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Comment: /. gone to the dogs (Score -1, Flamebait) 117

by SpaghettiPattern (#49193383) Attached to: Harrison Ford's Plane Crashes On Golf Course
To me this article is the final proof that /. Is gone to the dogs. Usually /. needs days to display items. But now a sensational bit of news pops up and the editors go "ooh.. we're gong to totally cover this item. OMG OMG!"

Harrison Ford is a great action film actor but his contribution to geekiness does not warrant this reaction by /. editors.

Comment: What about schizos? (Score -1, Troll) 311

by SpaghettiPattern (#49135105) Attached to: Reddit Imposes Ban On Sexual Content Posted Without Permission
What about schizos? I mean, can one of my personalities post something that one of my other personalities objects against? We -and this is not majestic plural- don't wish to over-complicate things with academic self-abuse. But my personality named Gerald wishes Knut to be punished whenever he posts images of my body when Gerald is, so to speak, 'in charge'. My personality named Sandy herself also wishes to be punished. But that's a different story. And she should not be given the opportunity to abuse existing laws, habits and rules.

Just making a point.

Comment: Google could bring back Apps Sync (Score 1) 175

by SpaghettiPattern (#48937923) Attached to: Microsoft Launches Outlook For Android and iOS
Awhile back Google started asking money for Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook®. I think I speak for many when I say that this is a neat gimmick I could have continued using to sync my Outlook Calendar at work with my private Gmail Calendar. For Google that was one way to reduce MS' influence on Android by penetrating Outlook and make corporate users see alternatives. Alas, Google decided to make peanuts and the regular user stopped using Apps Sync for MS. I guess that now MS Outlook on Android considered by my employer for making workers more productive whilst using their own device. Security on Outlook for Android should be interesting.

Comment: Situations where using your own is forbidden (Score 1) 165

by SpaghettiPattern (#48862875) Attached to: Your Entire PC In a Mouse

There are situations where using your own computer is forbidden.

What a stupid bit of advertising here. It puts off resellers as the product is marketed to circumvent procedures and hence to engage in illicit activities. And in cases where circumventing procedures is beneficial to the common good, activists will already have spotted that opportunity.

I admit that I'm not a marketing guru. But why not elegantly appeal to people wanting to travel light for instance?

Comment: Expectations (Score 1) 840

Why expect anyone to do economically pointless work? By the same standards you could wonder why we stopped grinding wheat. Or darning socks. Even though I am a tinkerer, I appreciate most people avoid fixing appliances.

Also, we are moving towards a society where working is no longer required. Youths today are perfecioning the art of chatting and consuming. Although such a life style is not my cup of tea, I realise that the alternative would be unemployed peoplen rioting. Governments and corporations will come up with a scheme to keep the masses happy and consuming. We will live in even more interesting times

Comment: OT: Jehovah's witnesses once hung up on me (Score 2) 246

I pride myself with the fact that once Jehovah's witnesses called me and they themselves decided to hang up on me. I don't recall what I said exactly but I listened attentively, I actively engaged in a discussion, I never raised my voice and I always remained courteous. Now I realize I must be a absolute and genuine bastard. No matter how hard I try, my bastardness seems to ooze out out of every hole and pore of my body. Damn, my goal in life of becoming lovable remains far away on the horizon of my journey.

Comment: "Negative thinking" is interpreted wrongly (Score 3, Insightful) 158

by SpaghettiPattern (#48232763) Attached to: The Problem With Positive Thinking
In any setting I need to see shortcomings in order to improve on them. So called "positive thinkers" have a tough time dealing with that. (Usually their claim to fame on my work is that they too cooperated. Usually by not inhibiting me.) But as age grinds on, I learned to naturally word my concerns in a positive sounding fashion. I sometimes utter a kind of new-speak -which I detest- but it enables me to proceed with development, so I indulge.

Comment: Re:Pay me once, shame on me. (Score 1) 106

by SpaghettiPattern (#48109221) Attached to: Amazon Robot Picking Challenge 2015

So basically they're paying the winners less than one year's salary for a picker,...

We shouldn't be sentimental about crappy jobs vanishing. It's the way we go and there's no stopping the train. The main question here is how we will transition into a society where entertainment is there to keep the masses sedated and to convince them to consume stuff (like entertainment.)

I'd shed another light. They're paying way less that what it would cost themselves to develop. Picking an item is actually pretty hard. Will they find "one of us" willing to put in the hours and willing to forfeit his IP? There are plenty of bright young people around that just don't realize the scam and perhaps just buy into it.

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