environment where you have a lot of people who are not using the same equipment every time. Pairing bluetooth vs. ant+ is annoying and cumbersome. And then theres the ability to transmit information, ant+ support vastly more simultaneous channels compared to BLE, so I'm actually a bit confused as to why you think we are going away from it and why you think it's a good thing (other than battery)...

Comment: Re:Gender imbalance is self selected (Score 1) 579

by Splab (#47782173) Attached to: Why Women Have No Time For Wikipedia

If the reason women don't participate is because women are more likely to have their edits reverted when people see they are done by a feminine name

Or you know, women could find the interface horribly bad to work with and don't find the time required to learn it well spend? Personally I can't be bothered learning the markup and thus I can't be bothered contributing.

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by Splab (#47685301) Attached to: Processors and the Limits of Physics

Erm, well true, but same goes for light, yet we speak about the speed of light as a constant...

The point I was trying to make, obviously, Slashdot of old has gone away, so I guess you need to pencil it out in stone, was that the guy is claiming a clock cycle took ages to propagate through the systems, which tells us he has no idea, what was and is going on in a computer. Now syncing a clock across several huge monolithic machines back then was easy, because a clock cycle was happening almost at a walking pace, going to 5Ghz is a entirely different beast, as you are now dealing with the limits of physics.

Comment: Re:liability coverage is needed (Score 1) 341

by Splab (#47676337) Attached to: Berlin Bans Car Service Uber

Sorry but you are wrong.

If a driver hits you and doesn't have insurance, your own insurance company will cover you and they in turn will do civil suits against the driver to get reimbursement. (This isn't the US, you guys get screwed by your government and insurance companies, we do less so here in Europe)

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by Splab (#47595573) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Bulletproof Video Conferencing For Alzheimers Home?

Why are you getting modded insightful? There is no fucking single solution out there, that has the magic bullet, if there can't be no single person doing anything to maintain it.

OP wanted a cheap, simple easy to maintain solution, one was offered. People suggesting dedicated IT guys are fucking idiots, if they think that matches cheap.

And yes, my solution is complicated, if you don't know how to read howtos, but then again, you are out of luck, if you want it cheap.

And regarding server setup and maintenance, if you think that is expensive, then you sir are delusional. You can get 5 9's cloud based hosting with excellent support for very little money; and yes, someone needs to update it from time to time, but if that can't be done, there is nothing to do.

No matter if you select TV, iPads, Macs, Windows or magic unicorns, you will have to have some software update from time to time - and it sucks no matter which one you select. Personally I think the TV option is the worst, as there is very little reason for Samsung, Sony, et. al. to push updates to old televisions, they will just tell you to get a new one, when you favorite Skype(ish) app decides to change protocol.

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by Splab (#47595551) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Bulletproof Video Conferencing For Alzheimers Home?

You guys are truly amazing. You grasp on to simple misunderstandings in language and go completely ignorant, not to say full blown retard of the points trying to come across.

If you make a solution with WebRTC, some sip server, some JS client, you are dealing with one single point of distribution and maintenance. All clients can be kioskmode if they need to be in their simplest form.

If all clients on the other hand are using Samsung TV setups, that means every single person using the system needs a Samsung setup, configured proper and used basically just for that - try explaining to Joe Average how to get into their TV apps, log into the right account etc. vs. having them click on a single fucking link synced with their favorite flavor of social data gathering.

The weak point is the Alzheimers home, but one would expect some form of caretaker who can place the patient in front of the computer and click a single icon.

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