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Comment Re:Again? (Score 1) 121

Odd that they don't mention the wildfire that shut down 101, which caused traffic to be diverted to 5. So the higher traffic due to holiday travel was compounded by road closure.

A section of Highway 101, a key north-south route, remained closed on Saturday afternoon, forcing holiday travelers to use alternative routes.

Comment View Master VR (Score 2) 64

I received a new View Master VR for Xmas. It's impressed the hell out of everybody I've shown it to, a number of friends plan to pick one up soon.

It uses your smart phone for the display so it's rather inexpensive - while the starter pack (viewer and a demo disk) has a list price of $29.99, Amazon has it for $20.95. It's compatible with apps written for Google Cardboard.

I've written a blog entry about it for anyone interested in more detail.

Comment Vote with your wallet (Score 2) 170

it's the only thing the cable & satellite companies will understand - basically cut the cord and buy your content à la cart on DVD, blu-ray, or a streaming service.

I set up a Mac mini DVR at the end of 2012 for off-the-air content - based on my last scan there's 115 channels available via antenna here in Houston. Once I got everything working (my HDTV predates HDMI so I had to get a solution to convert HDMI to Component Video) I then cancelled DirecTV in January of 2013. I buy cable series on blu-ray and iTunes, as well as watch some series on Amazon via my PS3. I've saved over $2000 since then (what I used to pay DirecTV less content purchases).

I'm using the prior generation of these networked HDTV tuners. Since they're networked I can watch live TV on my MacBook Pro as well as on my iPhone and iPad.

more info in my DVR Project blog entries.

Comment Re:113 OTA channels?!?!?!? (Score 1) 261

Yep, 113. There are quite a few religious channels that I never watch. Likewise there's channels in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese and Farsi that I'd never watch.

Thankfully EyeTV 3 lets me filter the channel listing, so when I call up the Guide it only shows info for the 33 channels I'm likely to watch.

Comment HD Home Run (Score 1) 261

I second the recommendation for the HD Home Run Dual tuners, I got a couple of them a year ago and have been documenting about my Mac mini DVR Project in my blog over at AtariAge. I've saved $1300 so far since canceling DirecTV in January 2013.

Looks like they're about to come out with the next generation HD Home Run Dual, they've added support for DLNA.

Comment Re:record concurrent shows (Score 1) 261

Depends on which part of Houston you're in as 34's one of the low power stations. They're owned Mako Communications, a company in Corpus Christi that my sister works for.

I'm in Fresno, about 4 miles SE of the broadcast towers in Missouri City - I can see them from my backyard. Reception for 34 was marginal when I was first testing out my setup. After I moved the antenna into the attic it came in just fine. A couple months later I switched to a rooftop antenna as I was having problems with Fox 26 breaking up all the time. Neither antenna is powered.

TVfool has some online tools that might help. I also follow this Houston DTV Blog, though they've not posted anything since May.

Comment record concurrent shows (Score 3, Interesting) 261

I get 113 channels OTA here in Houston. With that many channels it's not uncommon to have 4 shows being recorded at the same time (especially older series that are broadcast just before/after midnight). I've been recording older shows like That '70s Show and watching them in order. Have seen a number of episodes I missed back in the day. Also recording cable series I'd missed in the past, like Burn Notice and Psych, that are now being broadcast OTA.

I purchase other cable series, like Dexter and The Walking Dead, à la cart from iTunes or on physical media. I've saved $1300 since dropping DirecTV in January (savings = old DirecTV bill - à la cart series).

I went a little overboard on the Mac mini setup (Drobo raid system, extra RAM, CPU upgrade, etc) so it'll probably be another year before the savings pay off the hardware investment.

If anybody's interested, I've been documenting my DVR Project in my blog.

Comment Re:Definitely buy an antenna (Score 1) 328

QVC recently showed up OTA here in Houston, on channels 10.4 and 34.3. Not sure why they're broadcasting on 2 channels, perhaps they're low-power stations that cover different parts of the city (though I get them both where I live). Quality's pretty bad though, they're sending it letterboxed on a 4:3 480i signal so when you watch it on an HDTV you get black bars on ALL FOUR SIDES of the picture.

Here's the The Houston DTV blog entry about it and other recent channel changes.

Comment You might be surprised at the # of local channels (Score 1, Insightful) 328

Due to subchannels each station can broadcast multiple shows at the same time. Because of that there's 100+ OTA channels here in Houston. Sure I don't watch them all (as I don't speak Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese or Farsi) but I didn't watch all the channels available on DirecTV either.

I cut the cord a couple months ago and for shows I can't get over the air I just buy them streaming via Amazon, iTunes, etc. or on blu-ray compilations. I've saved $162 in the past 2 months over what I had been paying DirecTV.

If you're interested, these are my blog entries about my DVR project.

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